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The New York Times bestselling Dragon Masters series is How to Train Your Dragon meets the Dragon Slayers' Academy and it's perfect for newly independent readersPick a book Grow a reader This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called Branches which is aimed at newly independent readers With easy to read text high interest content fast paced plots and illustrations on every page these books will boost reading confidence and stamina Branches books help readers grow DRAGON MASTERS has it all Dragons a Dragon Stone a king a wizard and magic In the first book in this fully illustrated series 8 year old Drake is snatched up by King Roland's soldier and taken to the castle He is to be trained as a Dragon Master At the castle he is joined by three other young Dragon Masters in training Ana Rori and Bo The Dragon Masters must learn how to connect with and train their dragons and they must also uncover their dragons' special powers Does Drake have what it takes to be a Dragon Master? What is his dragon's special power?

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    My boys 5533 were enthralled with this book I usually read it over lunch and they often forget to keep eating as they get lost in the book It’s a very simple chapter book with beautiful illustrations on each page which is why I think the 3 year olds loved it so much We will be promptly getting the next books on the series These will also serve as excellent beginning readers for them soon 😍

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    This is a book on cusp of primaryintermediate rated grades 1 35 and ages 7 10 It is a heavily illustrated chapter book The chapters are short and would be easy for Jack to read independently I chose this book for Jack gr 2 because it connects well on than one level his love of dragons fantasy and adventure and also is closely related in theme to one of his favorite movies How To Train Your Dragon Part of my decision to select this book for Jack is that is the first book in a series of at least three Toward the end of this book Drake just starts to connect with his dragon Worm There is a cliff hanger of course and it even had me wondering what upcoming adventures await Drake and his three fellow Dragon Masters and their dragons too Books as part of a series are always a great choice to keep even the most reluctant reader picking up another bookMy statement to Jack Jack I know one of your favorite movies is How To Train Your Dragon and I think you would really love this book It is about a boy close to your age who is chosen to become a dragon trainer Why don't you give it a shot? And if you like it there are books like it in the series

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    If I was a 2nd grader I would be all about this series

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    In library land we call these books “bridge books” and Scholastic has a new line called Branches these titles are great for bridging that gap from easy readers into chapter books They are between 80 and 120 pages use a lot of sight words and typically the series have a very formulaic plot All of these things are great for building reading fluency and skill This book is very charming It's exciting and encouraged my second grader to keep reading from chapter to chapter and book to book as the story expanded Drake and Worm are wonderful characters that we couldn't wait to get to know better I had to check out the next two as soon as we finished the first book My son and I took turns reading every other chapter Look also for The Escapades of Clint McMcool by Jane Kelley The Ember Stone by Katrina Charman and the Time Jumpers Stealing the Sword by Wendy Mass Happy Reading Alexis S

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    I read this to my kids as a read aloud They really liked it We will definitely be continuing the series

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    Read with the girls they give it 5 stars

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    Definitely a nice little start into fantasy and stories of dragons for little children just who are newnewer to chapter books For myself I'm reading this series aloud to my daughter

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    I read this book with my kids 56 and they love it The story is exciting for all of us and the book comes with some book club type uestions so that we can discuss the book afterwards It's so much fun

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    This book showed up in my recommended books because of reading some Dragon books by Chris d'Lacey and I thought I would give it a try It is a good fun read and is now in the too be read list for my son and I to read together There are currently 4 books available in this series with a 5th planned for the spring of 2016 The illustrations by Graham Howells are very wonderful and are on every page of the book These books are geared for early readers from 1st 03rd grade and are set at a reading level of grade 2Young Drake is an onion famer and likely one of the poorest children in King Roland's Kingdom One day while harvesting onions a soldier rides up and proclaims that Drake has been summoned to the castle When Drake arrives he is informed that the Dragon stone has indicated he has the ability to become a Dragon master and so he has been brought to the castle to train But he is not the only student there; the other students are Rori Bo and Ana And each of them already has their own dragon Drake is soon introduced to his dragon a brown earth dragon that he names worm Griffith the wizard is their teacher and advisor And the one who interprets the Dragon stone Soon the 4 children are training together but not really getting along well As the children discover that not everything is as it appears events take a dark turnThis was a good read and introduction into the series It was wonderfully illustrated and well enough written that I have picked up the other books that are available to give them a read Young children will love the illustrations and the story It is a good beginning let's see where the story goes nextRead the review on my blog Book Reviews and More

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    I read this because it was included in a preview set for an upcoming Scholastic Book Fair I'll be having in my library in October I found a book that I not only want to promote with students but also share with my own child My six year old loves things like Harry Potter and Narnia but reads on a mid second grade level This is perfect for him because it has castles dragons and magic but is written on a second grade reading level The pictures also keep a young reader interested in this transitional chapter book I shared the story of Drake and his discovery that he is a Dragon Master with my son He got excited and wanted to start reading it together though he's read much of it himself What a great book for young readers interested in fantasy I can't wait to check out other books in this seriesRecommended for readers who enjoy fantasy and read on a second grade reading level