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Daemon will do anything to get Katy backAfter the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather he’s facing the impossible Katy is gone Taken Everything becomes about finding her Taking out anyone who stands in his way? Done Burning down the whole world to save her? Gladly Exposing his alien race to the world? With pleasure All Katy can do is surviveSurrounded by enemies the only way she can come out of this is to adapt After all there are sides of Daedalus that don’t seem entirely crazy but the group’s goals are frightening and the truths they speak even disturbing Who are the real bad guys? Daedalus? Mankind? Or the Luxen? Together they can face anythingBut the most dangerous foe has been there all along and when the truths are exposed and the lies come crumbling down which side will Daemon and Katy be standing on? And will they even be together?

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    More of my reviews at The Cozy Reading CornerInitial Reaction I just finished the book and I'm speechless that ending Daemon I can't I can't even asdfghjkl;Okay I'm going to attempt to 'review' this book and refrain from too much fangirling First of all I think it's obvious that I absolutely loved it So much stuff happened and it was so action packed But there were also really beautiful tender moments between Daemon Katy Which leads me to Daemon sigh I absolutely love me some Daemon Black And being in his head and seeing how he thinks and how much he loves his Kitten was just ahhh mazing I loved uncovering the mystery behind the title I loved meeting the new character Archer And I absolutely loved every single page of this book That ending pretty much left me writhing in agony as I await the seuel Jennifer you are a freakin' genius kind of evil but still a literary genius 3Jennifer L Armentrout I will also confirm this The last two books in the series that are currently untitled are in dual POVs Daemon and Katy There you go DIESUPDATE IT HAS A TITLEDOUBLE UPDATE I just finished Opal and I all I can think is this NEED ORIGIN NEED ORIGIN NEED ORIGIN NEED ORIGIN WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET MY HANDS ON A COPY OF ORIGIN NEED ORIGIN REALLY NEED ORIGINTRIPLE UPDATE It has a release date August 27 2013 It's too far away criesUADRUPLE UPDATE It has a synopsis and and it makes me anxious nervous 3 UINTUPLE UPDATE IT HAS A COVER AND IT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL AND I'M FREAKIN' OUT AND I REALLY NEED THIS BOOK LIKE RIGHT NOW AND AND I'm calm Completely and totally calm FREAKIN' THE FLIP OUT asdfghjkl;TEASERS We have teasersThe FIRST CHAPTER of Origin is up on Hypable to tide us over til we can get our hands on it 3 internal screaming All the pent up helpless rage formed a wrecking ball inside of me Maintaining human form was near impossible I wanted to hit something—destroy something I needed to“Daemon no one—”“Shut up” I said turning to where Matthew sat in the corner of the room Right this moment I wanted to destroy him “Just shut the hell up”“You have no idea” I ran out of words at that point Her being this close after so long was the sweetest kind of torture Each breath she took I felt in every part of my body in some areas than others Really inappropriate but she always had a powerful hold over me Common sense jumped out the window”

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    Warning this contains foul language and also tiny spoilers For those of you who don't know what this book is about this book is about rubbing and also gropingThere were literally 3 chapter about them ahem enjoying each other 3 CHAPTERS noting happened except them lying in bed and then there were 2 of them walking through Vegas and thinking about FEELINGS There might have been some descent action scenes somewhere around the end but I was so fed up of this book by then i skip read through most of them The thing is this series starts off well You have the first maybe even the second book and it has its eye rolling moments but they are neatly dispersed through the book and cut of just before you start cringing So you finish it and you like it and you are a little ashamed to admit because of its cheesy plot but you give it 4 stars anyway and wait for the next book excitedly And here is where everything goes spiraling downward Why i think that is? First The behavior of the characters was unrealistic I kept in mind that we people act differently in stressful situations but i can't imagine anyone acting the way our two MC did at the beginning Kidnapped by the Government tortured scared for their life one would want comfort and closeness from their loved one not penetration i'm being vulgar on purpose this book violated my mind i'm in for revenge Second the plot is stretched to tin the story is not that complex to be divided in 5 parts This would have been decent enough series if it was only 3 books Third the so called LOVE they feel for each other its noting then hormones and hornyness that's not a word i don't care It might pass as obsession lust craving maybe crush But never LOVE You don't apologize to the one you love about your feelings They are a part of you You don't say thank you just because he stays after you cried That's what he SHOULD do its not special and its not exclusive It's what you DO for the one you LOVE And you say what you want without thinking too much about it because that's you unfiltered and that's the ONLY YOU he should know and love And Lastview spoilerWe have this author and she would not go in to history with the greatest but she is good enough for our generation And she writes in cliches but that's OK because people that don't read as mach as WE do love them also they sell And she is writing Young Adult and she also writes New Adult And I think somewhere along the way she stopped seeing the line between the two hide spoiler

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    5 FULLY FREAKING STARSI was so thrilled to read this one because we waited a lot for this oneAnd when I got it in my heads I couldn't leave itIt was such a cool book and the ending was mind blowing that great Me while reading the book “As close as you’re riding me man I feel like I need to take you out to dinner or something At least I should get your name” He punched in a floor number smirking“People call me Archer”image error

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    Daemon and Katy “There's only one thing I wantAnd that is?I want to see KatNancy's smile didn't fade And what are you willing to do to accomplish that?Anything I said without hesitation and I meant it I will do anything but I want to see Kat first and I want to see her now”I waited so long to read this book and I have to admit that it was way better than I expected it to beI can easily say that Jennifer is my favorite authorThe worlds that she createsthe characters and the storiesare so carefully written and developpedThe lux series is obviously one of her series that I adoreYes it's about aliens but nothing freakyEverything is perfect and maybe I'm biased DAfter that awful cliffhanger the book starts with Katy's povShe's taken and they are apart nowDaemon is determined to bring her back no matter the costThe truth is that he doesnt even think about the conseuences because he wants her safe“I’ll burn the world down to save her”Daemon and Katy have allies than they could ever imagineThis Luc kid is powerful than you thinkNew species will come to the surfaceThey are going to get betrayedThey will have to choose between family and lifeThe world will changeAfter reading this book many people say that it doesnt end with a cliffhangerIs it just me that disagrees?Personally I cant wait until the OTHER summer I cant really say anything else about this book because I dont want to ruin it for those who havent read it and there other readers who havent read the series so I dont think that they will understand muchOverall this is pure perfectionThat's me being biased againThis book combines EVERYTHINGI am seriousNot annoying charactersYou will laugh your a outSexy hot alien babesBadass heroines and we definetely support TEAM AWESOME D I would love it if she wrote a book about Archer and DeeLast but not least view spoilerWhat the hell did Luc want the LH 11??This kid is freaky hide spoiler

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    Origin is a turning point in Lux series This is not a childlish game any Everything is dangerous and serious than ever before Everyone had to pick sides and say goodbye to the content life they once had known Full of action Origin is the best part in series so farMy DaemonMy KatyI loved dual POV In this book Daemon is in his best confident self He is snarky He is determined He will do ANYTHING to get his Kitten back I absolutely loved how badass Daemon was in this instalment he is definitely one of my all time favourite bookish heroes if not the bestI was shocked and speecheles once I found out what origin truly means Action in this book blew my mind Lux series is without a doubt the best YA paranormal series I have ever read it is just so epic I could not put it down Origin was pure perfectionAnd Katy's and Daemon's relationship? It matured got stronger and I was swooning over them all the time I loved everything about this book The good the bad everything Kudos to Jennifer L Armentrout for creating this amazing story I wish I had final instalment alreadyMy pre review after reading OpalI HAVE NEVER EVER WANTED ANY BOOK SO MUCH AS I WANT THIS ONE WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO ORGANIZE SOME PETITION TO PERSUADE JLA TO RELEASE IT SOONER I NEED TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO DAEMON AND KATY AND I NEED MY DAEMON FIX LIKE NOWMORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing

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    I will also confirm this The last two books in the series that are currently untitled are in dual POVs Daemon and Katy There you go Jennifer L ArmentroutAHHHHHH YIPPIIIIIIiiiiiiiii i can't breath

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    OMGoshI am so in love with this series this book in particular I feel so many emotions for it right now This story world just keeps getting better and better and I keep loving Daemon and Katy and So amazingly awesome Jen's writing is spectacular So much yumOh and don't get me started on how cool it is to have a literary reference to my book in this novel How freaking surreal is that??? EEEKI give this book off the charts stars Can't wait to see what Jen has in store for us next

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    EDIT The story finally progresses and there's something different happening The last book seemed pointless but this does not Can't wait for the end There are two books after Opal and like I said on release day those two books yet untitled will be in dual POVs Daemon and Katy OFFICIALLY FROM JEN'S BLOG LINK I READ DUAL POV?That means there are going to be scenes from Daemon's POVDAEMON'S POV The Third book hasn't even come out yet but I'm dying to read this

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    Oh fudgemonkeysI feel like I just read a combination of X MenStar Wars and Richelle Mead's Bloodlines with a hint of dystopia experiments on humans and all and scorching romanceYet Jennifer L Armentrout created something uniue and utterly hersThe woman is brilliantBrilliant “I'd take out an armyburn down an entire cityand throw the world into chaos if I had to in order to keep Kat out of that place” And he did itIf you hurt Katyou hurt Daemonnot because of their bond but due to his devastingwonderful and all consuming love for herSurrender to the enemy?DoneParticipate in horrible experiments?DoneCause mayhem?DoneTurn your back to your own kind?DoneAnd he didn't stop there “I'll burn the world down to save her” Origin was darker and mature than the previous books in the Lux seriesThe plot thickenedbodies piled upbetrayals stung and the heroes found out what they were willing to sacrificeKat was losing herselfshe struggled with the changes in hershe succumbed to her anger and felt terrified by her determination to kill when the sense of self preservation kicked inAnd Daemoneven though he wanted to be a better man alienhe didn't hesitate to get his hands dirty if it was to protect herEven though Daedalus messed with their heads and used twisted means and I mean really sick meansthose that make you want to go Hulk and leave nothing but ashes in order to right such tremendous injusticethey were right about one thingwar was coming “Sothe uestion iswill you be with usor will you stand against your own kind?Because you will have to make a choiceMiss SwartzBetween your own people or those of the one who mutated you” The dual POV and the Origins added to an already captivating storyand the involvement of Archer and Luc was really intriguingAnd I can't help but mention that Daemon proved time and time again that underneath his arrogance and jerky attitude he was so sweet he made your insides melt “His kisswellit made meHe made meAnd because of thatI knew it went both waysHe made meAnd I made him” And now I am a puddle of goo

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    35 stars