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THE BOOK BEHIND THE HIT DOCUMENTARYA Glimpse Of Life Inside The World S Most Secretive Country, As Told By Britain S Best Loved Travel WriterIn May , Former Monty Python Stalwart And Intrepid Globetrotter Michael Palin Spent Two Weeks In The Notoriously Secretive Democratic People S Republic Of Korea, A Cut Off Land Without Internet Or Phone Signal, Where The Countryside Has Barely Moved Beyond A Centuries Old Peasant Economy But Where The Cities Have Gleaming Skyscrapers And Luxurious Underground Train Stations His Resulting Documentary For ChannelWas Widely AcclaimedNow He Shares His Day By Day Diary Of His Visit, In Which He Describes Not Only What He Saw And His Fleeting Views Of What The Authorities Didn T Want Him To See But Recounts The Conversations He Had With The Country S Inhabitants, Talks Candidly About His Encounters With Officialdom, And Records His Musings About A Land Wholly Unlike Any Other He Has Ever Visited One That Inspires Fascination And Fear In Equal MeasureWritten With Palin S Trademark Warmth And Wit, And Illustrated With Beautiful Colour Photographs Throughout, The Journal Offers A Rare Insight Into The North Korea Behind The Headlines

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    A good read but there s not a lot of substance to it Michael Palin gives an interesting insight into the filming of a TV series or programme , which I wasn t aware of until reading the book.The book gives a slightly alternate view of North Korea to standard, with lots of anecdotes showing that it s not as austere or hostile as it s usually portrayed, with him and the minders warming to each other over time.The book is surprisingly short though, and is really only a collection of anecdotes about filming the TV programme It s entertaining and charming but doesn t really go anywhere I would have liked on reflected insights or detail I was expecting much , so maybe that s my fault It s well written and beautifully illustrated.Good for a plane journey but you aren t going to learn much about North Korea that isn t already written elsewhere.

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    It is fair to say that travel shows have come a long way since Judith Chalmers remember to bring your own tea bags programmes in the 1980 s Michael Palin was the first to introduce viewers to exotic destinations through his trailblazing Equator and Pole to Pole series and, recently, Simon Reeve has taken the baton to chronicle his travels to some even extravagant destinations Like the Timur Tambalane in the 14th century, TV producers now lament there is no of the world to conquer Except one place that is The mysterious DPRK.When I saw this book on I instinctively looked to see when the accompanying show would be on TV I was even amazed to learn that I had missed it Apparently it was on Channel 5 in late 2018 That explains it then.This was a relatvely short 15 day trip and both the TV show 2 episodes and the book are relatively short That is not say there is nothing of interest, quite the opposite The DPRK represents the last bastion of the world that has not been touched by capitalism and this makes for a spectucular and unusual experience that Micahel Palin describes expertly This is a totalitarian state like no other A small country that has been cut off from the outside world for over 70 years As ever, it is the people that we meet along the way that make this a great story Michael Palin was keen to understand their lives and naturally wanted to probe certain aspects of DPRK and, althoguh was pushed back a couple of times, there was in common that we might initially have thought.The photos in this book tell a lot of the story Roads without cars and giant statues which are statements in themsleves to the power of Kim Il sung and Kim Jong il and the prestige in which they are held by the people of DPRK Michael Palin s accompanying words which are as witty as ever are in the form of diary entries from this short visit to this strange land There is also an interesting afternote from the producer of the show who talks about the reece visit in advance of the filming to outline what was on off limits The filming was made shortly after the historic meeting between Kim Jong un of North Korea, President Moon Jae in of South Korea, and President Trump making this even poignant.

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    This book by Michael Palin is of a collection of his notes taken in a small, blue notebook obviously so.Although giving a glimpse of his experiences filming the travel doc of North Korea, each short chapter left me wanting a lot detail both of life in this notoriously closed country and the film crew s daily routine.It felt rather like a precis of an book rather than the actual volume.Interesting, but unsatisfying.

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    This account of the DPRK flies in the face of everything I ve read about it to date Perhaps reflecting changes in the country, it gives a much broader perspective than other documentaries Informative and interesting, this book shows places and aspects of North Korean life that few outside the country knew about and a lot you wouldn t expect

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    A great account of Michael s trip to the DPRK Having visited the DPRK myself last year was interesting to read what he thought of this secretive country, his views very much the same as mine Anyone interested in visiting the DPRK this book is highly recommended to read before travelling there.

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    I couldn t put this book down Excellent read and also very funny.A must read for non fiction aficionados

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    Such a excellent piece of work with the words simply sounding like Michael We a seriously looking at visiting

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    I totally enjoyed reading Michael Palins North Korea Journal a fascinating insight to the two part tv show which took us in to a country which shuns contact with the west.