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Fallon McKniere Is A Person You Probably Wouldn T Favor With A Second Glance If You Saw Her On The Street She S Not Only Petite In Stature, She S Toothpick Thin, And Her Clothes Say Thrift Shop Her Stance Says Don T Mess With Me But If You Take A Closer Look, You Ll See A Haunted Expression In Her Eyes Donovan Pfarr Takes A Closer Look And Can T Turn Away When He Realizes That She Goes Hungry Most Of The Time He Feels Compelled To Help Her But He Wonders How Did Fallon End Up Living In A Run Down Trailer Taking Care Of Her Mentally Unbalanced Mother, Barely Eking Out An Existence On Her Meager Paycheck From The Convenience Store Where She Works The Answer Comes When A Man Involved In An Event From Fallon S Childhood Learns He Is Dying He Tries To Make Peace With His Conscience By Setting Up An Anonymous Trust Fund For Fallon And Unleashes A Force That Puts Fallon And Donovan In Deadly Peril

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    This book sings , June 3, 2012 Verified Purchase What s this This review is from On Berryhill Road Kindle Edition Some stories whisper to you, others shout This one sings I absolutely loved the author s voice in this book I loved the story, the language, the pacing, the twists, the problems, the solutions Most of all, I loved Fallon I couldn t help rooting for her every step of the way, even when she made poor decisions and did said things that pised me off And I loved Donovan.Okay, what didn t I love I think the romance got a bit in the way Lyn might ve gotten this across with a lighter hand, but maybe that s just me and maybe I feel like I have to nitpick to find anything wrong with the story.A highly recommended read A solid 5 stars and an author I ll be reading of.

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    I was really excited about this book Years ago I remember reading in a local North West Florida newspaper about Lyn I forgot about her and this book until a couple of months ago Having grown up in Milton, FL and still have family there, I was eager to read this book.The book was sort of a let down for me I gave it one star for the author being local, one half a star for reading local streets, businesses, and points of interests in a published book, another one half for the plot Within the first few pages you learn of a government theft involving two Naval Officers stationed at Whiting Field, NAS They then frame an enlisted man for the theft Coincidentally, he had just purchased property On Berryhill Road The junior officer lured the enlisted man to the property then killed him making it look like a suicide The reason the enlisted committed suicide was he fearful his illegal activities would send him to prison and having just bought property, he needed money thus stealing government property.Okay, so we have a crime theft that is then covered up by framing another person That person is then murdered The remaining part of the book focuses on the remaining family members of the murdered man They fell on hard times and have nothing During this time the senior officer is dying of cancer and is remorseful He wants to help the surviving family members The junior officer does not What kept me going was wanting to learn if the crime is discovered and if so, how Really could have been a short story.

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    This book was very different from what I had come to expect in a Tommie Lynn tale It was not supernatural and there wasn t an over abundance of death and murder There was some just not the over abundance I came to expect This instead was of a coming of age tale The heroine struggles to be what she thinks she needs to be for everyone around her Enter the hero who is also a broken soul The question in this tale is can two broken souls be the fix for each other It is a great read and the end while predictable is exactly what you want it to be However there are enough twists and turns for any fan of Tommie Lynn s books.

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    Won on goodreads This is the story of how the daughter of Navy Chief James McKniere s struggles to make a life for herself and mother after a tragedy Fallon meets Donovan who offers support and unconditional friendship Donovan is also working through personal issues that are preventing him from moving on with his life This story is sweet, sad, and has a little suspense toward the end I really enjoyed the story of Fallon I would have liked it if the lose ends were tied up a bit but overall a good story.

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    Captivating This is a well written story The way the author wrote about the characters seemed to awaken my emotions as to what they were experiencing I couldn t wait to see what was going to happen next I want I loved the fact that the main setting was in Milton, because it s surroundings are familiar to me.

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    Gripping story that s hard to put down.Gripping story that s hard to put down.Great story with a lot of drama Each time I needed to to take a break from reading, I found it hard to put the book down A good read for anyone who can relate to a life of struggle and hard times.

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    A little on the romance side than I usually like I still enjoyed the read and it shows the author s ability with the written word to keep me interested in the storyline rather than turned away by the romance Nothing against romance novels just not my cup of tea.

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    An emotional ride, this book grabs a hold of you and doesn t let go Fallon is a strong heroic character who will leave a lasting impression This is the story of her first love and self discovery.

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    Lovely lovely wonderful.another interesting book to add to my Giveaway win pile for summer reading I love this site New review soon

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    A beautifully written story with well developed and likable characters.