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How Could Someone Like Mick Die He Was The Kid Who Freaked Out His Mom By Putting A Ceramic Eye In A Defrosted Chicken, The Kid Who Did A Wild Dance In Front Of The Whole School And The Kid Who, If Only He Had Worn His Bicycle Helmet, Would Still Be Alive Today But Now Phoebe Harte S Twelve Year Old Brother Is Gone, And Phoebe S World Has Turned Upside Down With Her Trademark Candor And Compassion, Beloved Middle Grade Writer Barbara Park Tells How Phoebe Copes With Her Painful Loss In This Story Filled With Sadness, Humor And Hope Chosen By Publishers Weekly As One Of Their Best Books OfA Full Fledged And Fully Convincing Drama Publishers Weekly

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    Mick Harte Was Here, Barbara Park Mick Harte Was Here is a novella written by Barbara Park, which focuses on how Phoebe, a thirteen year old girl, copes with the death of her brother, Mick Harte, who was killed in a bicycle accident due to head injuries he received while not wearing his helmet In 1998, the book was awarded the annual William Allen White Children s Book Award Thirteen year old Phoebe Harte s younger brother, Mick, dies in a bicycle accident, because he chooses not to wear a helmet 2012 1388 1390 83 9789642090570 20

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    5 STARS This is my first 5 star read of 2018 I have a little story for you before I get into my thoughts on this book Last year I bought this book at a library book sale for 10 cents and from the premise I thought I d love it Later in 2017, I took his book off of my shelf and put it in a box I keep for books I m thinking of not keeping but give myself time to decide About a few days ago, I pulled his box out from under my bed, dusted it off and opened it up Mick Harte Was Here was on top of all the other books and it was as if I d seen it for the first time in that sale, I pulled it out of the box and opened it to the first page and sat down and read that one page Afterward, I closed the book and told myself, I m keeping this and put it on my desk to read and I m so glad I did This book is only 89 pages long and I read it in one sitting, which I loved because I m a huge lover of short reads But this book kept me tied to it for the couple of hours it took for me to get through it and I cried and cried and cried while reading it Certain parts of the book really struck me and with my relationship with grief and death, I felt an extra attachment to this story It s about a 12 year old girl who loses her younger brother to a bike accident and that is all I will say Go read this yourself, you will not regret it, I REPEAT, you will not regret it This book made me feel things, made me laugh, and had me yanking tissues out of the side of my reading chair It was beautiful, raw, and full of heart I loved this damn book Now, go read it R.

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    read this in fifth grade and it was gut wrenching

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    Dang, You know that a book is good when Grant acually feels bad for a fictional character This the case for Mick Harte was Here It s a, dare I say, heartbreaking book about a girl and her family having to deal with the deppresion of the death of their son brother Mick crashes into a car and sofie, his sister, blames herself for it because Mick asked if she could take his bike home for him Instead she refused because of the fight that they had earlier Throughout the story people keep telling that they are sorry and she replies for what In the book she remembers key flashbacks of the time when Mick was still alive It s good, really good and is short and sweet If you see this anywhere get it.

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    Just finished this book with my young student book club This is a great book to read and discuss the death of a sibling Death is a hard subject to talk about and Barbara Park touches upon how it affects different people the family, friends, and schoolmates Deeply touching but told with great insight.

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    This started as an exploration of grief, then sort of ended as a tract in favor of wearing bicycle helmets A short book with a first person narrator, this book mixes realistic details, humorous events, and great sadness and loss I love the way the narrator says in the beginning that this isn t a book where you learn to love a character and then he or she dies Reference to Bridge to Terebithia possibly She wants you to know right away that her brother Mick is dead As you read the book, you see a very true to life presentation of guilt, grief, sorrow, anger, and doubt with well meaning but bumbling attempts by others to comfort someone in the face of tragedy Sometimes I think that on lookers really can t do ANYTHING that can please someone who has a loved one who has died If you don t meet their eyes, you re ignoring them If you look at them, they accuse you of staring If you talk to them, they think you re being intrusive or preaching platitudes If you don t talk to them, you re being uncaring If you try to hug them, they don t want to be touched If you don t touch them, they accuse you of avoiding them The narrator displays these contradictory attitudes often in the book, even near the end where she is outraged that someone would ask her to speak about her brother s death at a school safety assembly, but then decides that she DOES want to speak I think the lesson for those of us who are standing by, sorrowing too and feeling helpless to help our grief stricken friend, is to be patient, loving, and mostly quiet because the only thing that would please our friend at this point would be for their loved one to be alive again We can t do that, so our friend tends to be angry no matter what we do If we humbly absorb the contradictory accusations hurled at us and if we refrain from offering helpful advice , then we may be there for them when they are at a stage to reach out and need us and accept what little comfort we can give.There are several references to God and heaven, not necessarily derogatory, although the narrator wonders why God would take her brother and why He would need a twelve year old However, any assumptions the book presents about God are very generalized There is no trust in Jesus Christ and his resurrection, promising us victory over death Also the narrator oftens says, I swear to God and even uses Jesus name as an ejaculation This book did make me cry and can make you think about grief The way in the end everything sort of focuses on Mick s lack of a bicycle helmet might seem oversimplistic, but also shows you that one way of helping survivors move on after a death is seeing some reason or purpose that gives a higher meaning to their suffering I also really liked how the narrator s grief and loss and her determination to let you know that Mike Harte was here shows you that every human life is important Everyone is precious Every life is significant L

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    This is the most sad, depressing book someone could read so I recommend if you buy this book, buy a tissue box too.

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    Mick Harte Was Here is a profoundly moving story on mortality, blame, love, remembrance, family, guilt, and childhood freedoms I wasn t expecting it, to be honest.It has been a while since I read a children s book I ve enjoyed Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar comes to mind, as does The One and Only Ivan While a lot of people loved them, they felt like kid s books to me The best of children s literature has the power to connect, no matter one s age That s part of what makes or will make Harry Potter, Narnia, or Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day timeless.You find out on page one that it was a bike accident That Mick hit a rock And like any Jon Krakauer book, you know where you re heading here s the tragedy Here s how we got here.For me, the most honest parts of the book are the ones that I hesitate to ask And my grandmother says that God must have needed Mick than we did Only what kind of selfish God is that To just snatch somebody away from the people that love him Not to mention the fact that it s a little hard to believe that the most powerful being in the entire universe needs a seventh grader who can t even program a VCR without screwing up the TV I ve been and maybe we ve all been the grandmother saying things trying to help, and hurting Or the insecure friends at school, keeping their mouths shut protectionist ourselves, you and hurting Maybe that s what acceptance of mortality is pain Edit I read this book because the junior high where I used to teach read it together as a school I m grateful to be included, even though I m no longer there I m interested to hear how it was received by the students and staff.

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    Just to warn you the narrator lies when she says, this isn t the kind of book where you meet the main character and you get to like him real well Believe me, you ll meet him, and you ll like him real well The book has so many lessons within it whatever lesson you need to hear, is the lesson you re going to get Its simple use of words allows one to feel the emotional punch, without being distracted by unnecessary text It s short, so there isn t any filler The narrator shares various moments of understanding and insight, bursts of anger and sadness Phoebe, the narrator, goes on a roller coaster, and so do we We are not only focused on how the narrator deals with grief, but we get a peek into how her parents are faring As a reader, it was interesting to think about how I would deal with my own grief Would I react like Phoebe, the mom, or the dad All in all, I highly recommend it Even if you ve never lost a close loved one, you ll still be able to relate to it on so many other levels.

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    I love this book It s so incredibly sad I first read it in about second grade, and I cried a bujillion times I ve read it over and over and over since then, and I still cry through the whole thing It s a very very very very fast read, but it s worth it I loved it It s great and incredibly sad