Free Pdf Of Mouse and Man: The Best of Jim'll Paint It –

Ask Me To Paint Anything You Wish And I Will Try No Matter How Specific Or Surreal Your Demands You Name It I Ll Paint It On Paint Jim Has Painted Some Truly Unhinged Requests From Kanye West Giving Birth To Himself And Ross Kemp On Toast To A Swan Wearing Bj Rk As A Dress And Bill Oddie Beating Hitler AtCatchphraseeach Brought To Life With Painstaking Detail Using Nothing But An Archaic Version Of Microsoft Paint And An Optical Mouse Many Have Since Become Beloved Icons Of British Internet Culture, Such As The Chestburster Scene From Alien Portrayed By Famous TV Puppets And The Infamous Tory Squat Party Of Mouse And Manis The Very Best Of Jim S First Five Years Of Work Alongside Never Before Seen Material And Unique Insights Into His Creative Process I sometimes revert back to MS Paint for its simplicity ease of use but it boggles the mind to think how he produces art of this quality detail on it Oh and they are sharp, sometimes dusturbing always hilarious. I m a huge fan of Jim ll paint it prints and own 3 Have brought 2 copies of the book for gifts and enjoyed a flick through when they arrived, and kept chuckling to myself knowing how amused the recipients will be Keep up the great work Jim perfect gift or addition to any home where humour reigns Bloody hilarious