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Being a woman s hard Having read these letters in such a short period of a time, I feel somewhat bereft without them Much like Sylvia s mother must have, I ve come to rely on reading a letter from Sylvia almost everyday This is truly an amazing collection Nearly all of the letters are written to her mother, Aurelia, who edited the volume and provides introductions to each section I readily identified with Sylvia, especially in her early years at Smith when she attempted to excel in her classes while maintaining an active social life Her letters are full of typical college girl complaints boys, books, professors, etc Of course there were many aspects which were not as typical I was excited and fascinated by her accounts of interviews with Marianne Moore, lectures with W.H Auden, and later, dining with T.S Eliot and his wife Sylvia s ambition, determination, and than anything her love of life shines in these letters When in Cambridge on a Fulbright scholarship she met Ted Hughes These early letters describing their passionate meeting and subsequent romance marriage are beautiful, exciting, and, because one cannot help but remember how it all ends, heartbreaking Sylvia s attention to detail, lively descriptions of her friends, and frequent requests to send cookies are endearing and charming The later section of the collection is truly heart wrenching After moving from London to the country with Ted, Sylvia gave birth to their second child The joyousness in the letters following Nick s birth gives way to quiet desperation and sadness after realizing her husband was having an affair After Ted had moved out and Sylvia became intent on owning an apartment in London specifically W.B Yeat s old flat , her writing becomes somewhat frenzied She tells her mother she is writing from four AM till 8 AM when the babies wake up During this time, she also published her novel, The Bell Jar, but because she knew it contained some biographical information which might have hurt her mother, she insisted that Aurelia not read it, that it was only a pot boiler and that she would be coming out with a second, better novel soon She attempts to assure her mother that she is fine, adamently refusing to let Ted win and return to the States where she would be taken care of and comforted The poems she wrote during this time would make her famous, but the intensity and furiosity with which she wrote would eventually take its toll During one of the harshest winters in England s history, Sylvia and the children all came down with fevers In her feverish state Sylvia continued to insist that she was alright and that she was looking forward to her brother s visit in the spring Despite her outward determination to carry on and love for her children, the pressure evidently became too much to bear and Sylvia killed herself on February 11, 1963 A truly haunting collection of letters, I feel I have gained some profound insight into a poet I greatly admire. Mothers daughter relationships unless you re part of the duo, you ll never, ever get it My boyfriend does, my brother doesn t my father gets us both, but even he doesn t get us together As far as I can tell, how do you co exist with someone you love, admire, hate, hope the best for worst for How do you take someone seriously you ve known since they were in diapers And likewise, how do you take someone seriously that you ve spent your whole life working to out do Mothers and daughters are set up to fail.But the love that s undenably there is very special I ve spent years reading about Sylvia Plath That s what girls from 15 to 30 are supposed to do, right I ve always loved her books, poems and most of all, diaries, which is what her letters to her mother most closely resemble While Plath s letters to Ted Hughes, her husband, show her as strong, romantic and stubborn, the Sivvy who writes letters to her mother is another person entirely To Aurelia Plath, Sylvia Plath does what she rarely was able to tell the truth the real truth, not just some confessional, grotesque, mouth gaping version of it, but the actual truth according to Sylvia In these letters to her mother, Sylvia Plath dares to admit her uncertainties, to reflect her personal fears, failures and questions on her mental status.Why Because you can t hide from your mother, even if you want to and our mothers are usually who we WISH we could hide from most So, in this rare look at Plath, when Sylvia allows herself to be even and human than I ve ever seen her, we see Siivy in her most even tones, which is crutial, if you ever want to see her as realistic.I loved it especially Aurelia s notes at the bottoms of each page, indicating Syliva could not hide Not from her mother Not ever. Sylvia Plath s Letters Home juxtaposed against her Unabridged Journals is a fascinating study The face she showed to Mummy in her letters versus what was truly happening in her life and mind is heartbreaking and reminds me of the importance in my own heavy depression struggle of being as true as I can to all the people in my life, so that they might see me and pull me into light when I start to fail Her letters are almost manic in their tales of the mad joy she supposedly found while away at college, and then with Ted Hughes in her marriage They show her strength, perserverence, self doubt, joy, and ultimately that one moment in time when it all felt too hard to carry on. I finished about three quarters of these letters While many people on here felt these letters were personal and enjoyable than her diary entries, I have to disagree I actually got a tad bored with them What I did find interesting was to read them along with the diary entries There is such a discrepancy between private Sylvia and the way she chose to present herself to the world These letters do show that she was an extremely hard working, perfectionistic girl who genuinely tried to be happy But I have no desire to finish this book at this point in time Maybe in the future I ll pick it up again. Plath transcribes her life in a typically beautiful way, and it s such a joy to read about her daily thoughts and events of whatever day she found herself on A lovely book comprised of both harrowing and glistening correspondences between Sylvia and mostly her mother It s very sad to picture Sylvia in despair and thinking of no way to get out of it other than retaining her usual visits to her typewriter, but if she didn t we wouldn t have Letters Home and we d probably feel that much further away I ll spare you all the gibbering praise and say that it s truly a must for any Plath fan, especially those wanting to learn about her life It s always refreshing to read Plaths narrative but reading it about her own life is all the special in the most dazzlingly tragic way. Esta recopilaci n de la correspondencia que mantuvieron Sylvia Plath y su madre es fabulosa Comienza a los dieciocho a os de la autora, cuando comienza la aventura de sus estudios universitarios en Smith College Despu s de varios xitos vendiendo poemas y relatos cortos a distintas revistas de su pa s, Sylvia comienza a estresarse y a querer cosechar m s xitos No obstante, el rechazo de algunos de sus trabajos conducen a la autora a su primer intento de suicidio Tras su recuperaci n, contin a m s tranquila sus estudios, y al terminar el curso decide acabar su carrera en Europa Por ello, llega a Cambridge, donde conocer a gente muy interesante, y relatar toda clase de aventuras a su madre.Durante sus estudios en Inglaterra, Sylvia habla en sus cartas de sus viajes por Europa, a Francia, Italia, y lo que m s me interes , a Espa a, por ser mi pa s de origen Visit Madrid y Benidorm, y qued fascinada, pero lo que menos le gust fue la corrida de toros a la que asisti , descrita muy bien por ella misma, por cierto.Entre tanta aventura, conoci a muchos hombres, pero ninguno le hizo sentir verdadero amor, hasta que coincidi con Ted Hughes en una fiesta, un escritor y poeta como ella, de origen irland s y escoc s En esta cuarta parte de la recopilaci n de su correspondencia no para de hablar de l a su madre, e incluso en ocasiones parece perder sus ideales de mujer independiente para convertirse en una mujer sol cita y anulada, llegando incluso a casarse en secreto con l Esta boda bien pod a haber acabado con su beca de estudios, pero al final consigui que no la rechazaran hasta terminar la carrera.Es un lujo poder contar con detalles de su vida en el momento en que escribi sus poemas y cuentos, y sus bellas descripciones de paisajes, experiencias y personas que conoci a largo de todo ese tiempo.Cabe destacar que en el centro del volumen podemos encontrarnos con unas cuantas magn ficas fotograf as de la autora con familiares, desde 1950 hasta 1962, con las que poder ponerle cara, no solo a ella, sino a su querida madre, a Warren y a Ted, entre otros. Anche se in questa raccolta di lettere presente solo un terzo della corrispondenza integrale tra Aurelia Schober e sua figlia, Sylvia Plath, non si pu non percepirne, tra le righe, l evoluzione stilistica Quell evoluzione che l ha resa una delle poetesse pi affermate del novecento e l ha portata al successo solo dopo la sua tragica morte, nel febbraio del 1963 Una breve esistenza vissuta a pieno tra i brillanti studi universitari allo Smith College, il suo sogno di un matrimonio letterario con il poeta inglese Ted Hughes, il successivo trasferimento in Inghilterra, la nascita dei piccoli Frieda e Nicholas, il divorzio e la sua nuova vita da madre single, nella casa londinese precedentemente appartenuta al poeta e drammaturgo irlandese William Butler Yeats.Un libro fondamentale per gli appassionati della Plath, da aggiungere senza esitazioni alle vostre letture, prima del suo unico romanzo La campana di vetro e dopo le varie raccolte di poesie.Le Lettere alla madre svelano un lato della Plath che rimane nascosto nei Diari e nel suo romanzo autobiografico, lasciando trasparire la caparbiet , la volont e la determinazione di riuscire ad affermarsi nel mondo letterario. The disparity between her bleak poetry and these almost desperately cheerful letters to her mother is heartbreaking. Letters Home Represents Sylvia Plath S Correspondence From Her Time At Smith College In The Early Fifties, Through Her Meeting With, And Subsequent Marriage To, The Poet Ted Hughes, Up To Her Death In February The Letters Are Addressed Mainly To Her Mother, With Whom She Had An Extremely Close And Confiding Relationship, But There Are Also Some To Her Brother Warren And Her Benefactress Mrs Prouty Plath S Energy, Enthusiasm And Her Passionate Tackling Of Life Burst Onto These Pages, Providing Us With A Vivid And Intimate Portrait Of A Woman Who Has Come To Be Regarded As One Of The Greatest Of Twentieth Century Poets In Addition To Her Capacity For Domestic And Writerly Happiness, However, These Letters Also Hint At Plath S Potential For Deep Despair, Which Reached Its Crisis When She Holed Up In A London Flat For The Terrible Winter Of