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No one is like Daemon BlackWhen he set out to prove his feelings for me he wasn’t fooling around Doubting him isn’t something I’ll do again and now that we’ve made it through the rough patches well There’s a lot of spontaneous combustion going on But even he can’t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they loveAfter everything I’m no longer the same Katy I’m different And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids the I realize there is no end to what I’m capable The death of someone close still lingers help comes from the most unlikely source and friends will become the deadliest of enemies but we won’t turn back Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever Together we’re stronger and they know it

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    Oh noOh nononoNooooooooooooooooooJust give me a momentI need to calm downSorrywhere are my manners???Hello Readers Why am I in this condition???I'll have to start from the beginning Yesterday morning Okayall of youstay calmstay cooltake deep breathsHere we goDAEMON BLACK IS BACKYesyes I know it's TRUE HmmmmmmmmmmmI'm just a foola fool in love with youOuchdid someone just chuck a shoe at me???YeahyeahI'll stop singing and get back to the storyThe Storyline The story starts exactly where it was left off in OnyxAdam is dead and Dawson's backBut nothing is the same anyKaty and Daemon's whole world has gone topsy turvyDawson maybe back but he is only a shell of the man he used to beThe DOD still have Beth and Dawson's going crazyHe is ready to do anything to get Beth backAnd that means rushing to the DOD headuarters if he has toBut Daemon had already lost his brother onceHe's not going to lose him a second timeSohe is constantly baby sitting his brotherAnd then Daemon decides to take Katy out to dinner on a date while Dee babysits DawsonButDaemon gets a call in middle that Dawson's somehow made a run for itTelling Ordering Katy to go homehe goes after DawsonBut Katy being Katyfollows Daemon and finds the brothers in the middle of a fight “Here was the problemDawson wouldn’t stopDeep down Daemon knew and understood why and would do the same thingIt was hypocritical to the umpteenth degree to demand someone else do otherwiseThere had to be a compromiseAnd there was one “ Let us help you”And so Katy promised that they would help Dawson to find BethBut Dawson’s not their only problemBlake is back tooYes Readersyou heard me rightBlake’s back and he wants their helpHe knows where Beth isIt’s the same place where his friend Chris is being keptHe needs their help and they need hisAnd Deethe sweet bubbly girlhas turned into a cold and unfeeling bitchShe wants to kill BlakeDawson will not let anyone kill Blake as only he can lead to BethAnd then there are the Elders who can outcast Daemon for being with a humanAnd then there is the chance that all of this is a trap A big trap for Daemon and Katy set by the DODReadersyou must have heard of the saying ‘Between the devil and the deep blue sea’ “We’d been blackmailed—trapped againand what could we do? Refuse to go along with Blake and be turned over? Or trust someone who had already proven he wasn’t worthy of such a thing?Godwe were screwed to the tenth degree”And so Readerswelcome to the crazy world of OpalAnd welcoming you is Daemonof course “He immediately started charming my mom until she was nothing but a gooey puddle in the middle of the foyerHe loved her new haircutShe got one?I guessed her hair did look differentLike she’d washed it or somethingDaemon told her that the diamond earrings were beautifulThe rug below the steps was really niceAnd that leftover scent of mystery dinner—because I still hadn’t figured out what she fed me—smelled divineHe admired nurses worldwideand by that pointI couldn’t keep my eye rolls to a minimumDaemon was ridiculous”Yessigh That’s Daemonridiculously charming “Slowly he looked at meand then he bent downplanting his lips on mineThe kiss was unexpected—deep and forcefulStunned I just stood there as I pulled backnipping at my bottom lipTastyKitten Then he spunplanted his right hand on Blake’s shoulderknocking him back into a locker “See you around” he saidsmirking”Yessigh againThat’s Daemonridiculously possessive “I loathe BlakeHe used me and was ready to turn me over to DaedalusHe killed AdamThere’s only a teeny tiny bit of me that can actually tolerate himHow can you even be any bit jealous of him?”“He wants you”“Ohdear Godhe does not”“WhateverI’m a guyI know what other guys are thinkingTold youridiculously jealous Daemon spoke in his languageThe lyrical uality of his words made no sense to me“What did you say?” I asked“There’s really no translation for it” he said “but the closest human words would beyou are beautiful to me”Andridiculously romanticTHE PERFECT PACKAGEAnd together they make the perfect couple I was soso in love with this bookAnd thenthe unthinkable happenedWarning Readers—CLIFFHANGERCLIFFHANGERCLIFFHANGERBe prepared for your heart to be torn outHell noI am NOT adding any spoilers Why??Because I suffereda lotAnd I want you to experience the pain which I felt Does that make me evil???MwahahahahahahaYou bet it doesTa TaReadersEnjoy

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    UPDATE That ending was evil On an entirely different hand Daemon was indeed greatness in this book More thoughts to come laterOriginal

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    The author Me sobbing When life gives you cliffhangers Get depressed and start throwing shitI Am A Freaking Mess Authors are like medieval torturers reincarnated They rip out your HEART and then CRUSH it with their cliffhangers and heart wrenching scenes They lull you into a false sense of security and then dump you in a vat of 'feels' and endless piles of used up tissues and chocolate WHY?I was so happy I was ENJOYING IT Andand then you had to go and sobs and curls into a ball WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYY? Please leave me sniffles and dabs at eyes I'llI'll post up a review after a mourning period of three daysthree days in which I will eat nothing but ice cream and sob about cliffhangers in all their evil sadistic glorymuffled sobsPre Read Review

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    WHAT THE DUCK?I'm missing pages They're around here somewhere I'm sureThis can't beIS THIS THE REAL ENDING?Review soonEDIT 21092012Is that Is that the real cover? 80 days Ijust have to wait 80 days I can do that right? RIGHT? I can do it EDIT 20082012Synopsis is baaack EDIT 15082012They REMOVED the synopsis? What kind of sick people are YOU? Don't play with my feelings like that EDIT 14082012Conversation between Jennifer L Armentrout and I a while back No but seriouslyA THIRD BOOK? OHMYGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD This is I can't evenI don't even have the second one yetThis will be MINDBLOWING I hopeAnd Did you read the synopsis?WHO DIES???? WHOOOOOO?I CAN'T WAIT

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    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Before anything else DAEMON I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OKAY? I DARE YOU TO BE MORE PERFECT NowI intended to write a review for this BUT I CAN'TFirst it's impossible to write one without abusing the spoiler tagAnd second I JUST CAN'T I've been through a whirlwind of emotions I SMILEDI LAUGHEDI GIGGLEDI FELL IN LOVEI CRIEDI GOT ANGRYI HELD ON TO MY SEATI FELT KATY'S PAINI FELL IN LOVE WITH DAEMON EVEN MOREI GOT PISSEDAND THEN I CRIED SOME MORE And THAT ENDINGimage error

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    Holy bananas and mother of nasty cliffhangerswhy WHY WHY DID THIS HAPPEN??I'm hurt and angry and shocked and confused and cursing shamelessly because IwillendyouBlakeyousickbastardAnd I will enjoy it “I tilted my head back against his shoulderwondering how he'd gone from douchebag extraordinaire to thisthis guy who still infuriated me but also constantly surprised and amazed meTo this guy I'd fallen madly in love with” You didn't expect things to go smoothly for Daemon and Katydid you?Yes my babies are finally togetherarguing and driving each other crazy and kissing and making me puke rainbowsbut the truth is they couldn't get a breakBreaking into top secret governmental facilitiesvisiting underground clubs ran by the teenage mafiastriking deals with the devils and training with onyx?Sure thingGoing on a date like normal people in love?Not so muchWhen the lines between right and wrong were blurry and every decision they made would lead them to their downfallKaty and her Luxen friends had to make peace with what they lost and fight to keep what they still had “You really shouldn’t trust a soul in this game Not when everyone has something to gain or lose” More mutantsMore surprisesMore actionMore agonyMore emotional turmoilJennifer L Armentrout definitely knows how to make readers hold their breath and pray that shit is not going to happen yeah wishful thinkingI knowI dreaded what every page was about to bringthere was constantly a knot in my stomach and bile rising in my throatthe anxiety was about to consume meI cursed in a way I would make Deamon proud and wanted to toss my e reader from the balcony which of course I didn't for obvious reasonsbut still and I came up with some very creative ways to torture Blakebut nothing was enoughI never liked himin fact I loathed him since Onyx but in this onehis constant presence and the way he stalked Katy made me wanna do some nasty things to himand not the fun stuffKaty has come a long way since the first bookand I kind of admire her for thatSure she can be insecure and paranoid and stubborn as a mulebut thank God I don't want to strangle her any “I had most of the body parts but was missing vital pieces to make me realI didn't know who I was any” I love Dee and Mattheweven Andrew has grown on meand Dawson is my second favoriteonly topped by Daemonmy oh so cute but sexy babyHe always made me blush and giggleeven when he was an overprotective caveman “I love you Katy Always have Always will” I don't think Jennifer L Armentrout loves her readers thoughIf she didI wouldn't ramble like a madwomanShe wouldn't put me through Hell and leave me starving for And since I need food books to surviveit's time I stop babbling and go read OriginYou should too

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    i finally got my hands on the next two books so im beyond happy to continue binge reading this series and i have to say this is probably the best installment of the series so far which is shocking for a pretty major reasonthis ends on a massive cliffhanger and i LOVED it dangle me over that edge JLA because i thought it was cleverly done and really hit me emotionally i thought everything in this book worked up to that ending moment soooo perfectly but as someone who once wanted to start a petition to ban cliffhangers from being used as a literary device i dont even know who i am any boy this series sure has changed me loli really cant wait to immediately start origin although i read the back cover blurb and im nervous sounds like my ship kaemon is headed for some troubled waters?? like what is this ‘new information’ that alludes to them being on opposing sides?? i just want my babes to happy and healthy and in love for the rest of their paranormal lives so stressed out rn tbh pls send prayers↠ 45 stars

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    The cover that keeps getting added for Opal is NOT the cover

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    ❝I love you Katy Always have Always will❞ I guess waiting until the 3rd book was worth it to love and cherish it so much I guess disliking the first 2 and not really wanting to buy the rest only now wanting to read the rest was worth it I mean JLA has done such a great job with all this There's improvement in every book and there's improvement in everything—characters plot romance I find it surprising that I rated this a 5 but honestly it deserves it And I know that uote is the most popular and most used but I mention a lot of Daemon and Katy's relationship here so why not go along with itIf you've read my reviews for Obsidian and Onyx you probably know I wasn't the biggest fan of either of them Even though Onyx had some improvements here and there I still couldn't rate it higher than a 3 I am not the biggest fan of Paranormal Romance I've said it once twice and I will say it again I find it uite absurd since it is always about a human falling for some shapeshifter or some kind of paranormal creature Maybe the other way around but you get the point But when it came to Opal the reason I enjoyed everything from it was maybe because there aren't any humans really mentioned in this Katy was mutated by Daemon so now she's like him Not exactly but she's able to move stuff out of control when she doesn't expect to or want to her eyes glow she glows and she's got some strength she never thought she had Everything's changed for her and maybe because she isn't the same Katy from book 1 JLA managed to finally get me to love this series a lot The romance is completely different There are a lot of moments of Daemon and Katy and most are the kind that I have been waiting for They both have admitted they love each other and the love grows and grows My love for Katy and Daemon together grows with it Now that Katy is similar to Daemon and the Lux group she's trying to find a way how to take care of herself control these powers she's still trying to get over and prove she can help Daemon and his family Like I said before she isn't the same Katy She's stronger and stronger each day growing a little accustomed too and growing a little meaner? Katy has always been the kind of girl that doesn't take any shit said to her seriously Since she met Daemon she was able to talk back to him and always would surprise him since no girl would ever do that Instead of being completely attached to him she wanted to stay away from him Sure she found him attractive and everything about him but he still had a horrible attitude and was a jerk face and a douchebag to her over and over Now that she knows and about these truths and secrets she wants to try and make things better and fix the things she broke including her and Dee's friendship Other than being part of Adam's death not being able to fix her friendship with Dee not being able to be part of the bitch suad and not being able to train her powers she's willing to fight for her friends and herself and do whatever it takes to complete what she is here to accomplishDaemon is no longer an ass Okay he can be when he gets those moody swings or whatever But when it comes to Katy he has control is respectful sweet caring and loving When he's around Katy he wants to protect her and wants her to stay away since sometimes Katy can make things worse Daemon is still the rude jerk face that is protective at times for Katy and his sister is the one who gets what he wants when he wants and is the one to make sure everything is set how he planned it Jennifer did some major character development on him I was so surprised I suddenly love Daemon Black guys Okay Jennifer added lots of it He's loyal respectful and like I said loving caring and sweet when he needs to be I mean with Katy that is It's funny because with every one else he's the same and could care less but with Katy he's different I actually like that from him I'm glad he cares about Katy than everyone else It seems unfair since the rest are like his family and Katy is just his girlfriend but I think it's cute how he doesn't let anything happen to Katy anyone get near her and try something on her and make sure she's okay happy and smiling while sometimes he wants to hurt the rest He is a jerk when it comes to discussing all the Lux and Arum mojo shit but he is able to control it at times He apologizes when he needs to and is able to control his anger issues when the right times are needed A lot has changed from him since we first met him and everything about him continues to improve Dee is not a bitch but she isn't really a friend of Katy any I don't blame her for being upset with Katy after Adam's death and lying to her this whole time but sometimes I wish she would let Katy talk to her and let her explain everything Katy did explain but it felt like Dee didn't let her and didn't care about her excuses Some were real most were real actually and even with all the honesty Katy gave her after she didn't care at all again Katy was just trying to protect herself but Katy and Daemon as well Even though Daemon was the one to tell her to not let anyone know especially Dee Katy wanted to tell her the truth It hurt her keeping it and it hurts her now knowing she's ruined everything that was between them I wish they would make up for all the days they wasted not being together and would suddenly be the friends they were in Obsidian I miss the old nice Dee The one who would care about Katy who wouldn't want death who wasn't such a bitch at times and who would steal Katy from Daemon to mess with him In Onyx it was obvious their friendship wasn't gonna workout after everything happened but maybe there will be changes in Origin and things will go back to the way they were I mean not completely since nothing will ever be how it was I mean their friendship and how they would always be together hanging outBlake is now known as the asshole from this series and my most hated character I never liked him I did when he acted normal but I was on Daemon's side I didn't trust him I knew he was up to something since the beginning I knew something would happen other than getting Daemon jealous because why would JLA introduce us a new character in the middle of the 2nd book? Of course to be a main side character and to ruin everything He literally ruined everything though He'd want to make things better and would want Katy and Daemon to trust him when he was nothing but trouble and would make things worse I liked nothing about him and wish Katy and Daemon found other ways to deal with their problems and situations I wished Blake wasn't the answer and wasn't the only one who could help But boy did I have major problems with him That betraying son of a bitchThe story line is kind of the same Daemon's brother is back Dawson and nothing is the same from him either I know nothing about him since I haven't read Shadows but I do know that the same that is happening with Daemon is what happened with Dawson Sort of I suppose He fell in love with Bethany who was a human and when he mutated her like Daemon mutated Katy Bethany turned like Katy—glowing eyes strong traced All he wants is to find Beth and bring her back with him but since Blake is the only answer he has no other option but to trust him along with Daemon and Katy Dawson looks identical to Daemon but their differences are able to be spotted Before Dawson was like Dee—never killed and was nice Completely different to Daemon But after being punished and taken away from Bethany he's been changed and nothing is the same He doesn't talk much and isn't one who offers help but is the one who is up for anything involving Beth Since I completely now love Daemon and Katy together I love how Dawson cares about Beth so much and making sure she's safe and okay Like I said the story line is the same as it has been following It still deals with aliens light power evil and good and keeping their identities hidden like they have been doing There are a lot of changes made but yet there are a lot of similarities from this novel to the first one There's growth in the characters and growth in the romance but the plot stays the same With problems added and situations to solve there is a lot drama to read about and paranormals to learn about I'm looking forward for the other 2 books because JLA literally won me with this one and now I am sad because of that cliffhanger I hate cliffhangers but I like them at the same time I mean if I have the rest of the books ready to start and finish I don't mind it but if I have to wait for the other book to publish and arrive in my little mailbox I explode and feel like pulling out my hair I'm not taking a break from the series and I'm gonna finish it as soon as I can Jennifer L Armentrout has won me with this series and somehow she managed to get me to love Daemon Black

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    Sigh Guys I decided not to do one of my 'normal' reviews and instead do a '20 reasons why' thingy I just LOVE this book so much I can't even write a proper review So here's 20 reasons why you should read OPAL not that you need a reason P1 I’m gonna say this again and again and AGAIN Jennifer L Armentrout is one hell of a writer There’s no secret that she’s my all time favourite author ever well duh Have you read my 2012 End of Year Book Survey and noticed how half of the answers were of JLA and Opal? Yep and God knows how she does it but every book of hers just keeps on getting better and better Her awesome addicting and tight writing is just WOW If we’re like this with OPAL we’re all going to be mindblown by the time this series ends 2 The plot and story was action packed fast paced and holy god INTENSE It was definitely complex and we're thrown in immediately And it's not just that there's a lot of humour and funny moments thrown in there So everyone's happy 3 The characters are what make this LUX series one of my ultimate top series ever I was dying to get back into their world and be with them again I wanted to kiss some of them hug some slap some coughAshcough but overall they provided the most entertaining and memorable cast I've ever read about 4 KATY AND DAEMON I can never ever ever get tired of reading about them They’re definitely my favourite YA couple and I could continue reading about them always Their relationship goes through many stuff but their love for each other always had me grinning like an idiot J 5 DAEMON Our favourite alien bad boy is back And OMG Isn't he the swooniest? If you didn't think so after OPAL you most definitely will We get to see many different sides to Daemon Even so than in ONYX We get to see him vulnerable protective jealous always my fave romantic sweet and everything He made me swoon 99% but that doesn't mean he's not jerky or sarcastic any because he still is God I want my own Daemon Too bad my neighbour is 80 years old Too badddd 6 I just continue to love Katy throughout this series First she's a book blogger Then she's dating a hot alien There's but that's all you need to know 7 Dee If you’ve read ONYX well you have read it right?? then you must know that Dee won’t be the same ever again She’s not the same Dee in OBSIDIAN or ONYX but I appreciate how her character changes and continue to grow throughout this series I admit at the start of OPAL I had very mixed feelings about her but in the end I adored her again There was this one scene when she was so kickass and I was like ‘You go girl’ 8 Dawson I feel so much for him He was so sweet and charming and nice before but obviously after the events that happened he's not and won't ever be the same I grew to love him but not as much as Daemon 9 There's a certain character that needs their ass kicked Preferably by Daemon That should be enough to make you want to read it 10 There’s a LOT of sexy steamy scenes Nuff said 11 There's a lot of lines that I loved Here's one of my favourites Maybe because I never wanted Ash and I wanted you from the first moment I saw you and before you start I know I had a bad way of showing it but you know I wanted you Only you 12 And You've got to understand that you are who I want Not Ash Not anyone else Yes So Ash get the message yeah? 13 I stayed up until 2am for this It got delivered on my Kindle at about 12am and I just HAD to read a few chapters Then woke up on a Tuesday to continue and after school I practically raced home to finish this until the night You should know I don’t do that to any other book SPECIAL 14 This book made me cry twice That's good right? 15 There's a prom scene And a date scene And a club scene swooon 16 Umm Have you seen the cover? His face His eyes His hair His HANDS Dear god his hands Yeah I kinda have a thing for hands 17 You'll find out if Daemon says the 'I Love You' Or not 18 The ending CRIES Dear god the ending It’s justcries some Completely torn me apart It was tense heartbreaking and suspenseful Hell I didn’t think I was evenbreathing My head hurts My heart still hurts after days of finishing it You guys know I’m not an emotional person I rarely cry with books but THIS I finished OPAL late in the night and that scene had me bawling and crying into my damn pillows 19 There’s a cliffhanger at the end of OPAL But trust me it’s all worth it And even though I want to knock down Jennifer’s door and demand her to give me ORIGIN right now I still loved it I really couldn’t see the book ending other than what she has given us J 20 Umm Let’s see What else should I say to persuade you to read OPAL? Well other than the fact that it’s my Top Book of 2012? ; AND THAT'S IT SIGH I really wanna go talk to someone about this book Have YOU read it?