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I m usually a believer in the truism that You can t judge a book by its cover However, if there was ever a counter argument, the suitably semi misnamed named, Two Gun Mojo, could certainly make a strong case Along with or hypothetically without his eponymously matching revolvers, Stetson hat, spurs, holster, and such, Hex makes for an unmistakable cowboy If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck and we ve heard this before you know what s up But disappointingly enough, this frontiersman is something of a one trick quack as we ll see by the end of the final issue.While the title well describes the weaponry of the cowboy, our main character has anything but mojo In fact, other than his characteristically face deforming scar and red glass eye, there is nothing distinctly energetic nor magic about him Strangely devoid of anything even somewhat resembling supernormal powers besides a few particularly impossibly, masturbatory gun driven acrobatics the cowboy within is decidedly, quite un comicy in his way.Without those typical brushstrokes of the divine and the impossible that characteristically define demarcations of sequential art, our first 2 3 issues reflect a farrealistic panorama of people and places Featuring an intentional rescue from a noose that couldn t have happened with two shakes of a lamb s tail less, our not hero is not only freed but, gains an erstwhile ally in a scene that unabashedly and liberally samples Leone s The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly This heftily reduplicated introductory sample well sets the stage for the rest of the settings that while seemingly enough, reflecting the visuals of that bygone world well, are lip swishingly bereft of originality and creativity Sans a unique vision, the result retains it s cardboard replicator feel in both taste and tone throughout.Without an overarching arc as it were two jumbly stories are tethered with betrayal, bullets, and a solid chunk of already established material And even when a few curveballs are tossed such as carnie magic and zombie think a crude magical realism , these micro experiments fail because the established world has been effectively denuded of the imaginative in favor reality s grit Which should have pushed the story into an effectively an enjoyable realm deserving of the Vertigo Imprimatur However, Two Gun Mojo falls short not just of it s excellent source material but craters against its very comic book peers that have mined the same mines and produced stellar stories of a far higher degree of quality Moebius Blueberry and Azzarello s Loveless immediately spring to mind Both of which successfully capitalized on their themes through their accepted visions of realness Jonah Hex, on the other hand, seemingly wants to be something of a hybrid that can hybridize both the real and the imaginative The result is overwhelmingly meh Having established a world that reflects our world values well, the inclusion of the fantastical i.e carnie magic and undead zombies comes across a bad mis match at best, and insipid insertion at best Left clunkier than funkier, Jonah Hex s sure got his two guns but nothing in the way of soul. East Texan Joe Lansdale Didn T Start Out As A Writer Of Comics, But He Had Always Admired Two DC Characters, Jonah Hex And Batman, For Their Quality Of Being Dark Knights Jonah Hex Is No Sleek Crusader, Though He S Ugly, Bizarre, And Just Damn Ornery This Bound Mini Series Of Five Comic Books Is About A Man Of The Old South In A Splatter Western World A World Of Weird Horror And Macabre Humor With Wicked Full Color Art By Timothy Truman And Sam Glanzman Yep, still doing some comic catchup before possibly having to lose all of them in an upcoming move end of kvetching.Joe Lansdale brings his noir and horror style to DC Comics Jonah Hex If there was a Western character tailored for aforesaid style it is the disfigured Hex Lansdale s humor works here, as Hex is constantly asked about his disfigured face, and he tosses off one sentence replies I scratched myself with a toothpick Lansdale also maintains Hex s early anti hero portrayal, because let s be honest Jonah is not a nice guy If anything Hex is comics first honest attempt at an Italian Western character aka Clint Eastwood s Man With No Name.Hex ends up being hunted for someone he actually didn t kill, which is amazing considering the body count he does manage to amass Add to this Hex is tracking a medicine show where it appears at least one of the freaks is a zombie gunfighter,.Some might find the violence and horror a little too graphic for their taste trust me this is no where nearly as bad or offensive as Avatar Publishing s Crossed However I do feel obligated to make a potential reader aware of the human cannibalism and graphic death scenes. Sometimes things aren t the same in our memory as they are in reality A case in point are the old Jonah Hex comics As a kid, I would see the covers and be freaked out, mostly by Jonah s frightening face Now I m not sure how many of these comics I actually read, but my impression of these books were that they were a mix of western and horror or supernatural elements Well, cut to forty years later when I pick up Showcase Presents Jonah Hex and discover that these tales aren t that weird at all Perhaps that is why I love this graphic novel Writer Joe R Lansdale in his introduction explains that he had this same type of false memory, and that his intent here was to actually injectweird supernatural elements into a Jonah story The result is probably the best Jonah Hex story I ve ever read The story has Hex on the trail of some stolen corpses, which leads him to a bizarre traveling sideshow featuring a zombie Wild Bill Hickok Lansdale manages to tell this story in a way that is both hilariously funny and creepily bleak He blends sharp Texas humor with a grim mood of death and decay, then tops its all off with a large helping of very brutal violence.The art just adds to the insanity here Timothy Truman and Sam Glanzman work in a rough hewn style that is often brightly colored but grimy, atmospheric and slightly off kilter This really is the kind of Jonah Hex book that lives up to the character s previously unmet possibilities Great stuff. The book has got beautiful illustrations by Timothy Truman and Sam Glanzman, which perfectly captures the gritty western era.The plot is a typical western story, albeit with a little mix up of ZOMBIES The book is weird and crazy, but definitely an entertaining read. A great pairing of writer and artist with subject matter This is far and away my favorite version of Jonah Hex I m writing this review now because it sounds like the worst incarnation of the character is about to be unleashed on the world thanks to Hollywood.This collection is great, but the other Jonah Hex story by Lansdale Truman, called Jonah Hex Riders of the Worm and Such is even better Sadly, it seems to be unavailable as a trade paperback, probably due to a lawsuit by albino bluesmen Johnathan and Edger Winters, who were hilariously parodied in that story That lawsuit is an interesting first amendment story in its own right, and worth reading about here I love Jonah Hex That is all. Love Jonah Hex Langsdale wrote with such ease and Truman truly is an impeccable Western artist I loved the story, although, at times, it dragged and lulled a bitthan other Hex books I ve read.The classic tale of Hex is almost notably the same, yet it never grows boring and never turns stale.Hex is simply that complex a comic character that writers and artists should never run out of material wealth.Now, I just need to watch the cartoons that go along with this Volume Somewhat crude art but lots of humor and an engaging story make for on overall great read. Revisiting my own collection, here s a beauty Joe R Lansdale and Tim Truman on the scarred ex Confederate Civil War veteran bounty hunter Hex is one of those fought for my land not for slavery types one tends to look on with some skepticism nowadays, but there isn t much in the way of soft nostalgia for ol Dixie in these pages The whole thing is mean and ornery and wild and violent Two Gun Mojo sees Hex, after a run in with a town turned lynch mob, gunning after a travelling circus wagon run by the strange and horrible Doc Williams Williams may or may not be reviving the dead in some sort of voodoo mojo, or he may be just giving people brain damage, either way he has his little gang of zombie slves, including someone who may or may not be Wild Bill Hickock, and Hex intends to put and end to him.Lansdale and Truman make a terrific team, the dialogue is funny and the yarn is downright demented.