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I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Wow Great writing, fast paced action, good characters in the midst of the destruction of Manhattan by an atomic bomb, millions fleeing from fallout, make this exciting and plausible Looking forward to meeting up with these characters in the next installment Bravo This post apocalyptic tale has it all relentless pacing, gritty realism, and complex characters It all plays out in tantalizing fashion. When The Unthinkable Happens What Happens Next A Nuclear Weapon Destroys Lower Manhattan A Million People Die Millions Flee From A Gigantic, Deadly Cloud Of FalloutThe Crisis Has Only BegunPresident William Orwell Steele And His Cabinet Labor To Cope With The Aftermath Of An Unprecedented Terrorist Attack, While A Host Of Ordinary Americans Struggle Merely To Survive In A World Where Everything Has Changed From The Corridors Of Power To The Squalor Of Refugee Camps, From World Capitols To The Lawless Frontiers Of Pakistan, From Economic Collapse To Armed Rebellion, The Impact Of The May Day Attack Swiftly Spreads To Every Aspect Of Society And Every Corner Of The GlobeThoughtful, Intelligent, And Wildly Entertaining, May Day Book One Of American Sulla Solidly Establishes Author Thom Stark As The Master Of Disaster The Most Ambitious Thriller In Decades, The First Book In The American Sulla Trilogy Will Leave You Cheering The Debut Of A Major New Talent This is an amazing story and incredibly well written I ve never read anything that gives me the imagery of slow motion like in a film Don t get me wrong there the pace is not slow The pace changes perfectly with the scenes and is a credit to this author s talent.Storywise It is written from a different angle than most books of this type Rather than the build up to the event, it is the aftermath It s very clever, but I won t spoil it for you I recommend you read it and find out for yourself This is a book for everyone to read and take heed from, not just the usual readers of this genre. I could not put this book downstarted it one day, finished it the next Parts of it made me uncomfortable as I think it was supposed to the situations, the language, the story but it was extremely engaging and the multiple characters kept me interested in seeing what happened next Definitely page turner.I found this very enjoyable, and am looking forward to book 2 Starts with a bang sic , with considerable detail on the many consequences of a 20 kiloton blast The author has done a lot of homework in presenting some plausible scenarios, which I appreciated This is a good read to suggest how a single nuclear weapon could wreak havoc over a large area, though nukemap suggests his estimates of fallout damage are overstated I also felt some of his main characters were unsympathetic low lifes whose presence seemed unnecessary A lot of characters, too, with a 16 page appendix listing them all But all in all, a competent readable Indie effort. This is a book that makes me wish I still belonged to a book club, because I desperately want to talk about it for hours It s the type of book that makes me wish the others in the three book set are complete, because I really want to immerse myself in the story once again It s the type of book that also makes me wish I could give it than five stars because my enjoyment of this book goes way beyond, well enjoyment I finished reading the book a day ago, but I can t get it off my mind I feel deeply affected by not only the story, but by the questions raised within the pages of this well written book.Stark raises questions most of us never consider After the September 11 terrorist attacks, I think most people have some idea of the havoc created by such an event I think most people can even puzzle out what might happen after a nuclear attack But, how many people stop to consider the ripple effect such an event might cause What happens to those who survive the blast, only to discover their homes will remain uninhabitable for generations to come Where do all those people go And, how does a government that is barely holding up under crushing debt manage to find the resources to support millions of refuges What happens when the economy begins to crumble, or when insurance companies file bankruptcy This book is well researched and raises issues most readers have never considered It s thorough, factual, and remarkably unbiased Stark writes in a very straightforward manner and keeps his own political opinions from interfering with the story What really sets this book apart, though, is the author s ability to go way beyond the obvious environmental, economic, and political repercussions of a nuclear terrorist attack He also looks at our country s deep seated prejudices He shows us the ugly side of humanity and people who seek to profit from disaster, and shows us those who use tragedy as an excuse to let lawlessness run rampant He introduces us to a conspiracy theorist who has the ability to tap into the fears of like minded individuals who are willing to act on their hatred He also delves into the psyche of a man who is forced to harness almost unlimited power while under immense pressure and personal grief.May Day is a multifaceted read that kept me glued to my e reader It s a thought provoking, well written book I would recommend to everyone over 18 It isn t often that I can recommend a book to all readers, regardless of the type of book they like to read But, in this case, I can make an exception The book is highly readable the type of book that should be made into a movie Read it and really think about the question, What if May Day Book One Of American Sulla by Thom Stark is a well written book that will make you think, What if.Stark raises questions most never think After the September 11 terrorist attacks, most people have an idea of the chaos which followed the event There are other attacks we think of, but what about the events after the attacks or catastrophes What happens to those people who survive How does a government find resources to support millions of refuges What happens when the economy begins to erode under the strain May Day is complex and raises these questions Thom Stark writes in a way which keeps his political opinions from the story What makes this book different, is the author s ability to go beyond the general expectations of a nuclear apocalypse He gives the reader the the ruthlessness of human nature people will look for the money to be made from a disaster We get a look into the wortst aspects of human nature as tragedy and lawlessness runs riot We meet a conspiracy theorist who can use the fears of people who are willing to act out their hatred We peek into the psyche of a man who is has the ability to leverage great power while feeling stress and personal grief.May Day is a complex read that kept me glued to my e reader It s a thought provoking, well written book for readers over 18 May Day is a readable creation the type of book that should be made into a movie Read it and you will think, What if I borrowed this book via Kindle Unlimited. I will start this review with the disclaimer I read it as part of a book club, and it s not my usual reading material.So, we start with a nuclear bomb detonating in NY The cut scenes are frantic and it all feels ever so confusing, as is fitting given the event.However, this manic scene changing continues throughout the book To be honest, the initial stages certainly left me feeling I d not identified with any of the characters yet, and I wondered do I care what happens But I persevered regardless I did start to get to know the characters eventually, but I never got any real emotion or affinity with them It could just be me, but it felt a bit statement of fact , like a series of highly detailed events I personally would have liked less detail and emotion.The mid section of this book really dragged as again, personally speaking I found the level of detail was too high, and caused some unnecessary scene changes The author starts by saying he d verified the accuracy of this novel I have to say I thought some major points were highly improbable e.g a VIP kidnap scenario just wouldn t happen in the way it was described I don t want to include spoilers so will leave that vague And your average Joe Bloggs reading this book probably won t see these points, and I won t spoil things by detailing too much I guess it s OK to gloss over them, as a lot of reviewers have bought into the believability, and a lot of the situations are not too far fetched.However, putting what would probably actually happen aside, it is still a good book I realise this sounds like a contradiction given what I ve just written But if you get through the initial stages of inertia, there are some very good plot lines I would just have liked to have had a few threads concentrated on and developed It just felt like too much was trying to be covered which towards the end it does settle down to doing As part of a trilogy I would expect a shorter book It was very ambitious In the main, it is well written Enjoyable would be the wrong word, as some horrific things happen But good reading probably covers it It certainly makes you wonder what would happen should such an attack occur Will I read book 2 Probably not, but if this is your type of book I m sure you will I just prefer at least some glimmer of happiness along with my tragedy. I started reading May Day the prequel on a whim, stepping out of my comfort zone into a genre about which I know nothing I am thus unable to comment on the specialized matters how it compares with other futuristic, apocalyptic works, for example I can comment on the universals, however I can talk about the excellence of the writing, the imaginative power of the author, and the realism of the new and dark world into which the reader is drawn One of the reasons I read very little fiction is because I generally find it so difficult to suspend my disbelief I had no such problems here I believed every word It was all too horribly real for comfort Thom Stark paints on a massive canvas and this is a work of enormous ambition Fortunately he has the ability to pull it off.