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The Music Theory In Practice Series Has Helped Than One Million Musicians Worldwide To Learn About The Notation And Theory Of Music Now Fully Revised, This Workbook Remains The Best Way To Prepare For ABRSM S GradeTheory Of Music Exam Features A Clear Explanation Of Music Notation, Many Worked Examples And Practice Exercises, Definitions Of Important Words And Concepts, Specimen Exam Questions And Helpful Tips For Students As Well As Supporting The ABRSM Theory Syllabus, This Workbook Also Provides An Excellent Resource For Anyone Wishing To Develop General Music Literacy Skills

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    I have a Youtube channel called BITESIZE PIANO , where I ve uploaded all the topics from this book into a playlist My students and others have found this to be very useful, so I hope anyone reading this may find it helpful too

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    These books are good teaching tools, rather than DIY Any musician who can read music will already know some of the content of this book, so it is a pleasant surprise for pupils that they already know some theory without realising it It coincidentally highlights the importance of READING THE QUESTION as many of the exercises have to be completed in different ways, and pupils often rush ahead without reading the specific instruction This will stand them in good stead when doing school exams.A tip probably frowned on by ABRSM rather than have pupils sitting grade 1 theory, grade 2 theory etc, you can buy past papers, and if you want to be lazy past answers are available too You would still have to use your brain experience a little, but this saves expensive exam fees.

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    As a music teacher, this book is great for students studying for their grade 1 theory exam This book cannot be used on it s own, as a bit of background knowledge needs to be used alongside this book But otherwise great for students to recall what the different notes are and what a beat is Good workbook to help them get a better understanding of the basics.

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    So it s a set of questions with no instruction, so you need other materials to do the actual learning I get that, that s okay What I didn t expect is that it doesn t come with an answer sheet either There s not even a link to the answers online either So how do I know if I ve got them right without taking it to someone Fair enough if this book is supposed to be for teachers to give their students, but for a self learner like myself it s useless.

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    Arrived quickly and is exactly what I was looking for I haven t started to work through it with my niece yet, but the book appears to be laid out wall with examples and exercises to help gain an understanding Very pleased.

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    Without a music teacher the AB Guide to Music Theory Part 1 is, in my view, also required.

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    This book gives exercises to prepare for ABRSM grade 1 theory It is not stand alone It recommends an accompanying theory book for background.

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    Very good for the activities, however if you want to teach theory to yourself, then you need to buy another book to follow along with this Other than that, all good.