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The LongingOnce Grace And Sam Have Found Each Other, They Know They Must Fight To Stay Together For Sam, This Means A Reckoning With His Werewolf Past For Grace, It Means Facing A Future That Is Less And Less Certaine LossInto Their World Comes A New Wolf Named Cole, Whose Past Is Full Of Hurt And Danger He Is Wrestling With His Own Demons, Embracing The Life Of A Wolf While Denying The Ties Of Being A Human The LingerFor Grace, Sam, And Cole, Life A Constant Struggle Between Two Forces Wolf And Human With Love Baring Its Two Sides As Well It Is Harrowing And Euphoric, Freeing And Entrapping, Enticing And Alarming As Their World Falls Apart, Love Is What Lingers But Will It Be Enough

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    This is a love story I never knew there were so many kinds of love or that love could make people do so many different things I m an honest and blunt person and I suppose that this always reflects in my reviews as well So when I wrote my review about Shiver it was rather short and only contained a few interesting quotes Now that I wanted to start to write my review about Linger I realized that this one isn t going to be a short one though and that this book actually deserves to get one of my longish reviews where I write my opinions about the characters as well So I guess what I m trying to say is that this series got so much better with the second book that I indeed have no other choice than to write a proper and elaborate long review lol There is a lot I need to talk about and even though this series was slightly dark from the beginning, it definitely got an even darker turn in this second book And you all know how much I love my dark and broken characters so yes, I admit it, my dark and twisted faerie soul thrived on reading this instalment XDOf course it wasn t all dark though and there were quite a few yucky romance moments Craig s description, not mine P that made the plot even interesting to read XD Considering it all it was a really nice mixture of both aspects, and I m very glad I gave Maggie Stiefvater s first series a chance Plus I could see how much her writing changed and improved throughout the entire book and this was a truly remarkable thing to witness 3 It actually felt like she found her voice while she wrote Linger and this definitely made me one hell of a happy camper XDThe characters Beware, this is my spoilery spoiler section and you re about to enter it Trespassing is punished with being spoiled Don t say I didn t warn you P Grace Grace should ve been here If lying were an Olympic sport, Grace would ve been champion of the world For someone who hated creative writing, she certainly was an awesome storyteller I really liked Grace in this one and I liked it even that she finally showed her parents her claws lol Am I even supposed to support attitude like that when I m a parent myself XD Well, anyway I was kind of proud that she decided to confront her parents and their behaviour because seriously, what s wrong with them Sam is such a sweet boy and I don t get why they didn t like him and basically kicked him out of their house every time they saw him You d think parents that never gave a damn about their child would be amiable when it comes to the love interest of their daughter So once Grace called them out on their neglect I was all like YES, that s my girl lol I felt really sorry for her though, because Sam is everything she has and cares about and her parents just decided to cut him off And this in the worst possible way ever I mean she was dying and they didn t let him be close to her Which kind of parents are they even GAH Makes me angry just to think about it I really would have loved to jump right into the book and to slap some sense into them XD Plus how unfair is it that Sam is healed and Grace became a wolf now I feel so sorry for both of them I can t even _ You ve been ruling this particular part of the world via absentee ballot for most of my teenage years, and now you just ride in here and say, Sorry, Grace, no, this little bit of life that you have managed to make for yourself, this person you ve chosen, you should be happy we re not taking that, too Sam I was cold, I had a handful of snow, and I was human.The future stretched before me, infinite and growing and mine, in a way that nothing had ever been before Aww poor broken and sad Sam I swear every time I read about his former life and what happened with his parents a part of my heart bled with him T_T There were a lot of bad parents in many books I read but if I had to give the Oscar to fictional parents that screwed up their kids the most, it definitely would either go to Sam s parents or Grace s lol Which is kind of interesting, because the parents in this series all seem to suck big time XD Maggie what are you trying to tell us with that Anyway, considering his parents and what they did to him it s actually a wonder Sam turned out to be such a special snowflake and my respect for Beck, his adoptive father, only grew even after reading this book 3 Sam went through so much at such a young age and he deserves to be happy with the person he loves I can t help but wonder what is going to happen in Forever though and I really hope I ll get my hands on a copy of it soon _ My parents had always been so careful with me, until the day they decided I needed to die Isabel I swore softly, clicked on the light, and for the first time contemplated what I was doing digging through my dead brother s stuff to find clothing for a totally swoonworthy but jerkish werewolf standing in my bathroom, after telling my mom that I d been sleeping with him.Maybe she was right and I did need therapy Haha I loved that we got Isabel s POV and I think by now I love her character even than Grace s She s just so brisk, direct and unapologetic and I really like that about her Plus she doesn t overthink things but acts instead, which is just another trait I came to appreciate in people lol I just like her nature and even though she s so tough on the outside it s quite obvious that she has a soft heart It hurt me to see how much the guilt of her brother s death gnawed at her and I really wish I could have helped her to deal with it Especially because it wasn t her fault She only tried to help him and he wanted her to do it so she shouldn t blame herself Maybe she ll make peace with her decision in the next book I really hope she will I killed him And some days I just can t live with that But I do Because that s life, Cole Life s pain You just have to get over as much of it as you can Cole Yeah, I said, because I still believed in hell It was heaven I wasn t so sure about any I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND ADORE COLE ST CLAIR He is one of the best characters who were ever introduced in a second book and he now shares that fame with Alex Fierro, Nikolai Lantsov and Jameson from V Games How come those awesome characters always appear in the middle of a series Not that I d complain lol I think what I like best about him is his attitude Just like Isabel he s very soft on the inside and tries to cover it with an arrogant and cynical exterior There obviously happened a lot of shit in his life as a human though and it was really sad to unravel all the little pieces that led him to become a werewolf I m so curious about that boy I can t even I need Forever asap and then I ll jump right into Sinner because I read that it s about Isabel and Cole and I CRAVE for XD Maggie and her beautifully broken characters, I ll never get enough of them shakes head I am, quite possibly, utterly incapable of making a decision that is not self serving in absolutely every way It hurt to let myself remember I was poison to everyone I touched, but for once, it felt good to be self aware I couldn t stop myself from exploding, but I could at least learn to contain the fallout The relationships ships Grace Sam A life made up of promises of what could be the possibilities contained in a stack of college applications, the thrill of sleeping under a strange roof, the future that lay in Sam s smile GAH Their love story is so unfair I m already getting sad as I write this Now that Sam is finally healed Grace turned into a werewolf DAMN lol I mean it was a plot twist Craig and I saw scented from miles away but this still didn t take the edge off the finale We might have expected what would happen but how it was executed Well suffice it to say that it was heart breaking and very sad T_T Poor Sam and Grace It s like in the old legends when one lover is a human at night and the other a human at day Talk about bad timing _ I m kind of convinced that Cole might find a solution for their problem though and this is just another reason to read Forever asap lol Hey, how often did I already say that I need to read the next book soon XD Guess that tells you enough about how good this was 333 I was torn between wanting to speak and wanting to guard my fears, keeping control of them by keeping them private The words came out before I could think them through I can t lose both of them I know I know how strong I am, and I m not that strong Isabel Cole Aren t you afraid Isabel asked, suddenly, and I opened my eyes I hadn t realized I d shut them Her gaze was intense Of what Of losing yourself I told her the truth That s what I m hoping for AKALKFAJSLDFJASLDFJASLD THOSE TWO They hit it off right at the beginning and boy did I love them together 333 Their conversations were so funny to read and the fact that they are both broken and try to hide it from each other made this a very intriguing and dark romance Also MAGGIE STIEFVATER AND HER QUOTES ABOUT HANDS THIS WOMAN WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME lol I swear hands and eyes are the first thing I look at when I meet a new person and apparently Maggie is fascinated with them too XD At least her countless mentions of them in TRC and now here indicate it P Maggie, if you ever read this let s meet up and take closer look at each other s hands P LOL Weeellll, anyway coughs Back to Isabel and Cole XD I basically loved everything about them and haha when Isabel saved a naked Cole from her mother it definitely was one of my favourite scenes Craig and I had a funny conversation about the way she acted and he was all like Would you kiss a naked good looking stranger who s a werewolf and just happens to stand in your house And I was all like Yes, yes I would If I d be young, single and he would be as cocky and handsome as Cole St Clair, yep definitely lol So Craig found the yucky romance unrealistic at times but I really loved it so we definitely had a funny buddy read together Haha I can t wait to see where this Isabel Cole ship is heading but I m so on board of it 333 Give me the next book please I was sort of fascinated by his hands hard looking hands, all steep angles and prominent veins running across the back of them I watched the deft way that his fingers moved while he did mundane things like putting sugar in his coffee Somehow, he was yet again being honest, sharing another secret, when I didn t have anything I was willing to give in return For once, I saw something in his eyes I saw that he was feeling again, and that whatever he was feeling was hurting him.I wasn t ready to hurt I m sure you already figured it out I loved the book and I m soooo ready for the rest of the series If it s as good as Linger was nothing will be able to keep me from reading it 333 And as always a special thanks goes to my Sugar Bun It was another awesome buddy read and I really hope that you ll continue this series with me I know, I know it s yucky romance but I also know that deep down in your heart you actually love and crave for it P ADMIT IT XD Forever we re coming drags Craig with me XD

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    3.5 starsWhat s better than a book about two lovebirds being in love HOW could you POSSIBLY keep your audience INVESTED after the characters get together in Chapter 1 of book 1 Pining Lots Of Pining This is a love story I never knew there were so many kinds of love or that love could make people do so many different things.I never knew there were so many different ways to say goodbye. deep breath in One thousand ways to say good byeOne thousands ways to cryOne thousand ways to hang your hat before you go outsideI say good bye good bye good bye deep breath out Because you know that s not how you want it to end You know I d love to have you with me, and it will be that way, one day But this isn t the way it ought to happen. Soyou may be wondering what could possibly cause this level of Romeo Julietesque mourning.Did one of them kill themselves Was there a tragic, deadly disaster Nah They aren t actually separated This is all emotional separation pining Hur ray.In other words, for Book 2, we are actually back at square one.To better put this into perspective, at the end of last book, Grace turns Sam permanently into a human through a convoluted and completely and utterly dumb way think of the most dangerous way to do something simpleand she went three steps beyond that.Anyway, now that he s human, she s starting to feel inexplicably sick The sort of terminal sickthe sort of sick levels that you would logically tell your life partnerbut she doesn tand she gets worseand starts pining over the life she is soon to loseSIGH What annoys me SO MUCH about this book is that it s the EXACT SAME PLOT as the previous one.Last round, Sam has the terminal wolf syndrome to deal withthat he waits until literally the last couple of days to tell herand when he finally does, Grace has go to extremes to save his life.This round, Grace is facing a terminal issue and instead of telling him, she bottles it up and hopes it goes away Like Gurl Did you not read the last book Anyway, other than THAT bug in my bonnet, I enjoyed most of this book The characters were better developed this round and we get to meet Cole and get to know Isabelle who s by far my favorite.Grace is such a goody two shoes that it s quite a relief to have the mean girl call her out on that This book needed a little bit of spice And thankfully there was less kissing I don t mind a smooch a roo from the couples, but last round, it ended up being SO heavy handed that I became utterly numb to it Though, points for the book quotes this round she made her home in between the pages of books. and I couldn t imagine anyone ever reading a book enough to make it look like that It looked like it had been driven over by a school bus after someone had taken a bath with it.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    if theres one thing i wish i could avoid in life, it would be writing reviews for three star ratings its so difficult to make its not amazing, but its not bad either sound interesting or hold any weight the reason this book falls in the middle for me is because it essentially feels like a filler book in the series there isnt much plot that propels the storyline in this its basically laying groundwork for the next installment so its a slow build, which is a dream for those who really love these characters im not quite in love with them, but i like them, so thats why my feelings lean on the positive side i do think the story is interesting and i am really looking forward to how the story comes together after this book i have also really enjoyed seeing stiefvaters writing develop and improve, so thats a bonus overall, this isnt a series i would binge read, but i will most likely continue it at some point down the line 3.5 stars

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    It s about time I write this review I wasn t blown away by Shiver, but that doesn t mean I wasn t eagerly waiting for Linger I seem to be in the minority here, but I liked Linger than I did Shiver I still don t understand Sam though I ve decided not call him gay any, because he makes it abundantly clear that he loves Grace So instead, I will just call him feminine I mean this boy1 bakes bread2 reads German poetry3 writes sappy love songs4 cooks5 folds paper6 is sensitive aka moody And not in the sexy never know what hes gonna do way, but in the oh no hes crying again way.Seriously, this boy would get eaten alive in any high school I still like Grace though She s neat Smart and savvy But I am glad its not just those two any If I had to read another 350 paged sappy lovefest between those two, I wouldn t be able to take it So I m glad for the new POV of Isabel and Cole I ve always liked Isabel She s ballsy but not invulnerable I like how she isn t portayed as perfect And then there s Cole.I won t even try to hide the crush I have on him shrugs I have a thing for damaged rock stars It was interesting to see the whole situation through their eyes It kept the story fresh, and I didn t get confused when ever there was a shift in perspective And I don t care much about Isabel and Cole as a couple That s not really necessary And of course I was pissed at the parents Not because they did what did in itself, but because they did it without precedent Its kinda like when my mother let my dog run around the yard just after installing the electric fence My dog was running around, not a care in the world, unaware that a few feet away was an underground wire that would shock her if she came near it My dog was not aware that the boundry existed, which is why it was made all the cruel when she got zapped The writing, as usual, was good There is something so delicate about it that sets the mood for the story The story would be absolutely suckish if the writing wasn t so good, which is probably why I was able to tolerate the slow pace So I liked it, and definitely have a few questions Forever needs to come NOW.

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    She made her home in between the pages of books Don t need to say much about this one It s a worthy follow up to Shiver and a perfect prequel to Forever I loved this series It s perfect for a wintery night or two and a hot cup of tea.

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    Hm When this book arrived, I wasn t so sure if I should read it right away or if it would be better to wait for the final book of the trilogy, Forever, to be available In the end, I was simply too curious.But a small warning This book ends on a major cliffhanger.Altogether, the book wasn t bad rather slow, though but it was one of those sequels that wouldn t really have been necessary in my opinion While I wasn t totally ecstatic about Shiver, I definitely would have remembered it as a beautifully written stand alone book with an ending that made me hope for a better future for the two main characters It didn t need a sequel.Now, in Linger, the whole story seems to move backward instead of forward Grace suddenly feels sick, and it is indicated that she can t escape her destiny to be a wolf much longer Seriously, why exactly now Sam struggles with his new found life and also with the young wolves Beck has brought with him from Canada.The only aspect that added something new was the introduction of Isabel s and Cole s point of view, which made the story fresh and interesting.I already liked Isabel in Shiver and although Cole is a rather uncomfortable character, making those close to him suffer with his self destructive beheaviour, I couldn t help but like him as well.What really infuriated me though were Grace s parents They suddenly get the idea that they should keep an eye on their teenage daughter because her boyfriend is clearly having a bad influence on her Sure And they do it in exactly the way that makes children hate their parents for not taking them seriously I m really not sure why they behaved the way they did maybe there will be an explanation in the next book but to me, it felt like a rather weak plot device to make Grace and Sam s relationship difficult and add a forbidden flavour.All in all, I couldn t shake the feeling that some of the conflicts here were only created to have something to write about, therefore only three stars from me But I have to admit that I m going to read Forever nevertheless I suppose a normal reaction concerning that cliffhanger , I simply want to know how the story progresses.Edit I ve decided to remove a star here Now that it s been a while, my curiosity to read the sequel has diminished and I m actually not the slightest bit interested in the story any I think Grace s and Sam s relationship and let s face it, that s the only thing these books are about has never really resonated with me.

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    Maggie Stiefvater has a divine way with words She describes things in vivid detail that had the ability to enchant anyone She concocts beautiful colloquies that leaves the reader in raptures I am a reader.So why the hell am I giving the book Linger, which was written by an exceptionally talented Maggie Stiefvater, two stars if I m all praises at her writing What the hell went wrong Well, I honestly don t know either, but despite the writing being lyrical as most goodread users put it, the book failed to grab me Maybe owe it to the fact that I was grabbing it, but still It didn t hook me It felt like I was just reading just for the sake of having something to read The feeling sucked.But to prove that I really read the book, here s a short synopsis Spoiler Alert Well, Sam is back as human He could no longer shift back to being a wolf Then there s this new suicidal wolf who is a rockstar How cool is that I m being sarcastic Grace is sick, but she tries hiding this from Sam They try having a relationship, but her parents get in between But then from being sick, Grace is then dying And apparently, the only thing that could save her is to turn wolf The End End of Spoilers.I read this book, because I had a reading challenge, where I should pick something with an artsy cover Well, this is it Look at the cover, it s dazzling But this book sure defines a reading challenge And I put emphasis on the word challenge It was a challenge, not because the words were complicated and hard to understand, but because I found this boring and tedious that I had to stop for long breaks only to dread the time that I had to read this again.Hell Asta lavista I just want to get rid of this book from my memory ASAP, not because I hated it, but because I didn t like it either I just feel absolutely numb about it Just like what I feel when I read a dictionary But at least, I would have given a dictionary 5 stars.

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    Actual rating 4.5Oh my GodI have no words this was amazing The ending had me freaking out it was so tense, ahhh I m so scared for book 3 The story was so good, usually 2nd books in series are all boring, but I kept reading and reading waiting to see what happened The plot builds so well and I absolutely loved Cole His character is amazing and I loved his POV chapters Honestly these books the different POVs work so well, like you can really tell who you re reading from and they all work so good within the story I m usually not a fan when there s than 2 POVs but 4 actually worked so great, I m so falling in love with Maggie s writing This was almost a 5 star again like the first book but there was just a bit of unneeded romance that I could live without so yeah It was great though I need everyone to read this series like rnI m gonna go start book 3

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    5.5 starsYou know that feeling when you re floating on water All your senses are dampened, you are weightless, careless and completely relaxed There aren t any loud sounds, you are safe, perfectly happy and everything else seems a mile away That s EXACTLY how Maggie Stiefvater s writing makes me feel I want to hug this book and never ever let it out of my sight Grace and Sam are finally together, but they live in fear They are constantly afraid that things will go back to the way they were before, and unfortunately, it s not something either of them can control There are several new wolves in the woods and it s up to Sam to take care of them all now the old and the new In addition, Grace s parents finally started noticing things and decided to start honing their parenting skills.Linger brings us two additional POVs We get to see some of the events through the eyes of Isabel, to whom we were introduced in Shiver, and Cole, one of the new wolves The two of them are so very different from Sam and Grace and having four POVs instead of two brought amazing balance to the story While this would certainly bother me in Shiver, I was thrilled by it now That doesn t mean that I like Grace and Sam any less In fact, if I had feelings for those characters before, it was nothing compared to how I feel about them now They are both beautiful and strong in their own way I ve noticed that my favorite quotes usually come from Sam s chapters, although Grace has her moments, too There s a reason for that, of course Sam is just the type of gentle soul I can start loving in a heartbeat, and after all, he s supposed to be good with words There isn t a character in YA literature I could ever love than I love Sam A look in his eyes is all it takes to make me cry I did my best to find a flaw in Linger this may sound odd, but I wanted to have at least one small thing to complain about because I thought it would add credibility to the rest of my review I tried my best and failed miserably Oh, I ve read my friends reviews but I simply don t agree with any of them The first half was not slow for me, it was soft and beautiful Isabel and Cole weren t irritating, they were troubled and interesting The prose wasn t purple, it was I already said that, didn t I I could go on and on for days, but it wouldn t do much good This is the second book in a series that needs to be read in order If you liked Shiver, you are going to like Linger too, I have no doubt about it.