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It’s really happened—Roland Wright is joining the royal household at Twofold Castle as a brand new page This is his big chance to impress the King and his knights But Roland meets with a few difficulties 1      The ueen hates mice so it looks as if Nudge Roland’s pet mouse can’t stay2      There’s an older page who makes sure poor boys like Roland get sent home in         disgrace3      A huge tusked animal is on the loose  If things don’t improve Roland’s dream of being a knight could be over in a day

10 thoughts on “Roland Wright: Brand New Page (Roland Knight)

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    The seuel to a fabulous book This one wasn't uite as good as the first but it still boasted full of colourful imagery humour and great life lessons My son loved it

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    This is a nice adventure story for an early reader Roland has a dream to become a knight but first he must prove himself as a page Roland faces some challenges including an elephant and a devious kid named Hector before he can wear the official uniform of the page Would recommend to a 2nd through 4th grade boy who likes adventure stories

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    Grade 2 knight series about a boy becoming a knight write book talk

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    If your emerging reader likes stories about knights and castles this may be for himher What would it be like to have an elephant live in a medieval village?