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A Rootless Foster Child, Julie Mathison Had Blossomed Under The Love Showered Upon Her By Her Adoptive Family Now A Lovely And Vivacious Young Woman, She Was A Respected Teacher In Her Small Texas Town, And She Passionately Lived Her Ideals Julie Was Determined To Give Back All The Kindness She D Received Nothing And No One Would Ever Shatter The Perfect Life She Had Fashioned Zachary Benedict Was An Actor Director Whose Academy Award Winning Career Had Been Shattered When He Was Wrongly Convicted Of Murdering His Wife After The Tall, Ruggedly Handsome Zack Escaped From A Texas Prison, He Abducted Julie And Forced Her To Drive Him To His Colorado Mountain Hideout She Was Outraged, Cautious, And Unable To Ignore The Instincts That Whispered Of His Innocence He Was Cynical, Wary, And Increasingly Attracted To Her Passion Was About To Capture Them Both In Its Fierce Embracebut The Journey To Trust, True Commitment, And Proving Zack S Innocence Was Just Beginning I m not a giant fan of contemporary romance, but I ve always had a soft spot for Judith McNaught s books Mainly because she was the first romance author I ever read I m not entirely sure why, but I always find her stories engaging and enjoyable This one proved no different This was not my first read of Perfect It is however the first time I ve read it in many years This time around I did spot a few flaws Some of the authors views are a touch dated and a few of the supporting characters got completely forgotten about towards the end That said, none of that overly hurt my enjoyment of the story The story is interesting enough Zac Benedict, former movie star and Hollywood golden boy, has spent the last 5 years in prison for the murder of his wife He escapes from prison in the hopes of proving his innocence Unfortunately things do not go smoothly and before long he is forced to snatch a hostage in the form of Julie Matheson This is a romance so of course the pair fall madly in love with each other I liked both Julie and Zac They were different characters, but I liked them as a pair and enjoyed their story The non romance part of the plot was also fairly interesting, which is always a plus Rating 5 stars I m going to keep the original rating for nostalgia s sake. DNF after 200 pages.You know, I usually have a lot of patience when it comes to books.I don t mind if they first do it at 70%.They don t even have to do it at all.I don t mind if the story progresses slowly.It doesn t have to progress at all.AS LONG AS I GET MY HEROES IN THE SAME SCENES TOGETHER Separations in the book I just don t like, ever In this one, the hero and the heroine didn t even meet until page 150 I mean, THAT much detail about their pasts is really, REALLY not necessary I could give you a recap of everything that you need to know in a couple of sentences.Anyway, I thought I could continue after they ve actually met but by then I completely lost interest in it and now I simply don t care about the book at all.I had the same problem in the first book from this series and I thought it would be different, but sadly, no So here s me saying goodbye forever to Judith McNaught s contemporaries 3.5 StarsOnce again I m impressed with the author s ability to tell a story and create such a well developed storyline And once again I didn t get the maximum satisfaction from it After reading Paradise and all of the reviews here I was sure I was about to read a story of epic proportions A prison escape A tortured, cold, brooding hero A smart and strong heroine The enemies to lovers trope I m falling for my captor theme A slow burn romance Except the proportions were not so epic I can t say I didn t enjoy it because I did I liked the story but it was so damn long It took forever for the main characters to meet and then to finally get together Sure, the hero had some brooding and assholish qualities but his mood swings and behavior changes from cold and grumpy to saccharine sweet and sappy were giving me whiplash The heroine, on the other hand, was too perfect, too idolized in my opinion And the whole prison escape thing It seemed kind of laughable to me I don t know much about the U.S legal system and prison rules and policies except from movies but I don t understand how a person serving a sentence of imprisonment is allowed to drive a prison warden to town every week and go grocery shopping and do other chores aloneand unsupervisedOverall, this was a lengthy and quite an exhausting read with an interesting plot lost in the sea of details and twists I don t know why, but I feel like this author s descriptive style just doesn t work for me I m sure I would have loved it had I read it when it was first published When you pick up a book twenty years after its publication, this is what you get although I still love these guys to pieces Zachary Benedict had the animal magnetism of a young Sean Connery, the talent of a Newman, the charisma of Costner, the raw machismo of a young Eastwood, the smooth sophistication of Warren Beatty, the versatility of Michael Douglas, and the rugged appeal of Harrison Ford. My re read was just as PERFECT the second time around She wept with shame for her lack of will and with fear for a love she couldn t control I loved this one It s an oldie but stands the test of time Rugged, charming, alpha hero.Sweet, hometown, innocent heroine What s not to like Long ago and far away I dreamed a dream one day And now that dream is here beside meLong the skies were overcast But now the clouds have passed You re here at lastChills run up and down my spine Aladdin s lamp is mine The dream I dreamed was not denied meJust one look and then I knew That all I longed for long ago was youChills run up and down my spine Aladdin s lamp is mine The dream I dreamed was not denied meJust one look and then I knew That all I longed for long ago was you For the first time in his life, he finally knew how it felt to have a home and a family Julie was his home, his family It had drama, romance, laughter, tears, family, friendship, misunderstandings, make ups everything I love in a good book.Loved catching up with the characters from the previous book, Matt and Meredith.