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Serialized in Amazing Science Fiction Magazine in 1972 published as a novel in 1975The Jovian Astronautical Biological Orbital Laboratory aka the Can is the only home 17 year old Matt Bohles has ever known Concerned about the aging space station's failure to find evidence of alien life on Jupiter or its moon the cost conscious powers back home have determined that all non essential personnel must be evacuated Now unless Matt can somehow prove himself to be an invaluable member of the scientific team he faces exile to a dangerous frightening and unfamiliar place Earth

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    If you like Heinlein you will probably like this book a lot It went by much too uickly and the ending was so uick

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    Benford Gregory Jupiter Project Jupiter Project No 1 1975 Eos 1998In Jupiter Project Gregory Benford a working astrophysicist demonstrates that he can write the kind of hard science fiction story for young adults that Heinlein wrote in the 1950s Benford does not have the engaging first person voice Heinlein has but he is free of some of Heinlein’s political nuttiness The setting is a research station in orbit around Jupiter Our hero is the son of a couple of scientists He is training to be a shuttle pilot Funding is a problem There are anomalies in the Jovian radiation belt that is messing up their euipment Game on Old as I am I miss young adult stories with good science Benford is refreshing even 45 years on

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    A great little YA novel

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    space lab studying Jupiter

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    Review to come

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    Good science fiction with a 'too uick' endingPROS Lot's of science; good sense of wonder; good job at mimicking Heinlein's juvenile writing styleCONS The main story line abruptly switched near the endBOTTOM LINE A uick fun Heinleinian readThe Can is a research station orbiting Jupiter populated by scientists and their families Their mission is to monitor incoming signals for signs of alien life For seventeen year old Matt Bohles who was too young to remember living Earthside The Can is the only home he knows When budget cuts threaten to send him back to an overpopulated Earth Matt must prove his worthiness while dealing with family friends enemies and lots of space hazardsProject Jupiter is Gregory Benford's homage to Heinlein's juvenile novels specifically Farmer in the Sky At least that is what is to be believed by the first reviewer of Project Jupiter who identifies himself as the Benford Actually he does a pretty good job at it It mostly reads like early Heinlein and even has lots of physics thrown in For example the space station is accurately described as The Can; it's cylindrical in shape with a hollow core shuttlecraft and a makeshift suash court are kept there and each successive rotating layer imposing a higher degree of gravity until the 1G outer level Positioned at the end caps are pancake shaped bags of water to block space radiation And the opening scene showing a suash game between Matt and Yuri is cool and helps evoke the sense of wonder that prevails throughout the bookThe story is mainly about a rite of passage of a teen into adulthood Here Matt must prove himself worthy to the ship's captain as well as his dad His main competition Yuri is a backstabbing conniving cheat who knows how to play the game of politics very well There's a love interest too where Matt eventually gets to experience another rite of passage if you know what I meanThe story maintained a consistent pace until about the last 15% of the book when things went into high speed mode This was a good thing as far as pacing goes since I thought the first 85% could have moved a bit uicker But as far as plot goes it undermined the whole story line of Matt proving his worth Or maybe it's accurate to say that it seemed superfluous to the main story line At that point it's like Benford was trying to launch a new story According to Benford's review his later novel Against Infinity is a uasi seuel to this novel where Matt is an old man so I suspect the launch of this new story line was intentional I just thought it was too much of a gear change at this late point in the story It probably would have made a better opening for the next book

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    Project Jupiter 1975 182 pages by Gregory BenfordThis book was similar in style to Podkayne of Mars Orphans of the Sky Double Star Farmer in the Sky Starship Troopers Farmer in the Sky you get the drift There are plenty of stories where the young hero is in a low position or just on the outskirts looking in A raw recruit the son or daughter of one of the people on the remote location a student What distinguishes all of the Heinlein novels is the manner in which he tells it He tries to inform us of how a particular job is done and sometimes going so far as to say this is how it should be done I got that feel from Project JupiterThere's a space station in orbit around Jupiter with a small population of permanent residents being permanent they came in family groups because that's the way to do it Matt Bohles is the 17 year old son of a couple of scientists and he's been learning about how the station runs and some of the different jobsBenford starts with a zero g game of suash between Matt and Yuri Explaining to us how zero gravity works at the same time we find that Matt doesn't get along with Yuri Are you with me on how this is so like those Heinlein novels? His dad comes to him to discuss his future saying the next ship from Earth will be here in eleven months maybe you ought to look at colleges there This doesn't appeal to Matt Then we hear that the station is going to get shut down and everybody is going back to Earth until the current budget crisis is overThey're thinking of ways to at least leave a skeleton crew at the station and at least for the now they'll go on with there routine The scientists with their work Matt and Zak go to Gannymede on their mandatory once every sixth month vacation Matt and Zak plan on voluteering to take the rovers out to check on instrument sites Zak sprains his ankle on the first day of their vacation and won't be able to go but there's someone who can take his place It's YuriI don't want to give away the entire plot The book went uickly it was interesting not extremely deep but I liked it uite a bit If you like Heinlein this is right up your alley

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    I prefer The Martian Race by Benford but to be fair this book about a colony living near Jupiter was written in 1972 and people have changed since then in our behaviour social media and expectationsA group of families and single people are carrying out scientific research on Jupiter and its moons They have yet to discover life or anything very economically useful The teenagers are the main characters we follow as the 17 year olds have spent time in the orbiting 'Can' than planetside with excursions to Ganymede Their elders try to socialise them to Earth norms as they expect to be shipped back to Earth someday but all is not so pleasant on Earth and financial support may be cut to the colony They can't survive for than a year or two without input so they'll have to return Only the kids don't want to go What amazes me is how much mundane high school atmosphere percolates through this tale with the playground bullies and awkward frustrations competition lying and tale telling we'd expect of much younger kids Naturally in this environment friction can have bigger conseuences maybe deadly ones There's scenic views of Jupiter a few bounces around the biodomed area on Ganymede and interior cramped living in the Can and shuttles than most of us would want Add the realism of space and radiation and there's plenty of food for thought

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    A very nice YA book that looks at the issues of growing up in a research station orbiting Jupiter in the rather near future timeline Good science good people relations and a different take on the dealing with a bully in space issue Benford is a PhD research scientist and his painting of a research community in space along with great details on Jupiter are well done As good as any early Heinlein YA

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    Disappointing story set in a space station orbiting Jupiter Again lots of hardware but no real depth to the story with no ethics and no real sense of direction Actually written for 12 year olds and it shows They must have been awfully unsophisticated 12 year olds in 1975