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Some Promises Can T Be Kept Shannon Winters Picture Perfect Marriage Is In Shambles After A Car Accident Left Her Husband An Amnesiac The Commitment To Vows He Doesn T Remember Making Keeps Her Fighting While Covering Up The Parade Of Other Women And A Spectacle Of Bad Behavior Her Career As Owner And Manager At A Successful Boutique Hotel Alongside The Hudson River Keeps Is Her Refuge, But, At Thirty Seven Years Old, What She Craves Is The Bond To Be RepairedEven Twenty Years After High School, Triston Keyes Continues To Be Haunted By The Memories Of The Girl He D Lost, The Only Woman He S Ever Loved When He Meets Shannon During A Vacation, He Finally Has The Chance To Apologize It S The Only Hope He Has If He Ever Wants To Fall In Love With Anyone Else Sparks Rekindle Between Them, And Shannon Struggles To Find A Reason To Stay True To A Broken Marriage Which Is Quickly Crumbling As She Gravitates Towards The Forgotten Love Until Her Husband Pleas For Her To Come BackBut When The Depth Of Betrayal Is Revealed, Shannon Must Choose Her Vows And Her Beloved Hotel Or To Remain True To Her Heart While Triston Must Fight To Keep The Past From Catching Up To His Future Both Know Nothing Is A Matter Of Luck, But A Matter Of Choice

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    Shannon is living the life of her dreams as owner and manager of La Grande boutique hotel and her story book marriage until an accident happens and destroys what she thought was a solid marriage Her husband is badly injured in the accident and is later diagnosed with amnesia.For two years Shannon puts up with her husband s antics publicly cheating, being drunk most of the time, making a scene at any given time all in the name of the wedding vows her and Greg made to each other That is until one day she discovers a dirty little secret that starts opening her eyes.In the meantime, Shannon s ex boyfriend from high school, Triston Keyes, happens to visit the hotel at a time when Shannon really needs a friend to lean on and their friendship rekindles again as well as feelings that she thought were buried a long time ago Now Shannon has to make a decision continue being a devoted wife or embrace a new life with Tristan This is not a bad story and a quick read The storyline is compelling and it draws you in from the beginning with very likeable characters, specially Shannon My problem with it is with Shannon, her character at the beginning is portrayed as very successful and very smart business woman but behind all that the author paints a picture of a very insecure woman who lets her scumbag husband humiliate her publicly day in and day out I can t get it through my head that an intelligent woman would let herself be put on that position on a daily basis, no matter how many wedding vows she said Perhaps that s just my mentality but I just couldn t get over that fact That said, this is a sweet story that I m sure a lot of people will relate to and not a bad first novel for this author.

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    I m sorry but there was nothing second chance about this book Heroine is married to a guy who bought her a hotel which makes millions since it caters to the richest the hubby had an accident two years ago which caused him amnesia and now he fucks anything with legs, he has been parading the women in the front of you, and all you do is pretend everything will be okay You don t want to leave him because of some vows you took forever ago. so you pretend not only do you look stupid as shit, but you are an embarrassment to the sister hood You have all this money, your husband has money coming out of his ass, you could get him some dang on counseling, put his ass in some rehab for sex addicts and alcohol abuse since his ass is drunk all day long But noooo, miss priss pretends. Then in walks her boyfriend from 20 years ago with his girlfriend who is also his co worker, well he is the CEO and she works for him A big no no Awkward doesn t describe it, once ya ll are done, she is out of the job, so the old boy toy came to see the wifey for some closure but brought his girlfriend Then he dumps the girlfriend but tells her she can keep her job And the girlfriend leaves without getting upset Then you find out your best friend has been doing your hubby all this time, and you have been so blind that you supposedly haven t known this What is in the water in NY Does your coffee come with a Xanax Seriously, are fairies real WTF

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    As a debut novel, Matter of Choice is a good one Shannon Winters spends her time at work, as the Owner General Manager of The Grande Marquis, a five star hotel Married to Greg, she struggles to keep her marriage together Greg s accident two years earlier left him with amnesia, forgetting they are married Life gets a little complicated for Shannon, aka Shy, when her first love, Triston Keyes, books a room at her hotel for a week And some old feelings make themselves known.Throughout the book, Shy tries to remain true to her vows, even as Triston causes tangled emotions With Triston s past actions haunting her, and a husband who parades women in and out of their home, Shy must decide what she really wants, and then find the courage to follow the chosen path.R.M Alexander does a great job with the connections and emotions throughout the book, adding in some twists and turns, as well as surprises you don t see coming I liked how there are no sexual situations, but plenty of tension Her ability to ground the scene with fantastic descriptions help the reader to know where they are, and how the characters move within a setting yet doesn t overdo it.I ll be glad to have the paperback version gracing my shelves.I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    I generally enjoy second chance love stories There is something about rekindling the flame at a later point in time that seems to pull on my heartstrings While this is one of those stories that captured my attention with the blurb, as the story unfolded I began to lose interest I struggled to connect with the heroine I was not sure if she was supposed to come across as naive or ignorant I empathized with the situation but was frustrated by the characters I expect a certain degree of believability in contemporary romance but there were elements of the story that seemed unrealistic Sadly, I found myself skimming the story to see what would happen and how it would end There were things I liked about this story worth pointing out 1 I appreciated that the heroine was fiercely committed to her vows Marriage takes work and vows have meaning when both parties acknowledge that belief with equal fervor 2 It was a clean romance no smut found in this book and yet it still felt sexy at times.I was provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Could not finish the book For me the story sounds naive and unrealistic The main character is weak and colorless Granted people like that exist in real life but I believe their struggle is richer and complicated coo pendant The husbands amnesia is too convenient and if in truth amnesia can cause complete character change than I want some facts research to confirm that And than Tristan goes to the hotel to see his long lost love and takes a girlfriend and than conveniently girlfriend leaves The subject and story has potential but in my opinion it needs research and better developed characters.

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    Marriage vows mean everything to Shannon But when her husband was in an accident two years ago and ended up with amnesia, Shannon stood by her husband even though it was hard An old boyfriend her first love chooses her hotel to spend a vacation, and Shannon is confronted with how long should she hold on to those marriage vows Will she decide to stay with her husband or will she leave him in order to look after herself and her own happiness This book is very well written and there is absolutely no sexual scenes The reader cannot help but to cheer on Shannon as she comes to grips with some very unexpected twists.

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    i thought this was really good it was well written with lots of twists it wasnt just a romance novel but also had some intrigue and suspense.

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    Ugh Really Don t waist your time.

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    I had high hopes for this story The blurb sounded so interesting because the conflict was already established I wish that was the case with the actual story, amnesia wasn t the conflict the behavior of that husband of hers was and I wish that Shannon was able to deal with that a whole lot better than she did The first 60% was just mind numbingly detail oriented making it slow and tedious Fellow readers, I m talking about the descriptions of every action of Shannon s daily life It was too much frivolous information that didn t advance the story line.Shannon Winters marriage to her husband, Greg, is hopelessly falling apart since his car accident two years ago The accident left him suffering the ravages of total amnesia He didn t remember her before their marriage and he didn t remember her after the accident but he sure remembered a few things like drinking and having sex with everyone but his wife It s been twenty years since Triston Keyes has set eyes on his high school sweet heart but he s not forgotten her After so many years apart, his continued guilt over their break up and his inability to move on drives Greg to book a room at Shannon s upscale hotel His intent is good he just wants to apologize and move on Now doesn t that sound promising I thought so I m not sure what about her marriage that Shannon thought she was worth saving I m not sure what research would explain Greg s bad behavior I say that because Greg s post accident personality, according to Shannon, was 180 degrees from his previous life Greg s turned into a bit of a jerk, like an asshole really but what else do you call a man whose fundamental personality changes, I m talking about moral and ethical changes That flagged my BS radar immediately So then I started questioning Shannon and her martyrdom This marriage and husband that you re committed too and love so much why haven t you told anyone else especially his caring family what he s doing You re just going to lie down and take what he s dishing out without asking questions I didn t understand that part at all because with such a serious diagnosis, his loving family is mentioned but never heard from I get to know everything else about Shannon but nothing about her relationship with her in laws of than ten years or even her own family and the support system that she would fall back on to help cope with Greg s behavior What kind of person was she that she only had one friend Greg was actually my favorite character He was the perfect bully and his behavior towards Shannon was entertaining Yeah he was a jerk but he was an interesting and even entertaining jerk Even when he and Shannon had their first and only heart to heart conversation confession I was surprised he was able to hold it together and not bust out with a maniacal laugh I m not sure what to say about Triston I mean he went to Shannon s hotel to apologize to her but he was also toting along his girlfriend which I m okay with but then when he finds out about Shannon and her husband, he makes a move on her My mouth dropped in awe when that happened because all I could think was that he should at least dump the girlfriend first He was good though because he said all the right things to get Shannon going and she would buy the lines until she remembered, that oh yeah this is the guy who told me he loved me then broke up with me because he found some legs that looked better than mine I didn t like either of these people because clearly Triston is a fickle guy who s looking out for the next best thing and disguising that by reuniting with an ex doesn t change the fact And there s Shannon who keeps making bad choices with men and not learning any lessons at all.Shannon s best friend Lauren reminded me of that saying about never telling your single best friend how good or bad your husband is Did she deserve what she got, no but when you lie with dogs you re always going to get fleas Last, I wish the resolution wasn t so convenient and the I love you s didn t happen so suddenly There s no sex in this one Happy Reading Folks Rating C ARC provided by publisher Review posted at www.redhotbooks.com

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    Review for BareNakedWords Shannon Winters had been living a wonderful life Married to her loving husband Greg and running a very successful and exclusive hotel along the Hudson River That is until a car accident causes Greg to suffer from Amnesia Forgetting his marriage and his wife And ultimately destroying what Shannon thought was the perfect marriage For two years Shannon has put up with her husband s string of affairs and constant drinking, staying true to her vows and clinging to the hope that one day her husband will return to her Her hotel keeps her busy, distracted and offers her a refuge when things get a bit too much Until Greg enters her safe haven and disrupts things there as well.Enter Triston KeyesShannon was his high school sweetheart, best friend and his first love Up until he broke her heart It s been twenty years since then, but Triston still carries the guilt for losing the only girl that ever really mattered and who still held his heart Determined to clear his conscience and move forward with his life he makes a reservation at her hotel in hopes for a chance to apologise.Triston couldn t have come at a better time Things have gone from bad to worse for Shannon With her just discovering something unfathomable, she really needs a friend right now, and Triston proves that he will be the friend she needs to lean on Shannon, I won t pretend I understand, because I don t And I can t imagine what you re going through Can t believe you re handling it like you are But I m here for you In whatever form you need me I m here The sparks they once felt start to rekindle and Shannon tries to keep them at bay, knowing she has to stay true to her vows, but it becomes harder and harder to deny the feelings when Triston goes out of his way to show her just how much he cares and how much she deserves than the marriage she s stuck in How could you stay, Shannon It doesn t make sense to me You deserve better than this Now there s someone standing before you, yearning with all his heart to know you again, romance you like you ve never been romanced, so you might just fall back in love with him, and you continue to waste your time sitting with this schmuck Finally deciding enough is enough, Shannon leaves Greg, and lets Triston in For the first time in years she is finally happy and finally has hope for a brighter future One that includes Triston It feels so good to be in your arms again Not just someone s arms, but your arms This time it won t be a mistake, will it Because is we do this, and it is everything we want it to be, Ill want it to be a forever love this time, Triston Can you go there Can we He kissed her forehead I promise you now, you have me Take all of me, for a lifetime, or ten of them Take me forever But just as she s finally made her decision, Greg comes knocking Pleading her to come back to him.But what will Shannon choose Will she return to her husband and try to get past the grief and betrayal of the last two year Or will she choose to go with her heart and pursue a future with her lost love Regardless of the choice she makes, the loss is going to be hardI admire Shannon She sticks to her vows and stays very loyal to her husband through everything She holds her head high Putting on a hard exterior and does not allow herself to look weak and vulnerable, even though its breaking her heart Triston is so loving, compassionate and determined for things to work out between Shannon and himself He s patient and doesn t push Shannon too far with anything He fights for her and proves to her that he will be the man she needs and loves I won t lay a hand on you in that way until the day the divorce papers are legal, and you are free to be mine in every way But what I do intend to do is hold you until the sun comes up Wipe your tears, mend your broken hear And make you fall in love with me all over again I loved reading this book, and it had my attention from the start Yes, there was a couple of predictable parts in the book, but it doesn t ruin anything and just has you rooting for Triston and Shannon even It s a lovely, sweet romance story, that I think a lot of people will enjoy.