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OppositionKaty knows the world changed the night the Luxen came She can't believe Daemon stood by as his kind threatened to obliterate every last human and hybrid on Earth But the lines between good and bad have blurredDaemon will do anything to save those he loves even if it means betrayal But when it uickly becomes impossible to tell friend from foe and the world is crumbling around them they may lose everything to ensure the survival of their friendsand mankind

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    5 STARS and believe me I would rate in if I couldFirst of all I can't describe how GREAT this series isMind blowingIt has everything Action romance fun jokes tense momentseverythingThe characters fit with the story perfectlyAlso the story never gets boringThe chemistry between characters amazing Me while reading the book “What the hell man?” Dawson exploded hands flying up “I was on level sixty nine of Candy Crush you bastard Do you know how hard that—?”“We were supposed to have tonight and tomorrow and many weeks and months but we didn't have even another minute” “It's like you have a special skill when it comes to finding condoms Seriously They must fall out of the sky whenever you're around” And the ending was terrificIt made sense and it was nothing as I expectedThe epilogue was one of the best parts of the bookIt was funny and it ended the book perfectlyI can't tell how much I dig this seriesIt goes beyond the wordsI highly recommend it it's my all time favorite series and believe if I could wash up my brain to read this again I would in a breatheI am so sure that I won't get over this one for a long long time I mean how can I ? It's freaking PERFECT After reading Opposition Thank you Jennifer for giving us a wonderful story thank you Pictures from the review are not mine I took them mostly from Google images or Tumblr

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    After Reading Review to comeOMG If has a cover Finally And I love itOkay according to JLA DB was left behind in Vegas in Origin But he may make an appearance again Archer and Dee are together in Opposition Blake is really dead Like dead dead dead What would be the mix between an Origin and Luxen? A pretty badass You will find out in Opposition why Daemon didn’t reply to Katy in the end Katy’s mom will be back for Opposition Spoiler for Opposition The Luxen that invaded Earth have never been around people before Obsession sets up Opposition Some Origins escaped during the diversion Hunter and his brothers will be in Opposition Daemon and Katy will NOT have a baby in Opposition One baby is enough In Opposition you will find out Luc and Paris’ connection In Opposition you will find out who the girl is that Luc was protecting in Opal Mica will come back in Opposition Origins will be in the next book There will be a war in Opposition Opposition will be the longest book in the series Chris Blake’s friend is Dead dead dead dead JLA always planned for Matthew’s betrayal Spoiler All the Origins are male and born singles You will find out whether or not Katy blogs again in OppositionOMG Apparently we got a uote from Opposition I think and it just makes me want to have the book even So here is the uote I found “KatyI always had this plan for the off chance I was around for the end of the world I’d climb up on my roof top turn up the radio blast REM’s It’s The End of The World and watch it all go down from my lofty perchExcept real life rarely turned out that coolAnd it was really happening—it was the end of the world as we knew it and I sure as hell didn’t feel fineEverything had changed and we had been the catalyst for it all” I had one of the happiest moments of my life when I found out that the fifth book was going to be in Katy's and Daemon's POV and that it already had a title I was dancing around in joy but then my eyes fell on the date 2014 and I felt like ripping someone's throat out Okay maybe not that extreme but I still really wanted to punch something 2014 is so far and I so want the book right now Origin had an awful cliffhanger which left me confused and depressed I thought the cliffhanger for Opal was bad but Origin was completely and totally awful Actually awful is too good of a word for it I really want this book to come out faster In other words I need this book NOW I really need of Daemon and Katy

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    45 Save the World stars This is one of those epically awesome series There is just no other way to describe it When I first picked up Obsidian I had no idea what to expect I read paranormal ya every now and then but it’s not my genre of choice Still I gave it a go I was hooked I loved everything about Daemon and Katy All 5 of these books were captivating and hilarious reads full of action humor suspense and love Opposition starts off right where Origin left off Daemon Katy and friends trying to save the world thats been invaded Who can they trust? Those they thought would never betray them have gone to the dark side and those that have always been enemies have now come to their aide It’s a hot mess Through it all Katy and Daemon have each other Daemon’s love will never change Daemon and his Kitten have to be one of my favorite book couples ever They have the best back and fourth banter Both of them are so funny but really sweet and romantic too Daemon Black Oh sweet alien babies I love him He is one of my favorite ya book boyfriends Every time I hear him say Kitten I melt I love the way he loves Katy He thinks the world of her and he’s not afraid to show it “You’ve got a big heart Kitten That’s what I love about you most Well that and I am a really big fan of your sweet body but your heart? Yeah that completes the package of you wraps it up with a nice little bow It makes you perfect to me” It’s not just the main characters I love there are uite a few secondary characters that are eually amazing I really love Archer And of course Dee and Dawson This review is going to be much shorter than normal for me because this is a story you don’t want to have spoiled Not even a little bit There are so many awesome twists and turns I was on the edge of my seat most of the book I laughed a lot I even cried some I’m feeling a little sad that this series has come to an end I’m really going to miss Daemon Black and Kat If you haven’t read this series yet all 5 books are out so now you have no excuse It is my #1 paranormal ya series Daemon Black is unforgettable and Katy is an awesome book nerd Their love is something special and this series is just fantastic Do yourself a favor and pick them up ♥ We were together It didn’t matter how many hours days months or years we had stretched out in front of us; we’d always be together This kind of love was the real deal

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    wow i cant believe this is over just wow if you had told me a week or so ago that i would enjoy obsess over a series about an alien boy and a human girl i would have called you crazy but this series is soooo much than that and so at the end of 11 days 5 books and 1 entertaining story i have two things on my mind 1 where in the world or any other worlds for that matter can i get myself a daemon black? because i need one hes such a babe and im so in love and2 WHAT DID THE NOTE SAY???? gahhh i swear this will haunt me for the rest of my lifeanyways i already cant wait to reread this pretty sure thats normal 🙃↠ 4 stars

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    Jen nailed this series with an epic conclusion Loved it

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    The perfect end to a perfect series Daemon and Katy will always have a special place in my heart 3BTW if you've finished Opposition you definitely want to go read THIS Trust me I NEED THIS BOOK I THOUGHT OPAL'S CLIFFHANGER WAS BAD BUT IT'S GOT NOTHING ON THE STATE OF NEED AND DESPERATION THAT ORIGIN HAS LEFT ME IN I AM NOT KIDDING I AM UNCOMFORTABLY CLOSE TO HUDDLING IN A CORNER AND ROCKING JENNIFER WHY? I THOUGHT YOU LOVED YOUR READERS WHY WOULD YOU TORTURE US THIS WAY?? Why is 2014 so far away I need a freakin' time machineJennifer L Armentrout I will also confirm this The last two books in the series that are currently untitled are in dual POVs Daemon and Katy There you go DIESUPDATE IT HAS A TITLE OPPOSITION SNEAK PEEKKatyI always had this plan for the off chance I was around for the end of the world I’d climb up on my roof top turn up the radio blast REM’s It’s The End of The World and watch it all go down from my lofty perchExcept real life rarely turned out that coolAnd it was really happening—it was the end of the world as we knew it and I sure as hell didn’t feel fineEverything had changed and we had been the catalyst for it all

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    Back in the day I had this plan for the off chance that I was around for the whole end of the world thing It involved climbing up on my roof and blasting REM's It's the End of the World as We Know it And I Feel Fine as loud as humanly possible but real life rarely turns out that coolIt was happening everything about the world as we knew it was ending and it sure as hell did not feel fine Or Cool The Luxen invasion happened and things changed for everyone People were being killed left and right Daemon Dawson and Dee were taken away to go with the leader Katy Archer and Beth were left to try to stay alive But Daemon made his way back They all eventually did Took Dee awhile as she was brainwashed the most And there were still some funny tidbits in the book I love when a book can throw in some funny moments Archer sighed like a petulant teenager stuck in a car for too long There was a beat of silence Are we there yet?Daemon groaned I'm going to sew your damn lips togetherWell shit balls for dinner on Sunday I'm going to have to remember and use that last one And lo and behold they team up with some of the enemy alien friends the Arum I love Hunter he was my favorite Arum Their leader was a crackpot D We have some show downs with the alien races and the human mutants Some people get killed that made me sad But the ending made me so happy Everyone together that mattered for the most part And a new edition Ashley That's all I'm saying party people Happy Reading Mel ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List TINY REVIEW

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    “I'm game for anything with you Daemon Black” That's itThe series that made me put aside my truest love after books that would be sleepthat occupied my every thought for a weekthat made me an antisocial madwoman mumbling about aliensis overKat and Daemon's story is over “It didn't matter how many hoursdaysmonthsor years we had stretched out in front of us;we'd always be togetherThis kind of love was the real dealstronger than a whole planet full of psycho aliens and an entire government” Ohholy llama dramait hurtsKatDaemonDeeArcherDawsonLucthey were my friendsmy companionsI felt with them and fought and cried and lovedFrom Petersburg and Area 51 to Las Vegas and the Arum lairI was with themfollowed them as their story unfoldedfrom the first moment Kat met Daemon in her My Blog is better than your Vlog shirt to the alien invasion and the inevitable and heartbreaking choices they had to makeThey're familyWhen I started reading ObsidianI thought it would be another paranormal love storybut I was wrongIt was so much As the plot thickened and the tension increasedas unexpected deaths occured and Kat and Deamon proved again and again how much they love each otherI found a safe havena shelter from realityAnd while their story had painful and infuriating and frustrating momentsit was beautifulOpposition felt like I was watching a badass science fiction movie with the Earth in the verge of Apocalypse and the good guys working with their enemies in order to survive and save mankind from enslavement and extinctionRelationships were testedunholy alliances were forged and the events that started when Dawson fell in love with a human reached their crescendo with Kat and Deamon's otherwordly and wonderful love “Everything had changed and we had been the catalyst for it all” I absolutely recommend this series to everyone who enjoys romance with paranormal elements and kickass battlesand I hope you will love Lux as much as I did

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    5–HEART POUNDING INTENSE AND AMAZING–StarsI can't think of the last time a book had me sitting on the edge of my seat biting my nails and holding my breath Opposition captivated and enthralled me from the first heart pounding page to the last I LOVED IT I am so sad to see this series end I have LOVED watching Katy's and Daemon's characters grow and mature over the course of the books Katy began this series as a lovable and strong character who was obstinate and sometimes even pigheaded By the final book she'd grown into a stronger lovable admirable resilient and courageous version of herself She ended up one of the best YA female leads I've read to date As for Daemon well he'll always be his arrogant lovable sarcastic loyal charming and egoistical self But he's also not the same stubborn human snubbing boy who first opened his door to Katy and treated her so horribly He grew into a man that acknowledged some of his beliefs were wrong and PROVED he would do ANYTHING for the woman he loved For me the area I felt Katy and Daemon grew the most was in their gradual realization that they were stronger together than apart By the fourth book they were a solid team and knew their greatest strength and power was in relying on each other Their complex and awesome relationship was what I loved the most about the Lux series I can't end my review without expressing how grateful I am I read Obsession an adult spinoff of this series Had I not read Obsession I would have never pick up Obsidian the first book in the Lux series and I would have forever missed out on an amazing Young Adult read I can wholeheartedly say that I have loved every single second I've spend with Daemon Katy and the rest of the motley cast of characters It's always bittersweet to say goodbye to a much loved series especially one that will forever hold a piece of my heart Side Note As a THANK YOU for Opposition hitting the USA Today Bestseller’s list at number 34 and put the Lux Series on the New York Times YA Series list at number 4 this week Jennifer Armentrout gave us a taste of Daemon and Kat a few years after Opposition I couldn't stop smiling while reading it Enjoy

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    As a thank you for the Lux Series reaching the USA Today Bestsellers List JLA has rewarded us with a glimpse of Kat and Daemon's future that takes place a few years after Opposition YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SUEEEEE AMAZING OUT OF THIS WORLD BITTERSWEET SWOONWORTHY STARSSuch an outstanding conclusion to one of my all time favorite series It was all I expected and and I will definitely miss these characters and the amazing world Jennifer Armentrout has created I'm sad to see this series end but I couldn't have asked for a perfect ending and I can guarantee that I will reread the Lux Series at least a million timesBefore ReadingINEEDTHISBOOKLIKEYESTERDAY WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? PUPPY DOG FACEAwWHY??? Why so long? Huh? AUGUST The feelsWhen I realised there was a fifth bookYes that's rightI almost fell down the stairsBut it's all good 'cause then I was likeand a little bit of thisand party and party Sueeeeeeeee Jumps up and down excitedly AND THEN I realise the release date is August 5th 2014 Uh sorry come again? I mean likeNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yes I know I do overuse exclamation marks I have no self controlAh well I guess I'll go cry into my pillow