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A wound to the heart a hole so deep Can it be fixed? Or simply replaced? People lie Those closest to me tell the most lies Do they not know who I am? What I’m capable of? Sometimes I wonder if they do Because when I unravel their lies they will be delivered to the hell I once visited And it won’t be pleasant Book One Must Be Read First

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    ༺Complimentary Copy༺ Provided by the authorTL Smith in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE RedSERIES Black #2AUTHOR TL SmithGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE April 6th 2016MY RATING Lies Deceit Murder Manipulation RED Black must be read first as this is not a stand alone told in dual POV's Black Rose Red is the continuation of Liam and Rose's story who we met in Black #1 Rose has loved Black since she was sixteen years old In BLACK we were all left down the bottom of that sucky cliffy waiting to get our eager hands on this book to find out the outcome of Black RoseRed starts off 5 YEARS LATER Liam aka Black won't be the man you loved and remember in book#1 this one is damaged Damaged it's a word people would use to describe me it's a word that explains me because that's exactly what I am Damaged goods BLACKHe's got no memory of his years before he's presumed dead by the people from his past he doesn't recall Rose but only in his dream her voice her captivating blue eyes are what come to him at night The MC life and all it entails is now his new home When I woke up I found out I was a member of a motorcycle club BLACKHis girl friend Savannah is the constant whisper in his ear she was by his side holding his hand when he woke up filling in the blanks of his past things aren't as black and white as Liam thinks slowly like a puzzle bits start coming back to him piece by slow agonizing piece People are lying and Liam is now ready to make it his mission to find out whyThis is fast paced not as dark or gritty as Black but will still have you sitting on the edge of your seat racing through those pages to uncover all that is revealed in REDA long over due re connection with Rose In BOOK #1 BLACK Rose thought Black was dead We were our own f#cked up mess but what a beautiful f#cked up mess we were I want him to remember remember me The things we've been through the life shattering moments that have happened between us He needs to remember I can't remember it all by myself someone else needs this burden that I carry ROSE Passion lust love possession All of what Liam Black is Why do you think they don’t use my first name? It’s not because it’s part of my name it’s simply because I’m dark Darkness surrounds darkness blackness surrounds black “Do you see me Rose?”“I see you Liam Black Do you see me?”“I fucking see you like a freight train and it’s going to fucking hurt isn’t it?”“It is Liam The best hurt you have had in a long time” He loves me like the moon in the night and the stars in the sky He loves meIt’s a scary kind of love it’s his kind of love It’s a love that I wouldn’t couldn’t change for the world Liam Black’s love is scary crazy but ultimately consuming MY THOUGHTS Loved the grit this author threw in here sometimes it's good to walk into the dark now and then and there's no one as dark as gunslinger hitman Black He craves embraces the darkBlack isn't the same man we met in book #1 this one is even darker if you can believe that a few twists and turns that I didn't see coming but those had me glued to my ipadYou'll see a much stronger determined Rose in this book she's also changed but for her it's for the betterDefinitely will be sitting here patiently scrub that not so patiently for the next book can't wait to read about the delectable Jake

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    ARC provided in exchange of an honest review You know when you finish a book and your emotions are so over the place you can’t even comprehend where to start when writing a review? Well that’s me at the moment; completely speechless and scatter brained I don’t know what to say that will give this book the justice and recognition it deservesBlack left us heartbroken“I’m dark Darkness surrounds darkness blackness surrounds black”Red leaves us destroyed“I want my heart back I want to not feel broken inside I want to feel me I can’t all I feel is for himHe steals my thoughtsHe steals my heartHe stole my soul”It was everything a reader wants in a book and so much The emotions the passion the story You not only read it but you felt it; every gut wrenching emotion that these characters went through It was raw gritty heart breaking and filled with so much hope It consumes you Takes over your entire being long after you finish It’s one of those books that you will never forget It sueezes the life out of you in such a good way that you don’t want to forget itIt’s uniue It’s brilliant It’s unforgettableA MUST read for everyoneI Fuckin LOVED itAnd I’m going to repeat what I said in my review for ‘Black’it’s going to take a lot for anything to top thisAre you up for the challenge TL?

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    ARC received from author as part of release blitzThis book started by showing us what happened to LiamBlack that led to the cliffie ending from the first book That was uite a cliffie so it was nice to find out what’s happened to him After all 5 years is a long time During that time Black inadvertently returned to the old life that he knew But eventually he found his way back to RoseRed And what happens after is them dealing with that Black trying to grapple with the new things he’s learned and how he can move forward while keeping Rose in his life and Rose trying to cope with the new Black and what that means for her and her family Again just like the first book I really wanted to rate this much higher in my head It would have rated higher definitely had it been a little longer to allow for natural progression for some scenes As it is my personal feelings only some revelations felt it came out of the left field and some scenes felt less emotional when knowing myself it could have been so much So as such it felt a tad jumpy Nonetheless at the end of day as much as I may have some concerns about the execution of the story I like it enough and I’m glad I got to have read the continuation to their story After all it’s got all the elements I look for in my romance reads It had darkness it had heat and it had a story arc Yes there was violence too that was hard to stomach at times I got an antihero that I was definitely rooting for And I got a h with gumption And by how this ended I was left curious enough to find out about Black's friend

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    O don't know what to say I just love the final parts

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    Rose and Black never had it easy and now that Black's memory is gone it seems as if they may never get their HEA Raising three kids while pining away for a dead man has taken it's toll on Rose She's lost everything except her friend Jake When Black turns up alive but with no memory of Rose or anyone else things don't seem as if they are going to improve This book have ups and downs and will have you uestioning the love Rose thinks she has for BlackWhile this is the conclusion to Rose and Black's story it leaves off with a huge cliffhanger that involves Jake

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    With TL Smith's new release Red Black #2 the craziness of Liam Black's life continues Yes you must read Black before you read Red We were left with one heck of a cliffhanger at the end of Black and I couldn't wait to find out just how this twist would play out This is turning into an interesting series and it feeds any fascination I might have with the dark side of humanity Smith is a pro at leading the readers mind down a path and throwing surprises out to keep you guessing The story picks five years post the end of Black Smith frames up a very interesting explanation as to Liam's state He now believes he is named Trace and he's firmly embedded with an MC clubgroup he wouldn't have wanted to be with if he was truly himself But Liam understandably is NOT himselfHe's not the Liam we met in Black He's still raw and savage perhaps so But he is missing some fundamental human ualities He knows nothing of his life before the last five years It makes sense that what he's become IS what they want him to be Liam is so changed that at times he felt a bit flat In some ways I get that his personality has changed greatly due to the circumstances of his life during the missing five years He just lacked some of the charm I saw in him during Black His relationship with Rose and Jake is also greatly influenced by this cold demeanor It makes for a rather suspenseful read will he or won't he re learn to be human to show tenderness towards what's left of his family? And will he ever understand that elusive feeling of LOVE?Rose hasn't lost her spark one bit she just turned into of a momma bear She has so much to protect and her priorities are firmly in place But she and Liam are really meant for each other Jake worried me a bit only in that his feelings for Rose have morphed a bit and I could see him putting it all in jeopardy to protect her the kids But even Jake recognizes a loosing battle in going up against Liam for Rose These men may be tough as nails and have the ability to shut down emotions for work but when it comes to Rose the family everyone knows the scoreOnce gain TL leaves us with a doozy of an ending and a cliffhanger promising the end to a certain someone Jake has been an enigma to me so I'm excited to see his story continue4 stars and series recommendation for a read on the dark side I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Another brilliant on the edge read by TL SmithBlack must be read first this is not a stand aloneWe were left with one hell of a cliffhanger in Black one that had you shouting Nooo and cursing the author This dark edgy plot containing two people that hold a love for each other all consuming continues in RED and along with it the edginess and gripping plot we love 5 Years later Black is no longer the man he was yes he is still the dark dangerous man he always was but without a memory of his time with Rose or the life before the MC is where he now calls home and is living as Trace Doubt dreams and clues lead him to a road of discovery back to the man called Black A plot full of twists and turns a story of a love so strong that nobody or nothing could keep Rose and Liam apart After discovering Liam is not dead as she believed Rose now has to listen to her head and fight the 5 years of hurt and Liam has to earn her trust Rose I know you don't understand love but tell me how it feels to be without me? tell me Liam right now? Like I'm drowningLiam She's the glue that holds my bones together and I will keep her for as long as I can have herTold in dual pov's I felt REd isn't as dark as Black was maybe the initial shock has worn off we know Liam we got to know the man in Black we know his softer sides and also know his achilles heel which is Rose and his mission in RED is to win back his Rose So I felt we see of a softer side to Liam a man wanting to change but REd still holds all the danger elements excitement and angst we love as TL Smith takes you on that journey You can't expect hearts and flowers but what you can expect is a plot full of twists and turns a love that is thick with need and a journey of rediscovery and new beginnings Finishing with another draw drop and looking forward to reading Jake's story Arc gratefully recieved for honest review LABB Facebook goodreads groups

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    2 starsI'm torn with this one You have to have read Black in order to read this oneSo we know Black's alive but has lost his memories He's now Trace serving a bikers' club doing what he does best surrender to darkness They have filled him with lies and he can sense it but not enough to understand what is actually happening; all he knows is that he's good at killing and that blue eyes hunt himSoon he discovers the thruth he has been manipulated and there's Rose waiting for him He doesn't full remember but he knows she has been the one missing all this time but how can he be something he's never been how can he turn away from the darkness and live a life as a family man with Rose? How can Rose live with Black's lifestyle? How when she endangers her whole family by allowing Black into her family? Can love actually conuer it all?This is a twisted love story with twisted charachters and twisted situations I can handle those type of books but I felt this was a bit superficial What I personally like in dark angtsy books is the emotion the deep raw bone breaker emotion and this one was not like that even when all the elements were there the writing didn't explore it fully until I think 70% of the book Before that it was as the whole memory loss was like just like a headacheI liked Black's feelings there weren't like hey yes I remember now it's all good uite the opposite he understands things can't go back and now everything's changed they both have changed and they have to find each other again At the end Rose understood that it was painful but I think she can handle itWell I have to say the writing was a bit inconsistent at first better in the middle and back to inconsistent at the end For example it wasn't uite clear who was talking where were they and details like that I did not like the ending I feel Black has been used as a weapon all of his life by the club by the other club and even by Rose It's like now be a killer now be a normal guy like a switch I did not like it at all So this just stayed like a forgettable story to me not lived to his full potential

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    I was expecting for this book so eagerly so desperately I needed to know how Rose and Liam would find each others paths again and have the HEA BUT and yes but in caps Because Oh My God This book had me so annoyed from the beginning but the need to know how it would end kept me going kept me hooked to the story despite all the things I didn’t like Yes there were so many things I didn’t like and most of them are related to why I don’t like dark books I don’t like torture hard core violence or less captivity It’s all my fault there were all this things in the first book and even so I decided to read this one but those subjects in this book were brutal And there was another thing that I won’t mention because that’d be a spoiler to the story that didn’t add up to me It was not believable it didn’t make sense to me at all But despite these facts there were things I did like Rose’s kids were the best Jake was the loyal friend he was in the first book and the romance and passion between Rose and Liam were present from the beginning so that made this book enjoyable to read

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    After the ending of Black is was gagging to read Red as soon as it hit my kindle I started it and I haven't put it down all day I couldn't get enough of Liam BlackRed is the continuation of Liam and Rose's story but is set five years on from Black Liam woke up five years ago with no memories of his life before his girlfriend Savannah is a constant by his side helping to fill in all the blanks he has about his life but something isn't right apart from the feel of his gun everything about his life now seems fake someone is lying and it's time to find out who and why and it's not going to be pretty This book is a fast paced raw gritty and a pretty shocking read with each revelation I was left reeling and gasping Black is as badass as ever going after those who dare to stand in his way his love for Rose is intense and scares him to the bone Rose has had to live without Black for five years she survived but it wasn't living it was surviving now he is back where does he fit into the family Rose and his best friend Jake have built Can Black ever do the normal family stuff ? Does he want to ? That's what we get to find out in Red I really enjoyed this book it had me rooting for Black and Rose all the way but by the end I was once again left gagging for TL Smith how could you Highly recommend read