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The British empire is falling apart, even as its troops are fighting off the rebellion in America Commoners are starting to protest in the streets of London, as they see the casualty numbers Meanwhile, the elite magicians cannot put aside their personal ambitions for a moment, to think through how to preserve their country and their empire.Young Nathaniel, a magician who is slipping away from his earlier idealism, writes wartime propaganda for hometown consumption Idealistic, feisty Kitty Jones seeks to educate the commoners about the limitations of magic, and the truth behind their oppression She seeks a way for commoners and demons to combine forces, to overthrow the magicians.This novel is the third in the Bartimaeus trilogy It is hilarious, as we hear Bartimaeus in his usual witty, sarcastic, sometimes long winded comments as he struggles to satisfy his master, Nathaniel The three main characters, Bartimaeus, Nathaniel, and Kitty must learn to trust one another, in the climactic conclusion of the story This is not easy, as magicians look upon demons as slaves , commoners look upon magicians as oppressive overlords, and demons look at all humans with disdain, and sometimes even with hatred.As with the first two books, I listened to this one as an audiobook, narrated by Simon Jones He is marvelous, giving the dialog exactly the right touch He makes the book spring to life in a way that is wonderful, and full of fun. Ptolemy s Gate Bartimaeus, 3 , Jonathan Stroud, C2005Ptolemy s Gate is a children s novel of alternate history, fantasy and magic It is the third book in the Bartimaeus trilogy, written by British author Jonathan Stroud It was released in the United Kingdom in September 2005, and in the United States in December of the same year Characters Bartimaeus, Kathleen Kitty Jones, Nathaniel 2014 1391 760 9 3 9789643697525 21 Fantastic final book to the Bartimaeus Trilogy I actually give this a 4.5 stars In this book, Bartimaeus, Nathaniel John Mandrake and Kitty are back Its three years after the events with the golem from the second book Nathaniel is now a member of the council and one of the closest magicians to the minister and holds substantial power Kitty had been working as an assistant to a magician in order to gain knowledge on Bartimaeus and his past Bartimaeus.well he is much as he has been in the previous books We get a good look at the relationship between Bartimaeus and Ptolemy in this novel As Kitty works to unravel his mysteries, Nathaniel is busy with the war effort but is met with opposition from many ends When Nathaniel s career is put on the line, it draws our three characters together to unravel the dark mystery of Mr Hopkins and the relations between magician and demon Nathaniel of forced to learn that many, including his former teacher, are disappointed in the person he has become and just how hated the magician rule really is As he questions his loyalties, Kitty is put to the test of drawing demon and human closer together.This book had a muchmature viewpoint and style While the others were lighter in general, this one is darker More language, violence and a unexpected ending Mind you, Bartimaeus is cynical as ever, so you won t be disappointed there A great book for older youth and adults of all ages. This book is very close to 5 starslet us say it s another of those 4.5 books I can recommend it and I do, but with a caveat, it is considered to be a youth or YA book Be sure that your youth is mature enough for the book I will go so far as to add a spoiler below for those who wish to know indetail what I mean This is the third in the Bartimaeus Trilogy They are good books, and deal with in an over all sense attitudes of cooperation and equality The Magicians are the ruling class here and the commoners those who aren t magicians mostly exist simply for the and to serve the needs and wants of the ruling class, said magicians The Jinn and other beings from the other place are enslaved by the magicians With everyone basically hating the magicians I think you can see how things might go Throughout the trilogy we have followed Nathanial the human who becomes a magician , Bartimaeus the Jinni, and Kitty a girl in the resistance The stories are very well done, have some great even humorous dialog, and draw the reader in If you re a parent be sure that your youth has a good reality concept and is mature enough for a story that turns somewhat dark at times SPOILER ALERT SPOILER BELOW The end of this book took me by complete surpriseand that doesn t happen much any I am about to reveal the ending surprise to the story so if you don t want to read it read no further I include it here for parents who may wish to know before allowing children to read or listen to these books SPOILER BELOW view spoiler We follow Nathanial or John Mandrake through all the books till the last In the final book the magicians are duped by the Jinn into allowing them to enter into them or possess them The Jinn promptly destroy the magicians minds as this is the only way they can be summoned into the world and not be enslaved They then set out to take their revenge on humans, especially magicians Now this possession angle may bother some, it didn t strike me as too bad as even though I m a Christian, this is simply part of a story and the villains are doing villainous thingsif it bothers you there it is What got me comes next A spent and all but powerless Nathanial and a severely weakened Bartimaeus are forced to work together Bartimaeus enters into Nathanial but does not possess him He doesn t harm his mind Nathanial has promised that as soon as they destroy the most powerful demon he will dismiss Bartimaeus permanently The being is stronger than they thought and after taking leave of Kitty they set out to break a magic staff, thus releasing all the staff s power at once destroying the demon Unfortunately it will also kill them I went on expecting the last minute reprieve, that they would somehow survive the blast, be buried under a building that would shield them from the worst of it or something as had happened a hundred times before in the books Nathanial is badly injured already and only Bartimaeus presence is keeping him alive, Bartimaeus is too weak to survive alone here on Earth and may only survive alone if he is dismissed to go back to the other place and heal As the evil demon closes in and Nathanial needs to break the staff, he dismisses Bartimaeus, breaks the staff and dies The closing remarks are by Bartimaeus If you think the death of Nathanial will be a problem for a child be aware of it hide spoiler so, I decided to write my review here.is it possible to give 7 stars for this book because I really would have, if Goodreads allowed me.meanwhile, I read this series right in fasting month where I lay my head in the midnight, read this book and sobbed like crazy when morning came and I was not exaggerating, because it turned my eyes got very puffy, red, and I didn t mind.first thing about so WELL DEVELOPED characters here Bartimaeus never ever got me bored with his funny wits, eccentric behavior he was the kind of character you missed so much, he told everything in his mind in a cynical, sarcastic, unique way he hated human world so much, toward John Mandrake who forced him to do what he hated the most, but he did everything to save them because for Kitty, who reminded him of his best master, Ptolemy and as time passed by, I could feel that despite his resentful, he loved Nathaniel and Kitty.though he would never say that.Nathaniel, always the same selfish guy like ever, but you couldn t blame him, he was young yet he had enough authority to made every guy big headed still, as time passed and problems swirled, he learned there was nothing about authority that he turned to his old self, the gloom boy, eager to be a grown up, sad, and determined he did everything he could to settle things even if it means he had to sacrificed himself.for one thing and another, he really was a VERY cool guy anyone ever imagine.Kitty in the first book, she was well, there was not enough of her in the second book, she was the kind of bossy girl but loyal to her friends and here in the third, she amazed me.the same strong girl after what she had been through, yet she determined to risk everything for her curiosity and justice when she made up her mind, she would do it without hesitation.but then she helped her own enemy, risked her life to save the world and cleaned up the mess though she hated the government much.she was cool I wanted to cry.second, the plot.it was beautifully written, full of humor, romance, action, politic, the distaste of commoner toward authority, and everything I couldn t imagine or judge what will happen next and it made me curious to finish this book, even didn t aware that I sobbed until the end of book.I could feel how much angry Kitty was toward the government, commoners distrust of authority, and the war that began crumbling everything in London Bartimaeus affection toward Ptolemy, or Nathaniel emotions when the world he tried to keep much ruined.and the ending so unexpected and beautiful war was never any good, they had to settle everything that destroyed, Nathaniel had pay the government faults, Bartimaeus learned to trust a boy who had been an annoying master and a girl who risked her life for them, and the fact that Kitty had to face her life after the tragedy that followed her.I slightly liked tragedy, and this series had the best ending I ve ever read.by the way, I heard Jonathan Stroud will release a prequel book about Ptolemy and Bartimaues in November whooa, it feels like I ll get presents in November, like Harry Potter 7, and Bartimaeus I can t wait D 4.5 to 5.0 stars Having now finished the entire trilogy, I can say that this ranks in my top 5 All Time YA fantasy series ever After loving the first book, The Amulet of Samarkand, I was a little disappointed in the second volume, The Golem s Eye, for reasons set out in my review Thus I was a little worried about how the final installment would play out Turns out that each one of my gripes about the second volume were dealt with beautifully in this story The series ended on an incredibly high though bittersweet note and I could not have been happier Bartimaeus is one of the most unique voices in fantasy literature over the past 10 years and I hope to readstories with him in the near future HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION Winner Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Young Adult Novel. In this fantastic ending to a wonderful trilogy, Jonathan Stroud has managed to do something that I find is rarely done in any series With Nathaniel, Kitty, and most importantly, Bartimaeus back for another riveting book, deeper conflicts emerge that we didn t fully understand in the previous two books With secrets from Bartimaeus s past, we get a window peek at The Other Place, and a slowly changing relationship between the three characters, this book is by far the greatest ending to the trilogy Something interesting about Stroud s style of writing for this series, which was separating the narration between all three main characters, I find that what he creates is a perfect balance Although Kitty s and Nathaniel s are both written in third person, Bartimaeus s is written in first By doing so, Stroud has created apersonal bond with Bartimaeus than with the humans By creating a bond with the deamon, we see the faults in Nathaniel and the things that make Kitty special and different This plays with our emotions throughout, and at the end, I think, cause the perfect mix of sadness, excitement, and curiosity The thing I value the most about this ending, is the fact that it s not the perfect, pretty in pink, happy ending we have seen so much of It clearly shows that the world won t become perfect after it, that sometime hero s fall and not for noble causes but for selfish ones, and we are left with so many questions that will not be answered, leaving it up to our imaginations and creativity For that, I am extremely grateful and happy with this book Five stars and two thumbs up I read this series a few years ago, and could never quite put into words how I felt about it I adored The Amulet of Samarkand and The Golem s Eye, but by the time I got to Ptolemy s Gatethings changed There I was, reading along all cheerily, thinking what a great, funny series fully expecting a happily ever after Then I read Ptolemy s Gate I cried for an hour straight after the last page of this book An hour straight Then I took a break, and cried someThis had never happened to me before yes, okay, I d shed a few tears and become misty eyed over a few books before, but this was completely different I was bawling my eyes out and I couldn t stop I just kept sobbing and sobbing Luckily no one was around to hear me or they d have thought someone had died I don t know why the ending shocked me so much I should ve expected it But I didn t.I wanted to hate this book I really did After I was done crying, I tried to convince myself the whole series was worthless and the ending didn t matter anyway But I couldn t I couldn t forget the wonderful characters, the magical world they lived in, the humour Bartimaeus was possibly the funniest being I ve ever come across in fiction , the way they grew up, the realisations, the heartbreak, the sacrifices Nathanielthat boy I went from loving him, to feeling sorry for him, to hating the way he d become, to screaming at him, to cheering him on, to pitying him, to loving him, to crying for him The way Stroud developed his characterhis writing is a magic of its own Because Nathaniel was and still remains one of my favourite characters of all time flawed, wrong, insensitive, tactless, kind hearted, guilty, and above all, a hero I felt for himthan any other character in any other book Which was why the ending upset me so incredibly And despite the fact the ending was the complete opposite of what I wanted, I still loved the series The ending was still amazing I realised it had to happen that way And I just couldn t bring myself to hate it, no matter how much thinking about it made me cry.I can never read this series again Ever I can t, because just thinking about how much I cried the last time makes me want to cry again And I don t usually cry Titanic Nah Bambi Nah But Ptolemy s Gatethink Alice in Wonderland and the pool of tears But that in no way means that I regret reading it I think The Bartimaeus Trilogy is something everyone needs to read Unlike most other children s books, it doesn t sugarcoat the bad stuff It shows you how easily anyone can spiral into corruption And it shows you how difficult it can be to redeem yourself But most of all, it shows what it is to be a true hero You don t have to be a perfect, goody two shoes to do what s right And that, I think, is all you need to know Read this book Read this series No matter if you like it or not, you won t forget it. I suppose I asked for it Stroud did not disappoint I wanted to see some profound acts of selflessness and boy did I ever I ll hand it to Stroud, he stayed true to his style the whole way through No coddling, kiddies And I say that most pointedly, as I find it difficult to imagine how this series ever made it to the Young Adult shelf it s merciless, is what I m saying Not even a goodbye kiss, and I think that stung most of all.No happy endings, at least, not in the typical way, either I mean, even Tolkien let us have all our little hobbits in the end Sure, Rowling killed off a few of our favs, but the trio lived to have their cheesy flash forward on the platform But, Stroud, the proud realist, gives us neither the salvation of our lead, nor the rosy glimpse of the future So, two of the main characters lived I guess that s pretty fair odds, two out of three Still, dead is dead And as is the way of the living, any brush with death, even fictional, has a tendency to leave a somber shadow And of course Nathaniel was my favorite all along, because he had the biggest challenge, the biggest change to make, and he did it, just like I hoped he would Though it s decidedly soured my taste for acts of heroism in all forms And I feel remarkably less of a romantic than I was when I began this story Sort of like how I imagine the pain of silver might feel to a djinn s essence Ah well. NathanielTreats Bartimaeus Worse Than Ever The Long Suffering Djinni Is Weak From Too Much Time In This World, Near The End Of His Patience Rebel KittyHides, Stealthily Finishing Her Research On Magic, Demons, And Bartimaeus She Has A Daring Plan That She Hopes Will Break The Endless Cycle Of Conflict Between Djinn And Humans But Will Anyone Listen To What She Has To Say Together The Trio Face Treacherous Magicians, A Complex Conspiracy, And A Rebellious Faction Of Demons To Survive, They Must Test The Limits Of This World And Question The Deepest Parts Of Themselves