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Create Real Time Applications Using Nodejs , Docker, MySQL, MongoDB, And Socket With This Practical Guide And Go Beyond The Developer S Laptop To Cover Live Deployment, Including HTTPS And Hardened SecurityKey FeaturesLearn Server Side JavaScript Coding Through The Most Up To Date Book On NodejsExplore The Latest JavaScript Features, And EcmaScript ModulesWalk Through Different Stages Of Developing Robust Applications Using Nodejs Book DescriptionNodejs Is A Server Side JavaScript Platform Using An Event Driven, Non Blocking I O Model Allowing Users To Build Fast And Scalable Data Intensive Applications Running In Real TimeThis Book Gives You An Excellent Starting Point, Bringing You Straight To The Heart Of Developing Web Applications With Nodejs You Will Progress From A Rudimentary Knowledge Of JavaScript And Server Side Development To Being Able To Create, Maintain, Deploy And Test Your Own Nodejs ApplicationYou Will Understand The Importance Of Transitioning To Functions That Return Promise Objects, And The Difference Between Fs, Fs Promises And Fs Extra With This Book You Ll Learn How To Use The HTTP Server And Client Objects, Data Storage With Both SQL And MongoDB Databases, Real Time Applications With Socket, Mobile First Theming With Bootstrap, Microservice Deployment With Docker, Authenticating Against Third Party Services Using OAuth, And Use Some Well Known Tools To Beef Up Security Of ExpressApplicationsWhat You Will LearnInstall And Use NodejsFor Both Development And DeploymentUse The ExpressApplication FrameworkWork With REST Service Development Using The Restify FrameworkUse Data Storage Engines Such As MySQL, SQLITE, And MongoDBUse User Authentication Methods With OAuthPerform Real Time Communication With The Front End Using SocketImplement Docker Microservices In Development, Testing And DeploymentPerform Unit Testing With Mocha X, And Functional Testing With Puppeteer XWork With HTTPS Using Let S Encrypt, And Application Security With HelmetWho This Book Is ForThis Book Is For Anybody Looking For An Alternative To The P Languages Perl, PHP, And Python , Or Anyone Looking For A New Paradigm Of Server Side Application Development You Should Have At Least A Rudimentary Understanding Of JavaScript And Web Application DevelopmentTable Of ContentsAbout NodejsSetting Up NodejsNodejs ModulesHTTP Servers And ClientsYour First Express ApplicationImplementing The Mobile First ParadigmData Storage And RetrievalMultiuser Authentication The Microservice WayDynamic Client Server Interaction With SocketDeploying Nodejs ApplicationsUnit TestingSecurityDavid Herron Has Worked As A Software Engineer In Silicon Valley For OverYears This Includes Companies Both Tiny And Large He Has Worked On A Wide Variety Of Projects, From An X E Mail Server And Client Application To Assisting With The Launch Of The OpenJDK Project Open Source Java Rocks , To Yahoo S Nodejs Application Hosting Platform Mojito And Manhattan , And Applications To Monitor Solar Power Array PerformanceWhile A Staff Engineer At Sun Microsystems, David Worked As The Architect Of The Java SE Quality Engineering Team Where He Focused On Test Automation Tools, Including Co Developing The AWT Robot Class He Was Involved In Open Source Activities Related To Java, Including The OpenJDK ProjectBefore Sun, He Worked For VXtreme On Software Which Eventually Became Windows Media Player When Microsoft Bought The Company At Mainsoft, David Worked On A Library That Allowed Developers To Recompile Windows Applications On Unix, And Then Participated In Porting Internet Explorer To Unix At The Wollongong Group, He Worked On Both E Mail Client And Server Software And Was Part Of Several IETF Working Groups Improving E Mail Related ProtocolsDavid Is Interested In Electric Vehicles, World Energy Supplies, Climate Change, And Environmental Issues, And He Is A Co Founder Of Transition Silicon Valley As An Online Journalist, He Writes About Electric Cars And Other Green Technology On LongTailPipe After Having Written For PlugInCars He Runs A Large Electric Vehicle Discussion Website On VisForVoltage, And He Blogs About Other Topics, Including Nodejs, Drupal, And Doctor Who On His Personal Page Using Nodejs, He Developed A Content Management System That Produces Static HTML Websites Or EPUB EBooks, AkashaCMS