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When Leonard s Uncle Chester dies and leaves him a house, Hap and Leonard move in in order to fix it up and find a child s skeleton wrapped in a porno mag Was Uncle Chester a child predator or was someone else the killer And does it have anything to do with the crackhouse next door 2014 RereadHere we are, the second book in Joe Lansdale s redneck noir adventures of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine While I had vague recollections of reading this sometime around the turn of the century, it was mostly a new book.Leonard s Uncle Chester dies so the boys pack up and head to LaBorde to settle his affairs While repairing his house, they stumble upon a child s skeleton and uncover a wasp s nest of religious themed serial killing that has been going on for decades.While the first book wasn t quite firing on all cylinders, this one roared down the track like one of those crazy tractors with four or five engines on it Hap and Leonard s investigations come from the Spenser school of walking around, pissing people off, and eventually having the case come together in the midst of some bloodshed.Some longtime supporting cast members were introduced in this volume, like Marvin Hanson and Florida Marvin is also the star of Act of Love, a Lansdale that I still have yet to read but own at least two copies of Like most of the early Hap and Leonard s, Hap and Leonard do a lot of philosophizing when they re not cracking wise or cracking skulls This may account for the brevity of later volumes when Hap isn t such a bleeding heart Also, this is the first time Leonard burns down a crackhouse, something that happens at least twotimes in the series if I remember correctly.The mystery is fairly intricate I guessed part of it, both the first time and this time but forgot some of the wrinkles I guess I m lucky I remembered the details that I did considering it s probably been over a decade since I first read it In fact, if the girlfriend I d let borrow this book sometime years ago hadn t left a couple post its in the book with notes on them, I probably would have been a little further afield than I was when all the shit went down.Funny thing, I completely forgot about one character s death and was surprised when another one lived Like I ve said before, old books magically become new books once enough time passes.Lansdale s really shows his chops in this one, writing like a backwoods El Leonard When the killers are revealed, their motives make a certain amount of sense, to me and Hap, at least Leonard s not as kind was we are The contrasting personalities of Hap and Leonard set them a cut above other buddy teams for my money.Mucho Mojo is one of the best books of one of my favorite series Five out of five stars. While the first great book in this series,Savage Season , focuses a lot on Hap Collins s backstory, this second installment focuses a biton Leonard s past and the town that he grew up in Hap owes Leonard after getting him involved in the violent events of the first book so he agrees to accompany his buddy to the funeral of Leonard s estranged Uncle Chester After the funeral, the boys are cleaning up Chester s old, run down house and discover a skeleton and a stash of kiddie porn stuffed into a box under the floorboards Leonard wants to learn the truth, so the two decide to try detective work on for size and get to the bottom of it all.Once again, the two good ol boys are a joy to read I would read anything with these characters At this point, if one of the subsequent books in the series turns out to be a 700 page tome about Hap and Leonard sitting in a boat the whole time trying to catch a catfish, I d still read it in a heartbeat Lansdale is a stunning writer He has a real knack for finding the perfect combination of tone in his work at least in the three books I ve read so far He s able to balance tender moments of real connection between friends with intriguing mystery, and with the perfect blend of humor The books are downright funny sometimes without feeling forced The humor seems to come naturally and the book never feels like it s trying to hard to be in the quirky humor crime genre I think that s what I love about the characters Hap and Leonard, the balance and the ease of their characterization They re funny while not trying to be and they re tough dudes while not having to be hard boiled I mean Hap actually seeks out non alcoholic beer Anyway, this is another great Southern thriller by Joe R Lansdale, who really is an awesome storyteller I m glad I still have a plethora of books written by him to choose from My favorite rednecks, Hap Leonard, can t do anything without it turning into bloody mayhem Leonard s Uncle Chester helped raise him, but then coldly disowned him when Leonard told him he was gay However, after Chester dies, he leaves Leonard his house and a decent sum of money Leonard never really got over the way Chester reacted to his coming out, and when the house turns out to be in terrible shape, he wants to live in it to relive a bit of his childhood while he fixes it up to get it ready to sell Since it s a bad part of town with a crack house next door, he asks Hap to help out and keep him company When they make a horrible discovery underneath the floorboards, the guys get sucked into a murder mystery that the cops are ready to pin on Chester posthumously Leonard doesn t buy it and is determined to clear his uncle s name But they ll have to do it while feuding with the neighborhood crack dealers.I ve seen many Lansdale fans declare this the best of the Hap and Leonard books, and it s tough to argue with that Bad Chili is probably my favorite There s the hilarious politically incorrect dialogue mixed with horrific violence and terrible tragedy One thing that stands out for me on this one is the nice role reversal Lansdale did here Since most of the story takes place in a black part of town, Hap is the minority and he often feels out of place, especially while navigating a romance with a black woman who is a little ashamed of dating a white guy.I always enjoy Hap and Leonard s sociological debates, too The bleeding heart, ex hippie Hap can t help but make excuses for people, no matter what they ve done The black and gay Leonard is always hilarious in his hard hearted arguments that everyone is responsible for what they become no matter what happens in their past, and he has zero sympathy for anyone that doesn t meet his standards. Sometimes it happens with me I m reading a book, often two, even enjoying both, and I come across a book I d read long ago and zap I m in reread mode Hence my reintroduction to Mucho Mojo Not that the rereading wasn t in order It s next in line to be adapted for the TV series on the Sundance Channel, and it had always been my favorite Hap and Leonard anyway Reason enough So this reading just happened ahead of schedule But, even though it was second entry in the series, Mucho Mojo was my first exposure to both the East Texas duo and their creator, and the first of anything, particularly a positive experience, often magnifies in your memory I started this book wondering if it was as good as I remembered Turns out it was better.The first in the series, Savage Season, was intended to be a one off, so there were other characters to service Subsequent novels are a search for new facets within your now familiar heroes But a true sequel, four years later yet, allowed Lansdale the leisure to dive deeper in every conceivable way It s all there story, character, atmosphere, philosophy, romance, friendship, prejudice, action and much .The setup is perfect It allows us to step right into their lives Leonard inherits a house from a recently deceased uncle, and with Hap at his side, they discover a child s skeleton Hap white, straight, Liberal wants to call the police immediately Leonard black, homosexual, Republican knows what will follow a sensational crime in the poor, black section of town blame Uncle Chester and close the case But Hap has concerns that Uncle Chester might just be guilty, and Leonard knows for a certainty that such a thought is impossible The best friends confront conflicting impulses without clich , and still have each other s back while working their way through what turns out to be afar reaching and appalling series of crimes.This novel is dense in a good way Dense usually means having to wade through unending tangents or excessive wordage to, hopefully, discover the good stuff In Mucho Mojo, density represents substance From beginning to end, you are in East Texas with the boys, and will regret having to leave when the novel ends. Inheriting One Hundred Thousand Dollars And A Small Hiccup Of A House In A Dilapidated District Is Not So Bad, And Uncle Chester Made A Nice Gift Of It To His Nephew Leonard Though The Clean Up Is Intensive, The Floor Is Rotten, And The Neighbors Are Something From A Nightmare It Is One Thing To Renovate A House To Sell It It Is Another To Cut Down The Walls And Risk Discovering Hidden Skeletons Hap, my man, there is evil in the world True evil It doesn t twirl its mustache and it doesn t wear black and it doesn t slink and it doesn t come in any one color or sex The quote pretty much sums up what this book is about If you are easily offended this is definitely not a story for you I don t think Lansdale missed anyone Let s be nice to each other doesn t really work when it comes to racists, drug dealers, homophobes and so on, no matter what you want Leonard inherits a house, a copy of Dracula and a bunch of coupons from his uncle Chester The house is a messThere s roaches in here big enough to own property, Leonard said I know One just helped me carry the trash outAlso, there is a skeleton under the floor they were fixing There are other, disturbing things buried with that small skeleton too To clear his uncle s name Leonard decides to dig deeper Hap is there to help, of course Horrible things are happening in that neighbourhood but nobody seems to care Well, few overworked cops can t make any difference when most of them don t care what they do in their part of the town I guessed pretty soon who is guilty, but that didn t make any difference in how good this books is Hap and Leonard s banter, their bickering with almost everyone they meet, their conversation over the heads of the people that annoy them, the bitter sweet and dark humour, their unbreakable bond and friendship, it is all here I only wish Hap is not this much of a jinx when it comes to certain things in life but I m guessing that won t change It s part of his charm Leonard doesn t need any change as far as I am concerned. Watching the very good adaptation of Joe Lansdale s Cold in July the other night reminded me that I always meant to get stuck in to a second Hap Leonard story after only finding the first one so so, I m very happy to say that Lansdale really stepped it up a gear second time out to bat with Mucho Mojo Man I love me a mixed sporting metaphor.Hap and Leonard, a black guy and a white guy, a gay guy and a straight guy, two assholes who don t necessarily have a heart of gold or agree with each other on just about anything but are willing to do put their lives on the line to track down the man who has been killing unloved black children and getting away with it for the past ten years.Somehow Lansdale has managed to blend truly dark subject matter with humourous dialogue without making light of the scenario, he has created two characters who love each other and love to irritate each other, creating a dynamic that is irresistible to even the most experienced of noir readers Not only do they jive talk whilst solving a mystery they enter in to heated sociological debates and observe the life of their town, it s stuff like that that lifts this series to the next level in noir circles, moves it beyond mere thriller or mystery territory Hap and Leonard are living breathing characters and they won t hesitate to let you know about it.To anyone paying attention, how important is it to read this series in order I have book 5 on my shelf but no sign of 3 or 4 just yet. Mojo un termine africano per magia Credevo significasse sesso , dissi Perch ascolti la musica blues , disse lei S , il sesso, o gli organi sessuali Ma in una accezione pi larga Cio il sesso una specie di magia Mojo significa magia Mia nonna sapeva un po di spagnolo, e quando le cose andavano male, dicevamucho mojo Mucho in spagnolo sta per molto Mojo in africano per magia Per lei intendeva dire magia cattiva Per lei mojo sempre stato un termine negativo In Mucho mojo c un bel po dimagia cattivala malvagit di spacciatori di crack, rumorosi vicini di casa, in attivit giorno e notte ,con clienti poco pi che bambini e le crudeli efferatezze di psicopatici pedofili che compiono omicidi rituali con ossa e cadaveri seppelliti sotto i gradini di una vecchia casa nel bosco Per c anche mojo nell accezione blues il picnic e soprattutto ci sono Hap Leonard con i loro divertenti botta e risposta , che all improvviso ti fanno sghignazzare, in un mix ben riuscito di humour ecrime storyLa storia si arrampica ,ci sono tornanti mozzafiato, molto veloci , non ci si annoia un minuto enon si vede l ora di arrivare in cima Adrenalinico 4 stelle This second Hap and Leonard novel was a bit of a departure from the first as the protagonists seem to move out of the world of petty crime to become, essentially, amateur detectives Yes, this was a detective novel centered around the grisly discovery of a child s body in Leonard s dead uncle s basement And while I happened to see the big twist at the end coming from just past the halfway point of the book, Lansdale s writing is so infinitely readable, it almost didn t matter As is the case in Mucho Mojo, it s all about the journey and not the destination It s all about the characters and not the sets My only complaint is that sometimes, we veer off intophilosophical areas, discussing things like race, class, good v evil, etc While the sometimes conflicting views on these subjects are important insomuch as they inform the characters and their decisions, the novel often STOPS completely to discuss such things, creating a whole scene around such a dialogue instead of weaving it into the scene so that it feelsnatural It s not so much the WHAT or WHY these digressions came up, but the HOW that bothered me It doesn t happen all the time, just enough for me to notice All in all, this was not as good as Savage Season, but it was far far from being bad Looking forward to picking up the next Hap and Leonard title. Tough Guy Country Noir Mucho Mojo by Joe R Lansdale Published 1994 I kept thinking I ought to wish Florida and Hanson well and be happy for them That was the right thing to do, but I kept hoping she would miscalculate and get her period on her wedding night This is a very specific kind of read for readers with a very specific taste There are two kinds of people in the world those who think a western is awesome, and those who don t I m on the side of Westerns Just so you know Read on, if you re into rough country fare.