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Jump Onboard Robert Bloch S That Hellbound Train Martin, An Out Of Luck Orphan, Struggles To Fulfill The American Dream But Fate Conspires Against Him At Every Turn On The Verge Of Giving Up Hope, Our Young Protagonist Is Visited By A Monstrous Train, One Whose Conductor Might Just Have A Ticket To Fame And Riches If Martin Is Willing To Pay The Price Scribes Joe And John LansdaleDays Of Night Night, Again And Artist Dave Wachter Bring This Unique Tale Of American Folklore To Life I haven t read the graphic novel, but I m marking this down since I adore the short story. This cool graphic novel is adapted from a classic Robert Bloch short story I am assuming that Joe and John Lansdale are father and son, but not sure about that I love Lansdale s novels, but also like his comic books which have included some great Conan scripts I read the original story many years ago so the comic did a great job of capturing the feeling of the story.What a great tribute to a lesser known work by author most known for having written psycho Even though Bloch was from the north Wisconsin this story always felt southern Lansdale captures a great vibe.The art is fantastic The train looks nasty and gives a vibe to the book overall Quick read, but I loved it. With gorgeous art by Dave Wachter, how could you go wrong There s a sort of fairytale feel to this book that I really enjoyed It s also nice to see some horror dark fantasy getting its due I only wish there werecomics like this being published. The graphic adaption is good only because the orignal story is amazing Something is lost, it doesn t quite capture what the story does, but overall still a gread read with great art. 3.75 starsI really enjoyed this Euphorically brilliant Bought for Dave Wachter s artwork as seen in After adapting Robert Bloch s classic Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper into a graphic novel in 2010, brothers Joe and John Lansdale teamed up again to adapt his 1958 Hugo award winner That Hell Bound Train.This adaptation is fairly faithful to the source material, reusing much of Bloch s original prose The artwork is a fantastic blend of dark, moody panels sprinkled with stylish fantasy elements The various covers and frontispieces are stunning The original short story seems at first like a simple affair, only a few pages long, but the author displays tremendous craftsmanship The tale opens on a young boy Martin whose father is a railroad man and a drunk From his earliest memories, Martin s life is influenced by his father s superstition of a midnight train that takes sinners to hell when they die After becoming an orphan, Martin seems content to knock around his whole life as a homeless drunk like his dad, until one night he makes his own deal with the devil Satan gives him a silver pocket watch with the power to stop time Martin must promise to ride the train to Hell after he dies, but his plan is to cheat death by stopping time when he finds a moment of true happiness Creating this moment of perfection infuses Martin with ambition he did not have before His life unfolds to include wealth, marriage, and fatherhood, but then it is undone by an affair Martin rebuilds his life but is never happy again He dies an old man, but he never found the perfect time to use his watch In the end, however, he is still able to trick the devil Once he boards the train to hell, he finds it full of his favorite kind of people drinkers, gamblers, skirt chasers so he unwinds the pocket watch on the train itself He can spend eternity and it will never pull into the station The Brothers Lansdale make two significant changes in adapting this tale for the graphic novel First, the mistress who ultimately destroys Martin s marriage is seen to be a tool planted by Satan This provides a reason for the devil to keep popping up in the narrative, something that did not happen in the prose version This was a wise decision, since the sequences featuring the hell bound train with Satan as conductor are the most visually striking and interesting parts of the book.The second change was to end the story shortly after Martin s divorce, omitting how he rebuilds his fortune and dies alone This allows for a happier ending Martin gets to live eternity with his hot mistress and it side steps what would be a long section of narrative devoid of any characters other than Martin himself, something that might have been difficult to achieve in a visual medium However, this change also robs the graphic novel of some of its gravitas The comic does not succeed nearly as well as the short story in establishing its theme that most people miss the best moments of their lives and that the journey is sometimesimportant than the destination.