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A laugh out loud chapter book series filled with knightly adventuresRoland Wright wants to be a knight in armor The problem Roland’s dad is a blacksmith and only boys from noble families can even dream of becoming knights When mysterious visitors arrive in the village one day everything changes Roland finds himself in the contest of a lifetime with a real chance to become a page the first step on the road to knighthood But how can skinny clumsy Roland beat an opponent who is bigger stronger and older—and who doesn’t play by the rules?

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    It's not Winnie the Pooh but my son enjoyed it as a read aloud

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    Cute book to read with the littles

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    I love tales of knights and battles and all that cool stuff from medieval times Roland's future is pretty well laid out for him He will work at his father's shop and build armor for knights and such Not the glamorous life of a knight which is what he truly dreams of being He practices every day with his wooden sword in hopes that he will someday be a page but his chances are slim Then when the chance to change the direction of his life is offered he grabs at it only to find someone else blocking his path What boys wouldn't pass up a chance to fulfill his dream? Tony Davis has created a wonderful little story in Roland Wright Future Knight Roland is a highly likable fellow and the reader cannot help but cheer for him in the contest against his brother There really isn't a bad guy in this story just Roland's brother Shelby who isn't evil he just an older brother You know bossy and controlling The artwork by Gregory Rogers is wonderful and will help a young reader who may not know what a uintain or other middle ages contraptions is be able to picture them The pace of the story perfect and the plot builds up to the contest between brothers I really enjoyed Roland Wright Future Knight and found it to be an excellent early chapter book for boys I cannot wait to read the next book about Roland entitled Roland Wright Brand New PageI rated this book a 9 out of 10

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    Roland dreams of becoming a knight He's lasting longer in his wooden sword bouts against older brother Shelby and even won one When he's helping with the family craft of armor making or assisting with chores around home Roland pictures himself as a knight Such daydreaming gets Roland into trouble especially as commoners don't become pages let alone knightsWhen a jousting accident gets a knight stuck inside his armor Roland has a chance to meet Sir Gallawood his local hero as Roland's father bangs him loose of the armor The prominent knight orders new armor from the family but that is not the most exciting part of the day A group of heralds announces that the king's officer of arms is coming with a message Wright Armor saved the life of the king in battle and the king grants the family two favors First the armor can now include marks showing it has royal approval Second one son can be trained as a pageRoland's father sets up a series of contests for both of his boys to determine who will be the future arr and who will be the future page Can young Roland out do his big brother? What does it really mean to be a knight?This series would be a good fit for those readers who cannot get enough of knights and castles

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    When someone is really annoying or is standing in your way and will not move it is not polite to take a sword and swing it with all your force at eye leve neatly removing the top of the person's head But it wasn't always like thatYoung boy who dreams of becoming a knight His father is a blacksmith who specializes in making armor Ronald knows his older brother will inherit the forge and Roland will have to work for his brother for the rest of his life Then the king proclaims that the armor that Roland's dad made saved his life and as a reward he will take one of the blacksmith's son's to the castle to train as a page in hopes that he will become a knight one day Both boys want to go so Roland's dad devises a contest between the two boys to determine who will become the knight and who will become the blacksmith Good

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    Roland dreams of becoming a knight even though he's the son of a blacksmith and only boys from noble families can become pages When a stranger comes to town and offers Roland the chance of a lifetime he'll have to compete for the chance to fulfill his dreams But can he really beat an older stronger opponent? Roland's a likeable somewhat goofy protagonist and the book an Australian import has its funny moments I'd recommend it for boys who are reluctant to read historical fiction or for character building book reports This is the first book in the series Grades 2 4 Full review on my blog

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    This book is laugh outloud funny We started it as a read aloud but my 10 yr old grabbed it to finish on his own When he was done we were able to finish it My first impression about halfway through was that we were not going to finish it because Roland's brother was rude dishonest mean etc At the end however we see that the brother got caught up in wanting to win repents wonderful moral lesson learned And it's taught in a way that kids will understand without being all preachyThe illustrations are hilarious and take up a bit of room on the pages which makes it especially appealing to kids just starting in chapter books My 7 yr old asked for the seuel for Christmas so we'll be reviewing that shortly A great choice for young readers or a fun family read aloud

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    I'll recommend this short chapter book to boys Roland is an energetic boy who wishes to be a knight His father is the town blacksmith and his chances of being elevated to knighthood are slim indeed untilthe uality armor his father makes saves the king and in gratitude the king agrees to have either Roland or his brother move to the castle to train as a page Which brother will it be? Their father puts them to the test A uick and humorous read Nudge is Roland's long suffering pet mouse and the source of much of the humor Looking forward to reading book two

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    The other reviewers did a great job of explaining Roland's story I just wanted to add my thanks to Tony Davis for writing a book that combines easily accessible writing with a good story My son is in third grade and is gifted and has a reading disability This combination means most books he can read comfortably have stories that bore him to tears Not Roland He read this in one sitting and couldn't wait to get to the rest of the series What fun to walk by and see him happily reading

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    Roland and his brother are given the chance of a lifetime when their father a blacksmith helps a knight Sir Gallawood offers to sponsor one of the boys as a page If they work hard they will have the opportunity to become a knight something usually open only to nobles Their father decides to hold a series of contests in order to choose one of the brothers will Roland be able to beat his bigger stronger older brother?