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He’s not the guy you dateHe’s the one night standYou’d think the man who sends hot looks my way who called me succulent would want to strip me to my skin and spread me out on his bed like every other woman in ChicagoExcept he passed on my offerJust like I once did on hisHe’s wary like I amHe’s broken like I amAnd everyone knows two broken parts can’t ever make a whole So I try to distract myself I’m back to datingTahoe and I are strictly friends He doesn’t think my new beau is good enough but to him no man is good enough for me Especially Tahoe himselfBut the time Tahoe and I spend around each other the confused I feel I'm trying to open myself to loveBut I'm uickly realizing that the only man I want is stubborn cocky unattainable playboy Tahoe RothThe one your mother warned you aboutThe one my body cravesThe only one who will surely break my heart

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    Incredible intense and intoxicating Ladies Man is an all consuming friends to lovers romance that wraps itself around your head and heart—relentlessly tugging and tearing never letting go With the pages as the canvas the mesmerizing and meaningful words are painted flowing into feelings that touch every part of you This beautiful broken and brilliant book bleeds into you Belongs to you Becomes youLike the rest of Katy Evans’ enticing and emotional reads Ladies Man is claiming and consuming me as I read just the first page I can’t stop devouring these powerful and poignant words that are stealing my thoughts becoming my dreams Emotions flow fast and hard pouring off of the pages This story just began and I already don’t want it to end The build up is slow Steady Swoon worthy Sensational Pure magic I don’t have to read much of the book to realize that Ladies Man is than the title More than the striking cover with the gorgeous and rugged Viking staring so intently More depth More passion More meaning More everything For several hours this book became my world blending with my reality as the words—each full of meaning—spoke to me with lessons of hard fought love and lifeOh Tahoe Roth Malcolm Saint’s best friend My valiant Viking Beautiful and broken Blond hair Blue eyes Yummy facial scruff Tall Muscular Rugged Cocky A Golden God “Tahoe Roth is hot to the extreme Six feet four at least two hundred pounds of man A power box of testosterone” Regina ‘Gina’ Rachel Saint’s best friend Beautiful Brunette Brown eyes Curves in the right places Ever since she turned him down a year ago Tahoe has invaded Gina’s head “You’re staring at the guy who’s been haunting your dreams and you don’t know what to do about it What to do about him” Gina doesn’t want to want the tantalizing but terribly annoying Tahoe Perhaps a dirty night with one of the leading players of Chicago will do the trick At his birthday party Gina offers herself on a silver platter to Prince Player a night where she plays vixen to his Viking One night to screw him out of her head for good One night to taste Tahoe and then feast elsewhere I’m not a one night stand kind of girl which is why I’m giving you the chance only a few others have ever had One night with me” Holy shocker The Tahoe Train turns her down On his birthday A present that would have changed his life and hers “I’ve got nothing good to offer you Regina” And just like that only three percent into the story my heart starts to crack for this complex but caring man “You need a guy who will always be there for you One who will never let you down” “And you need a thousand women to make you feel good and I’m only one” “Friends then” Friends who fantasize about each otherFriends who should be loversFriends who walk a fine line towards “I hadn’t realized I was stroking his chest He’s watching me with a heavy lidded gaze The air thickens with awareness Our eyes hold His expression is so hungry and inside that gaze is that primitive look so intense it borders on pain” Push Pull Push PullThis cat and mouse game runs rampant as they are friends but aren’t The desperation The attraction The need The wantThe angst and anticipation burn as they pull me over the edge teetering in hope where I struggle to balance as my emotions are suddenly scattered everywhere “He may look like an Adonis but there’s a darkness in his gaze Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who sees it I see it now as I stare at his gorgeous haunting face with a shadow of a beard and full pink lips that I continue to see in my dreams” It’s New Year’s Eve and once again Gina and Tahoe find themselves at a party Nearing midnight they have no choice but to kiss That kiss It’s electric A game changer “God this mouth belongs to me this mouth was made for me” Their chemistry is insta hot Electric Palpable So much anguish as Gina and Tahoe struggle to remain friends when they are already so much “No one is the way they seem We all hide little pieces either because we don’t want to be judged or because we don’t think we’ll be understood or simply because we don’t want those pieces of us to belong to anyone but us” Oh how I’m falling in love with Tahoe Protector of Gina Her tamed beast Her T Rex Tough but tender Fierce but loyalThis man wears many layers as does Gina Tahoe shields himself with meaningless sex to dull a painful past and guard his heart while Gina wears a mask of makeup as a barrier to suppress her emotions “I’m bare— self conscious about my face than I am about my body My plump lips and wide expressive eyes And right now Tahoe Roth is taking it all in Taking all of me in” Each is wearing a mask that only the other can unveil as they are kindred spirits The calm to each other’s storm “He’s looking at me as if he can’t get enough” The words are arrows piercing my heart pulling it into this story as I’m consumed than ever The passion pours off the pages as I feel it all The feels start to freely flow I feel the desperation of Tahoe and Gina Their hunger Their anguish EverythingThe friends who see each other inside and out but are afraid to take a chance To ruin what they have Afraid to get burned again “I can’t get on the Tahoe rollercoaster Maybe before when it would be a one night stand it was an optionI am so scared to get hurt again To get hurt a thousand times than I ever have” The story is over but the feels don’t stop flowing as Ladies Man still holds on to my heart Happy tears Hopeful tears Sad tears Sappy tears I swooned I sweated I ached I anguished I lusted I loved HARD All of it I love Ladies Man so very much as this book is like Tahoe full of many layers Deep layers that penetrate it all heart head and soul A sweet surprise Ladies Man is a hidden gem So much than a troubled billionaire romance full of heat It’s heavy on heart too It’s even than a hard fought friends to lovers romance Ladies Man is a story about hope Healing Self discovery Self preservation A book that is meaningful lingering long after the story has ended with a valuable life message Don’t change your true self for anyone as when you do you risk losing your best you Five fierce and fabulous stars

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    Title Ladies ManSeries Manwhore #3Author Katy EvansRelease date April 26 2016Cliffhanger NoHEAview spoilerYes hide spoiler

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    You're like an insistent little trickle of water soaking into every inch of my life 5 StarsI buddyread this book with my lovely sis Bea Click her name to read her awesome reviewI loved this book so much and right now I couldn't even begin to form coherent thoughts TAHOE ROTH This guy This sexy ladies' man just got me with his You've checked me so hard lineWe've met Tahoe Roth and Gina Wylde in the first books of Manwhore series Since Manwhore Tahoe already hooked me because he was described as a sexy and cool rich playboy with a cocky grin and let me tell you those ualities are my weakness no matter how cliché they seem to be I didn't uite like Gina in the previous books though but in this book this girl totally got me Her character improved so well But what is true for Tahoe Roth? He is the embodiment of sex He also has a gentleman ingrained in his bones due to his southern upbringing You can tell a lot about person by how they treat others and he is playful but honest and always himself These two have this typical friends to lovers story that I found really sweet To be honest I didn't uite like the prolonged sexual tension between them as the story progressed simply because of the way they continued to resist each other and hang the readers in the air All throughout the 34 part of the book I kept saying Oh c'mon get it together already My patience was really tested here lol and you can't blame me because the chemistry of these characters are so evident you can't help but root for them But I was completely glad that the story picked up in the later chapters and finally made everything up It was totally worth it after all I want to take off your lipstick so all you have is my mouth on you The romance in this book was undeniably hot passionate and somewhat bittersweet Just when I thought that everything was light I realized that there were some parts that were a bit heavy and dramatic too like Tahoe's painful past which was revealed in an unexpected way I think that part was the main reason why I understood this casanova better Love has no conscience It doesn't know right or wrong It's a feeling you can't shake that penetrates your soul and it cannot be broken All in all I did enjoy and swoon over this book I guess the list of songs in the playlist which was mentioned also became an instrument for me to even love this book Those songs were perfect sigh I NEED MORE BOOKS LIKE THIS

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    35 stars “No one is the way they seem We all hide little pieces either because we don’t want to be judged or because we don’t think we’ll be understood or simply because we don’t want those pieces to belong to anyone but us” 
Ever since I met Tahoe in Manwhore I wanted a book for him And seeing the connection and chemistry he had with Rachel’s best friend Gina I wanted that book to be with her I was so happy to hear that it was happening A Tahoe and Gina book When it hit my kindle I started it straight away The sexual tension was at an all time high my emotions were a mess and this book made me smile laugh sad and ragey all at once It was a friend to lovers story which I love and even though it is connected to the Manwhore series it can most definitely be read as a standalone “I want to kiss you I look at you with those curves of yours and that wild hair and those dark eyes and that reluctant little smile and I want to crush you against me fill my hands with your hair and drown in your smell And I want to kiss you” 
Gina has been friends with Tahoe Roth for a while now She sees a side of him not everyone else sees After being friends and being crazy attracted to him for the longest time she goes for it One night with Tahoe BUT as much as Tahoe wants Gina and you can tell he wants her bad he doesn’t want to go there with her Why? Because even though he’d do anything to have her he doesn’t want to hurt her I think deep down Tahoe’s intentions were good and I know he has a big heart but dang view spoilerWhat made this NOT a 5 star for me after Tahoe realized how deep his feelings for Gina were after she met his parents etc he was still continuing his philandering ways It stressed me out I wanted his big change to come a little sooner personally I also wanted Gina to get rid of her lame duck boyfriend sooner Ugh hide spoiler

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    FOUR T REX STARSARC Generously Provided by Author ”You’re like an insistent little trickle of water soaking into every inch of my life I can’t look anywhere without noticing your absence Regina” Katy Evan has created some of the most incredibly sexy alpha males that I have had the pleasure of falling in love with over the year First there was Remy then Malcolm Saint and now we have Tahoe Roth I’ve been anxious to get my hands on Tahoe and Gina’s story ever since I read the Manwhore series The chemistry between them was pretty incredible I thought that Gina was a real spitfire We know that she has had her heart torn apart by her ex and since then she has closed that part of herself from the opposite sex but the connection she and Tahoe share is undeniable I really was hooked and loved the first 28% of this story but then Gina turned into an immature and needy girl and I was starting to uestion how I was going to end up feeling about this bookTahoe and Gina definitely have a strong attraction for each other but they spend most of their time denying their feelings Tahoe indulges in sex with many easy and available women I lost count as to how many times the man was having relations with than one woman at a time Gina meets Trent at a party that he actually crashed and even though it is clearly obvious that he couldn’t be wrong for her she hangs on to this guy just to avoid being alone I guess maybe because I’m much older and wiser now I found Gina to be an annoying heroine But she is only 23 and I can remember making a bad decision here and there about men at that age So I gave Gina the benefit of the doubtThroughout this book I couldn’t help but swoon over Tahoe and there was one scene in particular where I nearly combusted The outdoor shower scene This book is going to make you nearly die from the anticipation for the sexy time Just be prepared that it is a VERY LONG WAIT That was another reason I nearly combusted I don’t remember when I ever waited that long for the hero and heroine to get it on in a story It was slow and pure torture but when it finally happens well it was worth the waitSo overall I really enjoyed this one and clearly Katy Evans has succeeded in creating another HIT series Be sure to one click The book went LIVE a little earlier than expectedhttpamznto1YRgGGo

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    Katy is the ueen of turning a slow burn into scorching blistering heat and Ladies Man is another sultry shining jewel in her crown For me Tahoe is her hottest sexiest hero yet His intensity raw sensuality protectiveness and simmering emotion rocked my world Ladies Man captivated me from page one and will definitely be on my reread list

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    Yes It's finally liveFirst off a huge thank you to Katy for giving me the arc and the chance to read this story before it came out I was really curious about the plot and of course had to have the book immediatelly And since I'm a huge fan of her Real Series I was having big expectations about this story Truth be said I liked it but the first half was a bit of a struggle If I had to sum the whole story the new Beyonce song Sandcastles is the first thing that comes to mind It's so beautiful but yet so sad and full of pain that in the end turns into something Tahoe Roth My guy friend And the sexiest thig on the planet He had his chance We had our chance We're friends now Friends who annoy each other And sometimes want to have sex with one another But never do Regina and Tahoe's 'relationship' is to me uite complicated They danced around each other for a long time but none of them made the final move You may ask why not just get it over with and do it? The answer to that is simple When you have this intense connection to someone who gets you but are friends with them first why would you want to risk it all for only one hot but unforgettable night We all know that most not all friends who take that step change the way they feel orand behave around each other For some it gets awkward real fast some fall in love and some distance themselves to the point of no return So what's Regina and Tahoe's solution to their problem? They try to move on and have fun with other people specially Tahoe since he doesn't do relationships aka the title Manwhore How would one describe Tahoe? Well Regina says he resembles Ragnar from the series Vikings And to be hones I can see why one would give him the title sex on a stick I sure as heck would want a piece of that sexy ass too Just saying But of course that's not all that makes his character so attractive Deep down and behind his manwhorish ways there is a man who hides his scars made by loving hard and losing even harder Sometimes we use the people close to us as crutches to keep from facing reality or to keep from doing the hard work We think they can do it for us or shield us from the truth Sometimes we use our pain as a crutch too to keep from putting ourselves out there again But Tahoe isn't the only one with scars Only Regina tries to hide them with make up It gives her power to do things she might not have the courage to do otherwise After what happned to her with her last boyfriend she lost a lot of her confindence in her looks and having this mask on gives her the fulfilmed she needs to make herself feel pretty enough again A huge plus point for Tahoe was that he didn't care for her makeup he liked what he saw with or without it He even prefered to see her as she trully is And she's one beautiful woman I want to be happy I want to feel complete But what happens when your problems catch up Two broken parts can't make a whole and I know it We were friends And now how can we be friends after what I said? Ladies Man is a great read if you want angst and some fun time I was surprised by how little sexy scenes we get but maybe that's just my perverted mind making things up For those who loved the previous two books you'll be happy to hear that we get to see some pretty exciting news about the previous main characters We even get a hint of who's going to be Katy's next love victim Can't wait for his book Anyway I liked the story and if you feel like it then read the booktoo

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    DNF at 35%I'm a reader of very little limits in books I also happen to have a soft spot in my heart for the manwhores especially Unfortunately it seems that in Ladies Man I found my limitNow look I love this author I highly enjoyed the first two books in her Manwhore series Katy Evans has a knack for writing some super sexy alphas After being introduced to Tahoe and Gina in Manwhore I was practically chomping at the bit to get my grabby little hands on their storyBut the Gina and Tahoe that were first introduced were not the characters that were in this book Gina came across as a take charge tough as nails and sassy heroine but it felt like she did a total 180 in this book She was needy wishy washy and altogether the biggest subject of frustration for this readerI have no problems reading about manwhores it's my catnip I don't care about graphic sex scenes with other women so long if it fits the plot But the situation between Tahoe and Gina was just too much for me It's this never ending circle of 'I want you' but 'I can't have you' Gina wanting Tahoe and Tahoe pushing her away because he doesn't do relationships He prefers a constant flow of women and threesomes all the while maintaining a friendship with GinaAll that aside had I had some semblance of a connection to either of these characters I think I could have looked past a lot of it But I couldn't understand Gina and I barely knew anything about Tahoe aside from his penchant for threesomes Gina goes out on a date with another man she's not all that interested in so she can move past her attraction to Tahoe She has trouble trusting men herself ever since her boyfriend of two years cheated on her and completely broke her heart And when Gina's date asks her for cab fare after their date because he doesn't have enough her response is to invite him up to her apartment because why not?I was already on the edge of DNF before this but when view spoilera night of sex with this date of hers lands Gina in the ER because the condom broke and she had to get it removed she calls up her 'friend' Tahoe to pick her up to go get a morning after pill because she doesn't want to go alone Does she call any of her two best friends? Nope Tahoe Sure Ok Tahoe in turn leaves two women currently tied up on his bed to perform his good deedThen when Gina decides to surprise him at his apartment wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels and walks in on him screwing two women again she runs away But no worries because Tahoe leaves his harem once to go pacify her hide spoiler

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    I was reluctant to read this one after reading some reviews but ended up surprised how much I enjoyed it Sure Tahoe and Gina were infuriating with their push and pull nonetheless I liked their friendship a lot Tahoe whoring around and Gina having a boyfriend didn't help either but oh well they were only friends in the beginning Besides their interactions with others weren't detailed or descriptive at all rather just mentions so it didn't bother me that much Finding out the reasons for Tahoe's MO was heart breaking and helped understand his behaviour too I only wish they were longer a couple in the book but I guess the author compensated it with super steamy sex instead Let's just say Tahoe and Gina knew how to get it onAnyway uick nice story about friendship turned love with a touch of angst and sexy and crazy hot HEA I think fans of the series will appreciate I enjoyed

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    It's live US UK Ladies Man is book 3 in the Manwhore series and focuses on the best friends of the protagonists from the first two books As it's the story of a new couple it can be read solely as a Standalone story Tahoe Roth is a 26 year old certified ladies man He's a cocky no commitment kind of guy certainly not boyfriend material for a once hurt kind of girl who has no intention of putting her heart on the line with a player even if he happens to be her male best friend The story unfolds within the parameters of first person narrative from the sole perspective of the heroine The story depicts the push and pull of the friendship between Tahoe and Gina the things they see in each other their flaws and the undeniable attraction that draws them together For my personal reading taste I found the heroine to be somewhat frustrating in some of her choices behaviour and dialogue which ultimately caused my slight disengagement from the characters and their developing story The hot and cold attitude she displays towards Tahoe left me feeling a little perplexed and on occasions left me uestioning elements of the text with the word really? Eventually part of the unraveling reveals the painful history of Tahoe Roth which I believe had it been explored and developed earlier within the prose had the potential to reach into my heart and make me feel so much for the hero As it was this aspect of the story felt like it was shown uite late in the narrative with an almost rush to conclude their storyThere's no doubt that Katy Evans creates sexy standout stories with charismatic alluring heroes Many fans have already fallen in love with Tahoe and Gina's story the newest book couple in the Manwhore series and many will no doubt follow Katy Evans is an author I hugely respect and I very much look forward to future books she has to offer Advance copy received for my honest review thoughts