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Ruined BROKEN LOSTThia’s lost it all With no options left she turns to the biker she met as a kid to cash in the favor he swore to return all those years ago Bear’s best friend is dead His old man wants to put him to ground He has bigger things on his mind than the pink haired girl from the gas station he never thought he’d see againUntil her battered body is tossed onto his doorstep Keeping his promise to Thia means Bear has to be willing to risk everything including his lifeand what’s left of his heart Thia’s bruised and batteredBear’s leather and lawless It will never work between themIt’s a lie they ALMOST believeLAWLESS is book THREE in the King Series and meant to be read after KING TYRANT

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    5 stars Lawless is the third book in the King series It’s Bear’s story and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I met him in King I loved King and Doe in the first book of this series but I was honestly most intrigued by the side characters Preppy and Bear After reading the prologue of Bears book I was hooked I knew I was going to love this story Bear didn’t join an MC he was born into one His dad is the leader of the local MC and Bear was groomed from a young age It’s all he knew and besides King and Preppy all he cared about The MC was the most important thing to him Until it wasn’t Things changed after he chose someone else over the MCThe last thing Bear expected while all this is going down is for someone from his past to pop up needing his help Thia is a girl Bear met years ago when she was just a kid She helped him out in a big way so he promised to one day return the favor Now is that time She’s desperate after losing everything and everyone that has ever meant anything to her I love Thia and Bear’s backstory I had a huge smile on my face while reading it Their second meeting it was much different than their first Bear is not in a good place It takes a strong woman to handle someone like Bear Frazier thrives at writing female leads with strength Thia may be young at only 18 but the way she grew up she is mature than most woman older than her She may seem fragile but she’s tough enough to handle Bear Bear is a character that has some much intensity to him He’s loyal and he is also lawless These two wouldn’t seem like a good match but they compliment each other Their connection is apparent and their chemistry is high I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers I was already going to hell Might as well enjoy the ride When you start Lawless be prepared to be sucked in You won’t want to put it down It’s real raw passionate and dangerous These characters are beautifully flawed and broken yet strong It’s suspenseful messed up yet also romantic I read my first TM Frazier book over 2 years ago from the moment I read it I was hooked I love her writing style the gritty stories the broken yet strong characters and the feels I always get when reading her books If you haven’t read her yet I can’t recommend these books enough I would say start with The Dark Light of Day since it’s my favorite of hers and read them all Lawless is a wonderful addition to this series and I’m dying for the next one I mean that ending view spoilerJake FUCKING Dunn hide spoiler

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    When I hit 98% of Lawless other than shouting 'NOOOOOOO' from the top of my lungs the only other thought came to mind wasWHY DOES TM FRAZIER HATE ME???I mean what did I ever do to her???WHY DOES SHE ME MAKE ME SO FUCKING ANGRYFUCKAnd then 100% kicks in and then it'sHOLY FUCKING SHITI CAN'T FUCKING BREATHE RIGHT NOWThat did NOT just happenFUCK OFF THAT DID NOT JUST FUCKING HAPPENFUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCKI am so fucking pumped up right now that I feel like smashing someone's face inOMG Thia Girl I can't even right now as I can't spoil it for others but just know thatIjusthang in there OK? I CAN'T STOP FUCKING THINKING ABOUT ITMOTHERFUCKEROh you fucking cocksucking dick fucks I want want to cut off your cock and put it in a blender you PRICKDamn you Mrs Frazier Damn you to fucking HELLYou fucking devil geniusYou know coming towards the end of this book I keep thinking OK where's the happiness? You know when all shit hits the fan and you know something bad is going to happen and then nothing fucking happens and then ya know 50% comes then 70% and 70% becomes 90% and I'm like;No Jodi she's not going to do this to you again Don't worry you just calm ya fucking tits and carry onlook Bear has his cock out You like Bears cock don't you? Yeah it's fine nothing to worry aboutBAM100%WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKNow as most people know that I don't tell you what the book is about in my reviews you have the synonyms so I'm sure you know the gist of it otherwise you wouldn't be waiting patiently for this fucker but what I will tell you that it's going to be a ROUGH FUCKING RIDEYou will go from wanting to take a ride at the back of Bear's bike to wanting to ride that fuckers face let me tell yaFuck that blokes does things to my vagina That's what I fucking love about TM Frazier's alphas they are all fucked up chain smoking coke sniffing tattooed filthy mouthed fuckers that you can't help but fucking fall in love with and want to fall on your knees forI fucking loved this fucking story From the tip of my nose to my hairy ball sack it fucking consumed meFuck I'm still fucking going crazy thinking about it What Thia went through will make you want to grab a bottle of wine just for the pain and Bear will make you grab for a bottle of Jackbefore he punches you in the throat and takes it for himselfIf a book can't make me want to curse the fuck out of the author then that my friends is not the book for meI love getting anxiety reading a book I love the fucking adrenaline I love the tears the fucking heartbreak the laughter the testicles and the muff gate and I fucking love cliffhangersyou see where I'm going with this right?This fucker has a cliffhangerthat is worse than the KING cliffyAnd to anyone that don't like cliffhangersgrow a pair of balls It's fucking FUN This fucker has it all and now I really don't know what to fucking do with myselfI FUCKING LOVED EVERY SINGLE HEARTWRENCHING FUCKING MINUTE And can't fucking wait till the next book FUCK I'm DYING for it alreadyAnywho back to me hating TM FrazierI love you I truly do but and I don't like you today tomorrow I will go back to liking you againNot todayJust not today

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    Raw Gritty And Sexy As HellIf you thought you liked Bear before you haven't seen anything yet This book delves deeper into the mind of one of my favorite Alphas and takes readers along for a hell of a ride I enjoyed every minute of this fast paced action packed steamy bookBear first meets Thia when she is ten years old He is taken aback by the sharp tongued witty little girl When he leaves after their brief encounter he leaves her with a ring and a promise that he will help her out if she ever needs a favorNever in a million years did he imagine that the girl would grow up and try to cash in that favor He had all but forgotten about the sassy little girl from his past when she is brutally attacked and dropped at King's doorstep to send a message to Bear He's not sure he can trust her and he's not sure he can trust himself around her eitherThia sought out Bear's help after experiencing the worst day of her life However if she thought her day couldn't get any horrific she uickly learned that she was wrong when she finds herself at the mercy of Bear's father When she is rescued and taken to Bear for protection she uickly begins to fall for him All her school girl fantasies couldn't hold a candle to the real thing The road to happiness definitely isn't a smooth one for these two Both are in for the fight of their lives With Bear's old club gunning for him and with Thia trying to avoid the law this story was have you riding an emotional roller coasterWhen all is said and done we're left waiting for the next book to see how things work out This book ends with a huge twist and a lot of uncertainty I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series ASAP

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    FOUR STARSARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange For An Honest ReviewBR with Mel and DeeLove It was the only kind of torture I wasn't familiar with I was uickly learning it was the most painful kind of them all Ever since I read KING I have had a major crush going on for Bear Something about him just drew me in I fell in love with the SEXY AS HELL BADASS BIKER and I normally DESPISE the term OLD LADY but I definitely wouldn't mind being Bear's Old Lady I'm so happy that he gets his own set of books and that I was lucky enough to be given an ARCThia Andrews is a young woman who didn't have the most conventional family life She had to grow up pretty uick at the tender age of eleven when her brother died and her parents simply stopped functioning especially her mother She had to pick up the slack at home by helping out on the family orange grove and working a second job at the local Stop N Shop It is there that she crosses paths with the BEAUTIFUL but dangerous Bear aka Abel She is instantly enad with him and Bear is touched by the little girl with the BIG attitude He gives her his ring and tells her to seek him out if ever she finds herself in troubleSeven years later Thia is in a whole heap of trouble and searches out Bear Let's just say that her nightmare only just began at home but is taken to a whole other level while in search of the man whom she thinks will be her savior If you read Tyrant you know what happens to Bear and he's currently gone off the grid He's left the Beach Bastard MC which has always given his life purpose Bear has lost his way and he might even have lost his soul Until one day when King summons him back to help Thia who was delivered to his home beaten and in shock As soon as he sees her it's like something sparks life back into his heart He feels a strong need to protect and claim ThiaThia can't help but feel the same strong connection to Bear as well She has always known that she belonged to him from the moment they met all those years ago She impresses Bear with her defiant and strong willed attitude but at the same time she is filled with a child like exuberance that just knocks him in one fell swoop They take things to the physical level pretty uick and let me just say I might have been wiping the drool off my mouth and also wishing to trade places with lucky Thia While Bear tries to help Ti out of the jam she found herself in they have the Beach Bastards and his no good piece of shit father to deal with as well Bear has some pretty big decisions to make when it comes to keeping the woman that he has fallen in love with safeThis one ends on a HUGE CLIFFY and it's making me chomp at the bit to get my hands on SOULLESS to see how it all ends for Bear Thia and the rest of the gang This is definitely a book that is not to be missed

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    4★★★★Never given up on you Bear StarsGenre Contemporary Romance Type Book 3 of 4 from King Series POV First Person – Dual “We were two tortured soulsBut we found each other We needed each other” Thia Lawless is the story of “Bear aka Abel” who we meet in King and Tyrant Bear had suffered so much growing up and was just out of the MC “hiding” or just staying away from his father who wanted his head He was living a destructive life with no escape or hope of being saved When he least expected some mistakes of his past brought him back to the town he never wanted to see again Back in Florida he finds this stupid girl that he never in his dreams imagine would take his words seriously and his life changes dramatically “I missed knowing my place in the world and knowing who I wasdriving back into the gates of my hell I had no fucking idea” Bear Thia Andrews; at only ten years old meets Bear during one bad circumstance Bear gives her something to trick her not to give his trouble MC friend away Thia takes Bear’s gift and believes in his words Seven years later; at seventeen years old she finds herself in trouble and no one or nowhere to run to She panic and the only person that came to her mind was the promised of help from Bear Little did she know that going to him was going to make her life dangerous than it already wasAfter King is able to get Bear back in town to handle the trouble that Thia was in; Bear finds himself not knowing what to do He just wants her to go away and for him to continue his destructive life I really felt for Bear for everything he went through Thia had no family left she lost her brother at a young age and now she had no parents either or any family to go to and in a big hole that she doesn’t know how to escape from Growing up too early she had to learn the hard way to depend on no one but herself with two part time jobs on top of her full time job; she was trying to help out at her home the best she could I loved how brave she was she didn’t hesitate when she had to pull the trigger when trouble faced her She was a great shooter and that impressed Bear He had never met anyone like her; so strong and determine but fragile at the same time Bear saw so much in her and she saw the same emptiness and sadness in Bear She wanted to help him and he wanted to help her They were just perfect together With a little persuasive she got what she was wanting from Bear he gave in he tried to resist the entire time but at the end he just couldn’t; he couldn’t helped wanting her “I’m not stopping at kissing I’m not stopping until you’re mine in every fucking way” Bear Bear was bound to do anything for Thia even if that meant making her hate him; he knew that once his father finds her she was dead and he was willing to give himself up to save her All the events at the end of the book left me breathless and with panic I had an ache in the chest my throat was in knots and I just wanted and make it all better but of course I have to read the beginning of the next book and shit why did I do that?? I felt worse than before Now off to wait for the next book to come because I need answers and revenge This waiting my just kill me “He was just a boy who had no clue what he was doing and I was just a girl who had no idea what to do with all the feelings I had swarming around inside of me” Thia ★★★BR with my SHHLUTS LIZ and WAR during our ISC chat week★★★ARC kindly provided via TRSOR blog tour in exchange for an honest reviewBook Series OrderPurchase Links US UK US reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    ´¨✫¸•´¸•´¨✯ ¸•¨✮ ¸•´✶ ¸FREEBIE TODAY May 17th 2016 US ONLY¸•¨ dead man walking starsIt all started with a promise a fucked up promise that was too good to be true but how could Thia ever forget the force of a man like BearThia Ms Prim Proper finds herself in hell and only one man can save her from a man who made her a promise when she was a little girl Now that she's collecting on that promise she realizes that all it got her was a wanted sign on her back from both the law and the lawless Shocked to see that the man who comes for her is a ghost of the man she once met; a dead man walking Been a dead man walking with a price on my head and I'm walking around with a fucking hard on all day thinking about being inside of you ❤BEAR❤ can't believe the stupid girl found him let alone believed his bullshit lies But now that's she found him and brought his her hell to his doorstep he can't help but make it all go away I want you to be my drug Make me forget Bear Please I begged Take it all away Thia and Bear has been to hell and their need to loose them selves was truly warranted no one survives the shit they did and walks away ever being the same But in each other they find strength and a second chance at a life only they can live She's all kinds of good and pure and he's nothing but a bastard; they're just two tortured souls that found something worth living foruestion is can they survive the shit storm that's coming their way ??Lawless is the third book in the King series a series that completely sucked me in and spun me around for a ride Bear was a constant in the King series so this book means something to me Ever since my heart broke for Bear I've been looking for his redemption he is one mean son of a bitch who loves just as hard as he fights I knew even before going in that the woman who could save this man would have to be someone special I didn't realize that she should just be as broken Thia's story is just as heartbreaking as Bear's and I can't help but cheer them on and wish for a HEA This book isn't for everyone it's for those who can accept things for what they are and realize that there is no right or wrong way of fighting back your demons No judging allowed But in true TM Frazier fashion this does leave you hanging but I have to say it got me all pumped up for what is coming up next It's only just begun and since they've both hit rock bottom there is no where else to go but up Another awesome addition to an unforgettable series ARC kindly provided by the author via Sixty First Reads in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication

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    5 STARSimage error

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    LIVE US UK 5 BRILLIANT STARS Such a brilliant storyI enjoyed it so muchTM Frazier is genius and so talentedSeriously I don't know what to say right nowThis book was something else I'm speechless And Bearomg I don't know who is better King or BearI loved this wild ride I feel like I was a part of the story and this made me love it even This story is emotionalintense and super hot I'm not going to say anything about the story because I'm afraid that if I say something I will spoil everythingBut guys you should know that this book is so amazing and it's going to rock your worldBear is a complicated character that intrigued me and I wanted to learn about him And now I can officially say how much I loved himHe is tough and he isn't your regular guy nonohe is so different but for me he is perfectAnd Thiashe is so strong and smartI loved her like all TM Frazier's heroines and I could totally relate with her I love TM Frazier because her books are uniue and completely captivatingI would blindly pick up whatever she writes because I believe in her and her ability to tell a wonderful story I highly recommend it to everyoneTM Frazier's fans you will not be disappointedAn advance reading copy was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review

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    Now AVAILABLE US★ 5 Loving Lawless Stars ★I was already going to hell Might as well enjoy the ride there Lawless is the dynamic third installment of the King Series TM Frazier has done it again with her complex characters twisted plot lines and broken love stories that will bring you to your knees every time Red stains are the worst expecially in white groutLawless is Bear's story When Tyrant ended Bear was left in a dangerous emotional state Abused and broken he decided to escape reality and take a trip down the self destruction highway Booze women and every cigarette from every gas station in every county in Florida cannot help him forget the pain He mad you a promise He will help you He can do the thinking for you You just have to get there ThiaMany years before Bear had made a promise to a young girl Now the little girl is all grown up When trouble barrels in like a shotgun on her doorstep she takes off to find solace in the man who promised her help Little did she know that man is long gone Used spent hot useless Broken Why was I there?While seeking help from Bear Thia falls into the hands of the Beach Bastards MC In order to unleash a holy war against Bear they take great pleasure in roughing Thia up Physically abused and emotionally broken both Thia and Bear must find their way together Through the support of King Ray and Grace Thia and Bear begin the journey to healing He cupped his hands around my face and kissed me like he was screaming at me punishing me for disobeying him for being in his life for not being in his lifeBear's lips on mine wasn't just something amazing It was an event It was downright magicalThia and Bear share a significant connection due to their past experiences and present situation Where Bear is rough and gritty Thia is soft and innocent Bear is a master in the bedroom and Thia is as pure as a Disney Princess And yet however sweet and angelic she appears to be we soon learn Thia is tough She is a true fighter to her core We were at war a war of passion and lust and anger and hate and every feeling I'd had towards the confusing manThe physical attraction between Bear and Thia is instantaneous and yet their relationship develops at a slow and steady burn The anticipation that builds only causes their first connection to ignite right off of the pages of the book The intensity between the two was dark and yet so beautiful Thia and Bear find solace in one another and yet with the Beach Bastard MC and the law closing in on them it is only a matter of time before their happy existence is blown to piecesI'm not stopping at kissing I'm not stopping until you're mine in every fucking way I'll try not to hurt you but this is happening right fucking now I'm warning you that I want you so much my version of gentle still might be really fucking hardI was selfish I was an asshole I needed to fuck her than I needed to breatheTold in dual POV Lawless offers a uniue blend of strong characterization a well developed plot multiple action packed moments and raw passion that will leave you breathless The secondary characters that we know and love from this series offer a constant reminder that every broken person has the ability to be healed and loved King was a bull who ran in his own direction and Preppy was the wild donkey running amongst bulls with no direction at allThe dialogue drives the action with it's rich text and fluid movement The action takes you right to the edge of comfort before you free fall into the next emotion Each moment is felt to the core as Thia and Bear navigate their way through the dark together In true TM fashion we are left with many uestions yet to be answered I have complete faith in this author to bring Bear and Thia through this transformation with perfection and grace and I for one am just thankful to be along for the ride He could rip me in two and I still didn't care because it wasn't what he could do to my body that I was worried about It was what he could do to my heartNever doubt that this has always belonged to me YOU have always belonged to meOverall Lawless is simply perfect I enjoyed every second of this read Returning to these characters was like coming home and I simply cannot get enough I highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a well developed gritty love story Bear and Thia's story is one to cherish and remember forever Bravo Ms Frazier And may I also addEncore PleaseEncore I love youKing Series★ BR with my girls Loyda and War in celebration of Shh IndieSTAR chat with Frazier Contreras Keeland Hildreth Dec 6 12 ★ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review via TRSROR for blog tour★For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit