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Since A Mysterious Childhood Illness, Harry Wilkes Has Experienced Horrific Visions Gruesome Scenes Emerge To Replay Themselves Before His Eyes Triggered By Simple Sounds, These Visions Occur Anywhere A Tragic Event Has Happened Now In College, Harry Feels Haunted And Turns To Alcohol To Dull His Visionary Senses One Night, He Sees A Fellow Drunk Easily Best Three Muggers In This Man, Harry Finds Not Only A Friend That Will Help Him Kick The Booze, But Also A Sensei Who Will Teach Him To Master His Unusual Gift Soon Harry S Childhood Crush, Kayla, Comes And Asks For Help Solving Her Father S Murder Unsure Of How It Will Affect Him, Harry Finds The Strength To Confront The Dark Secrets Of The Past, Only To Unveil The Horrors Of The Present

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    Harry Wilkes contracted the mumps when he was a kid After having the mumps his ear still gave him problems, until a huge pus pocket exploded out of it one day You know I am going to give you gross stuff don t act shocked Once that happens something even weirder happens with Harry He can see things that happen If a noise at a place happens that ties it to a violent crime Harry can experience a vision Past violence comes to life for him His parents take him to doctors and everyone kinda thinks he is a bit weird Harry learns to not just say anything about his gift , he grows up and heads off to college He learns to avoid anyplace that has had a violent past and plans his routes and where he will be accordingly He also starts to drink Heavily.Then when he and an old buddy are at a bar drinking they see another drunk being taken outside by a group of punks The punks plan on robbing the drunk but they get a surprise when the drunk, Tad kicks their asses Tad and Harry form a bond where Tad is going to be Harry s sensei He will teach Harry some of his tricks and they will help each other with avoiding the bottle Then a blast from Harry s past comes back, his friend Kayla Who is now a cop and wants to know if her father really committed suicide.It sounds like a good book doesn t it I have loved everything by Joe Lansdale that I ve read up until now I just never really got into the story and was bored for most of the books There are a few shining moments and that kept me from dnfing it, but there are much better Lansdale books out there We come to see a ghost or not Kayla said Yeah, we sure did, Harry said I don t really think there s any ghost Kayla said My daddy says there aren t any such things, and he s a policeman My brother says there are Joey said A policeman, he might know handcuffs and doughnuts, but he ain t nothin than anyone else when it comes to ghosts Since when do you care what your brother says Kayla asked He told us you could get a girl pregnant by putting your little finger in her butt So what s he know

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    LOST ECHOES is a bit of a supernatural tale from Champion Joe Great Lansdale type writing, and I really liked the premise and characters A great read.

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    This book gave me the sense of two forces pulling in different directions One side lead the story through some gradual character development that begins in childhood and reaches into young adulthood Lansdale s tones and observations in these passages were great, and I felt myself getting attached to the protagonist Then another side asserted itself and started pulling the story towards a pulpy, violent, crime ridden stage where bad guys are really evil dudes and good guys gotta stand up and do the right thing Lansdale is good at this thing too, so for the most part it all read well But the two together in one 330 page book didn t read like Lansdale at his best, and didn t meld together well.Things I did like the ruminations on martial arts and having a center in life the repeated motif of growing up next to a drive in theater Lansdale has done this so many times, and yet it still feels romantic and fantastic the portrayal of a close knit family the relationship between the protagonist and his childhood friend In fact there is a lot to like in this story, and while reading it I was interested It just didn t come together well It made me wonder if Lansdale has a book stewing in him that will be light on genre material.

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    I was kinda bored with this one Simple as that.

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    Not for me got to page 67 which was 65 pages too many.Too many books to read to waste time on this.

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    I ve already mentioned on this blog several times that Joe R Lansdale is possibly my favorite living author I ve already told you to go out and buy his books So, I won t say all that again.If you have read some of his earlier books and enjoyed them you will most likely enjoy this one too None of the characters are from his other books that I know of but some of them have similar characters, if you know what I mean.What I m sayin is, Lansdale s characters have a certain voice and even when they aren t the same character, they often sort of sound the same Or at least, certain ones sound sort of like certain others But that s ok, cause I like that voice.This book is about a guy how gets a nasty ear infection as a kid and ends up with an odd ability Sounds will trigger echoes of violence or strong negative feelings and he will have visions of those events yes, this does sound sort of like the Charlaine Harris book I just wrote about, but they are pretty different.Eventually in one of these echoes of past violence he sees somebody he things he recognizes doing something horrible and action ensues.Lots of violence, humor and Texas twang I m still a Lansdale fan.

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    Lost Echoes was a pulpy burner Lansdale is always a very quick read, and this was no exception Aside from his off putting use of the word turd , he is a pretty solid writer Texas native, Lansdale mines the depths of evil that humans are capable of without oversimplifying motives, which is often the fault of genre writers Unlike some of his works, this one does incorporate a little bit of the supernatural, but it doesn t err to mummy territory like his best known work Bubba Ho tep which was turned into the well loved film Lansdale is also much less broadly comical in most of his work than he was in Bubba Ho tep , and Lost Echoes is much in the vein of serious work Don t get me wrong, his down home tone is still intact, but this is a drier work operating in a believable reality than the casual reader may be expecting.All in all, Lost Echoes was pretty solid Definitely something I don t regret reading.Originally reviewed at

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    I ve often said the worst Lansdale book is better than most author s works But this one didn t really do it for me It s definitely entertaining, but there was something off about it I thought a lot about the issues as I made my way through this novel Here s what I came up with 1 The characters never ever seem to be in any real danger, even when they are There s such a happy go lucky vibe through the entire book, kind of a yeah, bad shit s gonna happen, but, aw shucks, it s all gonna be a okay in the end thing that, as a reader, I was never worried about the characters, so it tended to be a bit of a suspense killer.2 Characters seemed to come and go without a lot of real thought, to drive the plot When Harry hooks up with Talia, she s fantasticuntil she needs to be a mean girl, then she becomes that Her father is made out to be a powerful man with powerful connections, but once the mystery is uncovered on his property and moving the plot along, both of them are essentially ditched The same goes for one of the murder victims, the red headed guy 3 None of the major turning points have any real impact Big events, like uncovering a horrible rape and murder are relayed and, within a few sentences, joked about There s no emotional impact whatsoever.4 I finally came up with my own theory I love Lansdale s Hap and Leonard series, but they don t have a lot of depth Some, but not a lot But they re fun as hell When I started swapping out the HL characters for the ones in this book, it felt very much like this might have started out as a HL idea but, because of the particular way Harry uncovers the murders, couldn t be used, so Lansdale simply rejigged the characters for this novel instead.For me, the whole thing felt so much sloppy and slapdash than I m used to with Lansdale It hasn t dampened my love for the man s writing, but this is absolutely not the book to start with if you re looking to discover his writing.

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    This is not one of Lansdale s best That means two things1 It s not a Hap and Leonard novel.2 It is still better than most other suspense stories.It has all the ingredients of Lansdale s best including realistic action, an authentic East Texas atmosphere, and taut but believable dialogue However he appears to be trying to do too much in one plot It is one part Sixth Sense, one part Karate Kid and the rest is Lansdale In other words, two parts of ready made formula drowns out the uniqueness of Lansdale s suspenseful story telling Yet it is still an enjoyable read Lansdale s fans will like it but if you are not familiar with this original American voice, you would be better off picking up one of his books from the Happ and Leonard series.

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    Faticoso, all inizio, e per un libro di Lansdale gia questo stupisce Abituato alla prosa scoppiettante di altri romanzi questo sembra quasi scritto da un suo cugino Poi qualcosa riparte, vi sono dialoghi che sono una firma, inframmezzati ad alcuni sviluppi prevedibili Rispetto ad altri minore anche se voluminoso come stesura e rispetto ad altri autori va piu che bene Forse sarebbe il caso di riposarsi un pochetto e tornare a scrivere con qualcosa di piu da dire.