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Captivating, Fast Paced And Brought To Life In Glorious Detail, The World Contained Within This Audiobook Is One That, Despite Its Fantastical Nature, Feels Almost Too Real To Be A Work Of Fiction This Is The First Book In The Carnegie Medal And Guardian Award Winning Trilogy His Dark Materials, From Philip Pullman Set In A Parallel World Very Similar To Our Own, Northern Lights Tells The Compelling Story OfYear Old Lyra S Quest To Rescue Her Friend And Find Her Father, Aided By Her Daemon, An Armoured Bear, And A Witch Queen This Prize Winning Tale Is Narrated With Vigour And Dynamism By The Author And A Full Cast Written And Read By Philip Pullman

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    I read this long ago, but since reading the new DUST instalment, it spurred me to read Northern Lights again Having been in Iceland and Norway this last summer, it vividly called up evocations of the summer landscapes in my mind Here it is deep snow, cold, the little wooden towns huddled below mountains It is a very touching beginning to the Dark Materials chronicles, as Lyra, utterly innocent, begins to find her strengths, resilience, her brilliant intuitions and investigative powers, and her championing of the oppressed and her undimmed courage Terrifying, as well but unforgettable I will find it hard not to reread all the books now, especially as the Amber Spyglass has always been my favrourite.

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    I began reading this book because a friend had recommended it It was only when I finished it that I noticed that it was written for children The world Philip Pullman creates in this book is both familiar and completely different from the world as we know it He has a way of reframing elements of our own world that entrances and captivates the reader I have only just finished reading on my kindle and am about to order the second in the series.

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    Always a great read, for young minds as well as adults, this is the first book in Philip Pullman s His Dark Materials trilogy Taking us to a parallel world, so this starts off in an Oxford not unlike our own, where we meet our heroine, Lyra Belacqua As we can clearly see there are similarities, as well as dissimilarities between Lyra s world and our own.In this other world then people usually have what are called d mons, which are sort of familiars or spirits Lyra, with her d mon Pantalaimon are in an Oxford college where they have a fair amount of free rein, but after spying on a meeting, so Lyra s life is about to change As we follow her so she will find out the truth about who her parents really are, and that she has a destiny which she is not to be told about Taking in many elements and ideas so there are a number of influences taken in here, the most prominent of course being Milton s brilliant epic poem Paradise Lost which is always well worth reading.Of course, younger readers will not pick up on all the subtleties that as adults we can see, such as the critique of religion, the use of maths and physics, along with the attack on vivisection and human experimentation, as well as the ideas brought forward by the Enlightenment philosophers With lots of adventure and action this thus makes for a relatively fast paced read for any age, but along with this it makes us think and analyse certain issues And of course, who cannot enjoy a book which has talking armoured polar bears This is such a satisfying read on so many levels and you are soon caught up in Lyra s story, as you also ponder on what free will is, and whether it does really exist, as well as friendship and what loyalty means Holding up a mirror to our own world, so we can clearly see what has caused a number of problems throughout the ages, and hopefully some will be able to solve some of the problems that are facing modern society If you have never read this book or the others in the trilogy then you have missed out on a delight, and something that can keep a whole family engaged.

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    The Golden Compass is the first book of the dust series by Philip Pullman It is incredibly well written and a real treat for the imagination The book is really descriptive and has the perfect balance between what s real and what s magic I love magical realism and there are plenty of fairytale elements in The Golden Compass Lyra, a boisterous little girl growing up in Oxford college with very few female role models hence being easily enchanted by Mrs Coulter is whisked away on a journey she does not realise is incredibly dangerous for her It s a mystery, it s fast paced and packed with well developed characters that you fall in love with I d recommend this to absolutely anybody and I might read the rest of the series too

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    I love the books so much and this one looked so nice I would recommend the books to anyone who likes reading fiction The way it is written is very grabbing The author gives adorable little descriptions without losing the attention of the reader Came on time and in good condition.

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    I m late to the Dark Materials party And I m a little bemused I didn t enjoy the book as much as I had hoped but suspect it couldn t live up to the billing I think suffice to say it was good but it s far from certain that the next instalment will rise to the top of my TBR I solid 3.5