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Aria S Life Is Full Of Secrets Secrets About Her Mother S Death, Her Father S Cruelty, And Her Dream To Go To Juilliard When Aria Meets Thomas, He Draws Out Her Secrets, Captures Her Heart, And Gives Her The Courage To Defy Her Father But When Tragedy Strikes And Thomas Disappears, Aria Is Left Alone To Transform Her Broken Heart S Melody Into Something Beautiful Porcelain Keys Is A Captivating Love Story That Will Resonate Long After The Last Page Is Turned

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    I haven t read a book that has evoked so many emotions within me in such a long time I wasn t expecting depth I was expecting fluff, but depth is what I got And I don t regret it at all.Aria is such a strong girl and dreams of following her heart When it matters most, she is able to stand up for herself and what she loves, even though her heart is torn in two She loves her father and forgives him time and time again, yet she finally breaks free and allows herself to find her true passion music Thomas is a rock in her tempest tossed life and he becomes a major part of her world All of that is throw to the wind one night and once again, she is left to find her way through life alone again A new friend and a new love help her heal, along with her music Secrets are revealed that completely change everything they were definitely unexpected twists for me.I loved the friendships developed with Nathaniel, Devin, and Vivian I loved the music I could visualize it all in my mind My emotions were all over the place compassion, fear, joy, love, sadness, etc I loved every minute of the ride I took while reading this story.Content some brief and casual mentions implications of drinking, abuse, etc, but definitely considered CLEAN

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    The title of this book led me to believe that it was about a piano, but it s not It s about a girl that cries all the time Boooooring Don t waste your time with this one I gave it two stars instead of one because I don t remember any spelling or grammatical errors I feltthe moisture gathering on my lashes I buried my head in my arms and released the tears Tears welled up in my eyes Tears clouded my vision I pressed my hands over my ears, trying to block out the sound of my own anguished cries tears seemed to spring out of nowhere I swiped at a runaway tear I cried my own silent tears He put his palm on my cheek and wiped away the tears that were spilling over I cried the entire way home I swiped at my tears I shed a few tears I wiped the back of my hand across my cheek He handed me a tissue, and my hand trembled as I lifted it to wipe my eyes I swallowed back the rising tears The tears wouldn t stop I wiped my tears Tears rolled down my cheeks tears brimming on my lashes Ireleased quiet sobs I bent my head and released a wave of silent tears After a few minutes and a lot of tears Helpless to restrain the flood of tears I dropped my head and cried tears pricked my eyes tears trickled down my cheeks Tears welled up in my eyes This brought on a whole new round of tears

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    Aria s mother is dead She lives with her father, who is battling his own deamons and is far from being a reliable parent Aria s lonely, often even scared for her safety, lost She dreams of moving away from home and starting over But there are secrets in her past, secrets involving her mother s death and her father s descent into alcoholism, secrets she needs to deal with before she can ever truly be free And it will take the healing power of love to give her the strength to tackle them Porcelain Keys is a beautifully written, lyrical tale of love, healing power of music, grief, broken trust, redemption, staying true to yourself and following your dreams Crafted with care and passion, it s a very emotional story that pulls on your heartstrings and fills your soul with gently flowing melody Sarah Beard weaves together a mesmerizing, gut wrenching family drama, captivating mystery and heartbreaking love story, and she enriches it further with themes of music and art The result is breathtaking I absolutely loved every second of this book I wouldn t call it a quick, breeze through kind of read, but it was certainly a completely absorbing, intensely moving one The character development was simply phenomenal I loved Aria I thought she was a brilliant, realistically drawn and fresh character Her emtions were real, and it didn t take long for me to connect with her I appreciated her vibrant personality and quiet strength of character She was a very sensitive person one that would feel than other people in her life, and possibly understand , too but she wasn t weak or whiny She never gave up on her dreams, she was persistent and not afraid to take risks Life was never easy on her, but every time she d fall down, she d pick herself up, dust herself off and try to move on I admired that about her Thomas character was a fantastic one, too, and his presence in the story and in Aria s life was crucial He was a very positive, caring and warm type of person, and it s thanks to him Aria opened up and stood up to her dad He was her cataclyst and her island of peace At the same time, though, I really loved that their relationship wasn t rushed They were obviously curious about each other and attracted to one another from the very beginning, but there was also a certain amount of hesitation and shyness involved Uncertainty The build up was pleasantly slow and therefore realistic than in a typical YA novel I personally loved that about this book While the story centres around Aria and Thomas relationship and the way these two slowly opened up and healed each other, there are other, very important themes tackled in this book as well, including but not limited to physical and emotional abuse, alcoholism, loss, grief and violence The plot line is layered with important messages, insightful observations and eye opening moments of clarity It s a very emotional read, but also smart and powerful one, and I m certain that you ll be reeling from it for a very long time It s definitely not a cliched boy meets girl book, no, Porcelain Keys is highly original, deeply atmospheric and profoundly meaningful And it s not a book you ll read, put down and forget about, but one that will stay with you One you ll want to get back to time and time again This book deserves a special place on your bookshelf and a special place in your heart.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed every last page of this book Porcelain Keys is a beautiful, heartfelt love story about two broken lives that fit together to become whole I loved it The author used exquisite imagery throughout the book, and I couldn t help being swept away on the strains of music that filled the pages.The characters are flawed, which makes them relatable and lovable They both have to overcome so much They learn to deal with their individual demons and give forgiveness where it is needed More than anything, they learn to let go and love each other.The book is a lot longer than most YA I ve read, and it also spans a couple of years I was surprised that didn t bother me, since I don t usually like books that cover long periods of time But I fell in love with the characters and the way the author writes It was one of those books that I kept thinking about, even when I wasn t reading it It is a sweet story about love, forgiveness, and strength.Content Domestic violence with very few details Clean otherwise.My blog Batch of Books

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    Oh my gosh, a beautifully written full of emotions book I got the book because of its title and to read it for a challenge I had to find a book whose main character enjoyed something that I enjoy I read that Aria liked piano so I got this book I wasn t sure what to expect, but I thought it would be possibly even about music however, it was about an abusive household a widower father , friendship, passion for something you love, fear, secrets everywhere A young Aria and Thomas somehow become good friends and it s beautiful to watch their relationship grow and change and be so real to life.Recommendation I loved the book and the various characters were so real to me I definitely say pick this one up

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    Aria s mother died a few years ago and her father doesn t want any reminders of her so they don t talk about her and the music room is locked shut Aria likes to break in when her father is gone but if he catches her when he comes home and he s drunk, she s in trouble She can run faster than him so she heads to their neighbors treehouse when that happens and that is where she meets Thomas one night He is so kind to her and becomes her friend She doesn t need to worry about a relationship with him because he told her he doesn t date, but doesn t fill in the details at least not right away They do start to care about each other but soon tragedy strikes and he disappears How will Aria move on with Thomas no longer in her life This book is amazing It shows the power of music, friendship, love and second chances I loved Aria and Thomas and how their relationship helped each other get through difficult circumstances Thomas encouraged her to chase after her dream and helped her find a way to make it happen Nathaniel, Vivian and Devin were great secondary characters and I liked her relationships with each of them as well Nathaniel helped her fulfill her Juilliard dream and provided her with safety I loved how Vivian came over to help her prepare for the dance and acted as her fairy godmother Devin grew on me and I was glad he was able to befriend her and help her through a rough time.This book is an emotional roller coaster I was happy and sad, I laughed and I cried, and the ending was perfect There are quite a few secrets and as they are revealed, her father s behavior makes sense even though how he behaved is still not okay This is a book I highly recommend and will definitely read again I only have one warning Once you start, it will be almost impossible to put down Mel s Shelves

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    I received an audiobook in exchange for an honest review Review can be found on Milky Way of Books I was very happy when I finally found the chance to review this book Aria s and Thomas s story is bittersweet full of music and love for life.Aria lives with her father and after the death of her mother her life is hard and abusive When she meets Thomas, her life both in school and in general will change for better She will learn about her love for piano and Thomas will become her best friend When a horrible accident will force them apart both Thomas and Aria will learn about family, love and the hardship of moving on.I loved the narrator s voice and her ability to bring all the characters voices in life The story was sweet and with some surprises and the ending was quite satisfying If you love a quick, lovely read then this book is for you.

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    I reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book, supplied by the author Porcelain Keys is a well crafted story that is guaranteed to make you cry, smile, cheer, and cry some The author uses not only words to tell her heart warming story, but she also taps into the powerful language of music, making this a unique and fulfilling read Aria is a heroine worth rooting for, and the plot is an emotional melody that weaves a spell so potent, it can only be broken by reaching the end And even then, I couldn t stop thinking about Aria and her story A also like how the book bridges the gap between the Young Adult and New Adult genres I won t spoil the plot by telling you how much I loved the different characters, but if you re in the mood for a contemporary romance with heart, this one s for you

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    At times heart breaking and at others emotionally lifting, Porcelain Keys is a fresh, heart wrenching take on boy meets girl Two broken characters come together to begin the long, hard process of helping one another heal, but only if they can allow themselves to open enough to be healed Beard uses fantastic imagery through music to tell the tragic story of Aria and Thomas, taking the reader along on a swelling crescendo as if we re part of the song and what a beautiful song it is Strong writing, enthralling characters, realistic situations, and a love story to root for make this book a must have for anyone who loves a well told story.

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    Wow, I was drawn in from the get go with this debut novel The characters are beautifully drawn and I thought the story was exceptional Not to mention, I loved the music aspect of the story as Aria seeks to follow in her mother s footsteps to become a professional musician The story is filled with secrets, twists, and turns I look forward to reading Sarah Beard s next novel