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After being obsessed with the movie for months, I decided to take the plunge and read the book Finally And I can tell you that the book was equally as satisfying but completely different to the Gerard Butler perv fest that I so dearly love.There were so many changes made to translate this book to film I won t go into them all here now because I wouldn t want to ruin it but let s just say they were significant From love interests to careers, everything was different And for that reason, I think I probably did it the right way round watching the movie first and reading the book second.I m giving it 4 stars for because Cecilia Ahern is just so easy to read It requires no effort to get into a rhythm and it s the perfect little book to pick up when you re in between epics She tackles grief without making you feel life is pointless There is always hope And I think that s what Gerry gives Holly in her first year without him hope for a new life.I d say this little story gave me a similar feel good feeling to The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks It didn t matter that it was tragic, it still managed to really touch me Really it was beautiful.Read this novel if You re looking for something inbetween other books and don t want to have to work too hard to enjoy the characters.Don t read this novel if You think you could feel disconcerted or upset by the intense, overwhelming grief Holly is struggling to come to terms with. So badly written that it detracted from the touching and interesting premise I read this solely because I saw that a film was being made of it with Gerard Butler of 300 fame and wanted to have read the film prior to seeing the film which I am bound to do because it has Gerard Butler of 300 fame in it The book is written by the daughter of the Irish Prime Minister which is the most interesting thing I can think to say about it I like myself some chick lit lite but this is ridiculous The writing was obvious, unsubtle, clich d and dull I did not connect with the characters and felt no emotional connection whatsoever with the story or the protagonist I did not care what happened in the end Having said this, I can see why this will be made into a film The premise is actually not that bad Widow receives a letter from her dead husband which he wrote before he died along with 11 other instalments to be read monthly to help her bereavement It actually sounds really naff now I write it But I honestly think the film will be far superior to the book I hope so anyway This does really annoy me though It seems that to have your novel made into a film, you don t have to be a good writer You just have to have a good idea Seems a bit unfair to me. A Novel About Holding On, Letting Go, And Learning To Love AgainNow In Paperback, The Endearing Novel That Captured Readers Hearts And Introduced A Fresh New Voice In Women S Fiction Cecelia Ahern Holly Couldn T Live Without Her Husband Gerry, Until The Day She Had To They Were The Kind Of Young Couple Who Could Finish Each Other S Sentences When Gerry Succumbs To A Terminal Illness And Dies,Year Old Holly Is Set Adrift, Unable To Pick Up The Pieces But With The Help Of A Series Of Letters Her Husband Left Her Before He Died And A Little Nudging From An Eccentric Assortment Of Family And Friends, She Learns To Laugh, Overcome Her Fears, And Discover A World She Never Knew Existed The Kind Of Enchanting Novel With Cross Generational Appeal That Comes Along Once In A Great While, PS, I Love You Is A Captivating Love Letter To The World Read it still in manuscript and fell in love I knew it would be bestseller One of my favorites among the books and authors I discovered as editor and bought rights for Serbia I believe that you should always leave loved ones with loving words It may be the last time you see them I ve read and liked those words since long time ago but never really took time to think about it until an incident 8 years ago.That day, I was talking on the phone with Dad It was just a casual conversation Dad was planning to come to Bandung at weekend so he asked me did I want him to bring something for me and such Things were usual until when we were gonna ended our conversation Usually at the end of our phone call, I d like to say Love you, Dad That time, I didn t know why but I hesitated to say it So I just saidOkay take care, Pito which he saidYou too, kiddo Be good Love you That was our last phone call Two hours after that, my mom called to inform that Dad got a very bad headache and they were on the way to hospital Turns out it was a first symptom of stroke When I came to Jakarta, he was in comatose state and he never woke up again.To this day, I still regret for not saying the i love you words at our last conversation.And that s when the words dawned on me I promise myself that whenever I part with someone I love, I ll leave them with loving words.Usually I try to keep that promise But sometimes I forget and parted after the heated argument with my loved ones.The second incident happened around January 2009.At that time, I had someone that I consider as my significant other We ve been together since the 1st grade at Elementary School Yepalmost 21 years together at that time We re a childhood sweetheart, the same with Holly Gerry from this book.Unlike many other stories about childhood sweetheart, we started as a couple turn to best friend while still considered ourselves a s couple, then being a true best friend, and finally a true couple kok ribet yaa.Of course, like Holly Gerry, we could finish each other s sentences We too could read other s mind I know himthan I know myself and vice versa That s what 20 years of relationship did to us.We were also a cool couple Cool in terms of we rarely argue because of jealousy As an example, when I saw a pretty lady, I m gonna tell him like thisEh liat deh arah jam sekian Cakep yaAnd after looking for some seconds just seconds Longer than that then he s in a deep shit LOL , he s gonna say Yep Nice booty Very sexy boobsThings also happened the other way around.See How cool are we kok jadi pamer ya We re one of those couples that have thing you called as a comfortable silence We could sit together for hours, saying nothing and just enjoying each other s companion We ve found home in each other s presence.For me, he s not just a boyfriend He was also my bestfriend, my dream keeper, my most loyal supporter, my soulmate, or to sum it in one word my significant other.But it s all ended in one night.That night, we had a plan to hang out with our friends at our usuall place He was supposed to pick Widya up our friend whose house located between mine and his , before pick me up then heads to our meeting place Because of overslept, he was late picking Widya up.Back then, I was a very very very punctual person I could be really mad just because one minte late from the schedule So at that time, though I know it was really irritating, I kept calling him just to ask him where he was and asked him to drive faster.I knew he was annoyed with my constant calls mainly cause I called him while he was driving But I was selfish that time and I didn t care, so I just kept calling.When he arrived at Widya s home, he called me back and askedIya Kenapa, babe Now we re not the kind of couple who used petnames Naythat s not our style Usually we just call each other with our name real name, I mean Or using missy boy in a casual argument And lady sir if we wanted to tease each other.But he had this habit to call me with petnames when he was mad at me He d call me cutie pie, honeydew, love, well you knowpetnames like that I asked his reason once, and he saidSo you ll know no matter how mad I was to you, I still love youYeahI know that s cheesy The sweeter he called me means theannoyed he was So on the 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the maddest , babe was on number 5 Usually when I know he s on the 5th scale and up, I m gonna back off and calm him down.But that night, I was really pissed too So I replied him still with an annoyed toneDimana sekarang Udah nyampe rumah Wiwid, Sayang Kata dia tunggu bentar Dia masih siap siapOn his list, sayang was on number 8thCepetaaaannnnn Iya, Cinta Sabar yaaaCinta got the 10th score on his list So actually that time I knew that he was really really mad with me Usually, cinta is a sign for me to seriously back off and calm down But still, I didn t wanna do it that nightUdah dulu ya Tar gw telpon kalo Wiwid udah siap jalan Love you Since the period when we had a long distance relationship, we made it a habit to end our conversation with love you and such, no matter how mad we were at each other Again, that day I wasn t in the mood to say it back and just answer him withYeah whatever Cepetan ya Gw tunggu Not an hour later, I got a phonecall from Widya She told me about an accident that involved him and now they were on their way to hospital When I got to hospital, he was already unconscious He never wakes up again Turns out, the love you was his last words to me and yeah whatever cepetan ya Gw tunggu was my last response to him Bad, eh It s been almost 4 years since that There are many things that I ve learned and could accept with now.I have learned that being punctual is good, but being a very very very punctual person is a pain in the ass.I could deal with the pain of losing him and have the dreamless sleep now.I don t ask the universe any why 20 years long of relationship had to ended so abruptly like that I just accept it as the way it should be.I could forgive the destiny for taking away someone who has a very bright future ahead in such a young age.I believe that this is the best for him and for everyone around him Actually I still can t see why, but I just wanna believe that coz God always makes the best plan for His people.ButI still regret my last words to him I still can t truly forgive myself for ended our conversation after a heated argument like that At least with my Dad, things were good between us.And for me, this fact still hard to deal with.I envy Holly.No I m not saying that Holly s situation is easier or better than mine There s no use in making comparison here She lost her man gradually and I lost him so abruptly, blah.both are a fucked up situation to be in I envy him cause she has times to bide her loved ones a proper goodbye.I also envy her because even 1 year after he left, she still got his letters that showing her how much he loves her I know it s lame, but sometimes back in the past when I sort his things off, I wished that I got his letters or even note or anything that I could consider as his goodbye yeahI know I ve watched too many lame movies Or at least a note which tells me that he knows though I was pissed at him on our last conversation but I still love him.Yupthat was one thing that I envy the most from Holly Because Holly made sure that Gerry knew she loves him when he left this world The one thing that I didn t do.Hey you, up there I hope you could read this.P.S I love youFinding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what They say that nothing lasts forever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after we re gonePS All in all, for me this is a good book Unrealistic actually about that moving on things the just 1 year time span which made it kinda unrealistic , but still it s a good read Through Holly s journey and Gerry s letter, I got some lessons about healing On the other hand, she was a women with a million happy memories, who knew what it was like to experience true love and who was ready to experiencelife,love and make new memories Whether it happened in ten months or ten years, Holly would obey Gerry s final message Whatever lay ahead, she knew she would open her heart and follow where it led.In the meantime, she would just liveJust like Holly, I m a woman with a million happy memories I could also proudly said that once in my life I knew what true love was.And I also knew that whatever lay ahead, I d open my heart and follow where it led But for now, while waiting that to happen, I ll just live.Thank you Ahern, for made me realize that a happy ending has many kind of shades. I was really expecting a lotfrom this book, being that it has been made into a movie but I was fairly disappointed I understand that Ahern is a young writer but she really does have a LOT of work to do with her writing skills And maybe she could pick up a thesaurus to find a substitute word for sarcastically as she uses it to death in this book there s no need to state the obvious in my opinion I suppose that I m drawn to strong, proactive, and independent main characters and I spent a lot of time feeling like Holly was whining throughout the whole book I know that may sound harsh considering she is dealing with the loss of her husband, and while I can t relate to dealing with something like that, I had a difficult time sympathizing with her.The ending was the most anti climatic ending I ve read in a while Overall, I probably wouldn t recommend this book to many people and most likely won t even see the movie because of it and who would cast Hilary Swank for Holly s character in the first place I watched the movie somewhere around 2008 2009 and have finally got around to reading the book almost 10 years later Although the basic plot remains the same, the situations events described are quite different in both versions but I can say I enjoyed reading the book as much as I enjoyed the movie maybe the movie a bitbecause of G rard ButlerA solid 3.5 rating A Chama Que Nunca Se ApagaOs alvos do Amor s o ef meros, mas o Sentimento neles gerado dura e perdura como Chama que Nunca se Apaga E h todo um Mundo de Possibilidades onde se reinventar.Ao Abra ar a Vida rumando em Frente, veremos os Imposs veis de Hoje tornarem se os Poss veis de Amanh.Nada supera a sensa o de Renascer das Cinzas a Vit ria da Vida sobre a Morte Potencial que sucumbe Um Momento de Ressurrei o E n o conhe o nada na Vida que se lhe equipare Beautiful Wonderful Lovely A Masterpiece Heart warming Fantastic Sensational Emotionally evoking Cecilia, you are and amazing thinker and writer I don t know how you thought of this story, but you did it well But you delivered to paper even better This beautiful piece was like watching the most beautiful portrait ever painted through a glass spotted with the spots of the rain, with the rain representing the emotion that even the world feels knowing this book exists It was truly amazing I look forward tobooks from you I hear Love, Rosie is good.. I seem to be one of very few who didn t like this book First of all I must point out that I love girlie books and cry at anything even the slightest bit sad With that said, I didn t enjoy it at all and couldn t wait for it to end I WANTED to like it I hoped something would happen to make me change my opinion but it didn t The whole book felt like a rambling and dull conversation with a repetitive yet inconsistent story line I would normally have full sympathy for Holly s situation but honestly she just annoyed me Her friends annoyed me Her family except her mum, I liked her annoyed me And the notes from Gerry what a sweet, romantic idea but I didn t get that from them at all Even they lacked any realism or real emotion for me.I m glad it s over A BIG thumbs down for me.