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Alternate cover edition of ISBN 9781633754799 Experience the epic love story of OBSIDIAN as told by it s hero Daemon BlackI knew the moment Katy Swartz moved in next door there was going to be trouble Lots of itAnd trouble's the last thing I need since I'm not exactly from around here My people arrived on Earth from Lux a planet thirteen billion light years away Plus if there's one thing I know it's that humans can't be trusted We scare them We can do things they only dream about and honestly we make them look weak as hell 'Cuz they areBut Kat is getting to me in ways no one else has and I can't stop myself from wanting her or wanting to use my powers to protect her She makes me weak and I'm the strongest of our kind tasked with protecting us all So this one simple girlshe can mean the end for us Because the Luxen have an even bigger enemy the Arum and I need to stay on my gameFalling for Katy a human won't just place her in danger It could get us all killed and that's one thing I'll never let happen

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    A book lover always wants to read one of their favorite books for the first time againOblivion is a way to do that with Obsidian 3

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    91615 UPDATE OHMYGOD YOU GUYS THE COVER IS OUT OHHH MY LORD LOOK AT HIM Side note is anyone else getting a lumberjack vibe off of this cover? Or is it just me??I'M GONNA NEED A MINUTE TO PROCESS THIS 32415A NEW BOOK IN THE LUX SERIES??IN DAEMON'S POINT OF VIEW??I AM SO EXCITED

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    Before ReadingI have to admit that I hate when authors write their most popular book with a different POV and make money out of that I just think they are getting advantage of people who would do anything to read about their favourite charactersThat being said I AM TOTALLY BUYING THIS BOOKI'm ridiculously in love with Daemon Black AND I HAVE TO READ anything that involves himAlso Daemon and Kat warm my cold dead heart After ReadingObsidian 25 Onyx 3Opal 35Well I thought I would like this I just remember everything that happened in the first 3 books so I was bored at times I would recommend you to read this after you forget what happens in the first 3 books a little At least some of the scenes I can't tell you how much I wanted to read that last chapter of Opal for years and I'm glad that I've finally read that but overall? I wasn't that impressed I was glad to have a little time with Daemon thoughI've always known Jennifer L Armentrout's writing is cheesy and engaging but now I find it juvenile and cringe worthy I don't know why I think I've just read too much JLA Her stories are so fun to read but I'm just not loving them anyAfter that horrible realization I would still recommend for all the Daemon Black fans to read this Because he is awesome and everyone knows it Including himself

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    The first book of the lux series nearly destroyed my life with how horrifically awesome it was but the first book in Daemon's pov? I literally feel like my life was wrecked the minute I finished the book This is by far my favorite book in this series There was several moments where I felt the need to drop kick Daemon in a volcano and throw lighter fluid right after him for being such a connard to Katy but he got a brain in the end So all in all awesome read and highly recommended

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    IT HAS A COVERin Janice's voice OH MY GOOOOOOOD

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    I LOVE DAEMON BLACKthat is all

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    Daemon’s POV and in a way he will make you fall in love with him all over againYou will laugh with his first impression of Kate I sized her up as I drifted silently through the trees She appeared of average height Actually everything about her seemed average My head cocked to the side at the sound of her voice which was alsoaverage You will roll your eyes with his description about himself My green eyes were a family trait and my hair tended to curl a bit on the ends whether I wanted it to or not but my six foot something awesome frame and movie star good looks—well those just fit my stellar personality And you will feel sad when you meet again alive all the characters that you know they will die later on in the storyThe book has than one thousand pages and three parts1 “Oblivion “ ie Daemon' POV for Obsidian 2 Untitled Daemon's POV for Onyx3 Untitled Daemon's POV for OpalThe most interesting part was surely Oblivion because Obsidian was the book in which Daemon kept the most secrets from Katy It was nice to see the way he was thinking and how much Katy influenced himThe other two parts were a bit repetitive in comparison to the original books but I didn't mind too much It was like reading again a book that you loveMain booksReview Obsidian Lux #1Review Onyx Lux #2Review Opal Lux #3

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    Oblivion is a companion novel #15 in Jennifer L Armentrout's young adult paranormal series titled Lux It's been a long while since I read the first book Obsidian so I knew I would need to re read it before continuing the series But look what came just in timeThink Obsidian from Daemon's point of view There were some new scenes but the majority of the content is the story you know but flipped perspectives For me having read Obsidian so long ago this was perfect My memory got caught up enough to continue the series and I am now able to scratch another title off of my TBR list

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    I usually hate it when authors write their already published books in a different POV but IT'S DAEMON BLACK WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE SO OF COURSE I'M FREAKIN EXCITED DBut December 2015?