Joe R. Lansdales The Drive-In Prime –

3.0 stars This book was a lot of fun It is the literary equivalent of a cheesy, midnight horror flick but with much better dialogue and humor The narrator s voice had just the right tone and automatic acceptance of whatever bizarro event were occurring around him to carry this book through Nominee Locus Award for Best Horror Dark Fantasy NovelNominee Bram Stoker Award for Best NovelNominee World Fantasy Award for Best Novel This book is very hard to categorize There s a fair amount of fantasy and horror, though This is truly a fun book Weird as the day is long, but compelling. Three words best describe this book by the inimitable Joe Lansdale, FUN, FUN FUN This is classic B grade movie horror schlock but with the added bonus of typical JR writing thrown in for good measure.The story takes place at a massive drive in movie complex All of a sudden a long black veil descends on the area and everyone there is trapped Naturally things decline pretty quickly, enter starvation, roving biker gangs, religious cannibals and oh yesthe Popcorn King Great read for any horror fan and especially for fans of horror movies as several are mentioned in the book.Postscript I was curious to find out which came first, the Drive In by Lansdale or Under the Dome by King because at first glance there are some strong similarities Interesting, the Drive in was published in 2006 and Under the Dome in 2009, Lansdale wins This one was a trip A B Movie romp with B Movies Gods Good solid fun and good times trapped in the drive in with the Popcorn King 3.5 Review copyThose were the days Heading to the drive in on a Friday night If you were lucky, it was with the girl with whom you were hoping to get past second base But then, it could be just as much fun with your friends Maybe with one or two of you in the trunk to save the admission fee.The Orbit Drive In off I 45 is the largest Drive In in Texas with space for four thousand cars With two oroccupants per car, that makes The Orbit bigger than many small Texas towns.The Orbit shows B string and basement budget pictures A lot of them made with littlethan a Kodak, some spit and a prayer And if you ve watched enough of this stuff, you develop a taste for it, sort of like learning to like sauerkraut Lansdale is a skilled writer who creates real people and then places them in real bad situations Even when those situations are themselves like a B string movie And therein lies the charm of The Drive In The Drive In uses a familiar plot device where you take a diverse group of people and place them in a locked environment where there s no way out Think Stephen King s Under the Dome Although Landale s work pre dates King s novel by some 20 years they both deal with the lengths people will go just to survive.Populated with some truly bizarre characters like The Popcorn King and a group of religious cannibals, The Drive In is all the fun of those tacky B movies from the golden age of the drive in Roger Corman would be proud.First published in 1988, The Drive In is now available as an ebook, in a variety of formats, from the folks at Crossroad Press Also available are two sequels in the series.If you ve never read The Drive In, I can recommend this one for a fast, fun read. This was definitely an interesting read, to say the least It was well written and full of wonderfully descriptive similes The author has quite an imagination, and I truly enjoyed the fact that as I read the story, it came alive in my mind as if I were watching a movie I will definitely readof Lansdale s works, starting with the sequel, Drive In 2. When A Group Of Friends Decided To Spend A Day At The World S Largest Drive In Theater Horror Fest, They Expected To See Tons Of Bloody Murders, Rampaging Madmen, And Mayhem But Only On The Screen As A Mysterious Force Traps All The Patrons Inside The Drive In, The Worst In Humanity Comes Out Filled With Lansdale S Razor Whit And Black Humor, The Drive In Is A Darkly Humorous Masterpiece Collected Here Is The Complete Four Issue Series With Bonus Material Including A New Interview With Lansdale Himself About The Writing Of The Drive In Reading Joe Lansdale is something that goes far beyond a simple money for entertainment transaction It s an experience, something deeply satisfying in the form as well as in the content THE DRIVE IN is like a demented celebration of everything Joe Lansdale stands for It s so out there, it could ve well been fan fiction, but we re lucky enough to have it written by the master Think Ghostbuster meets Goonies meets Stephen King and the B movie Gods Ferociously fun. ok this is one of those trainwrecks where you can t look away but everything inside of you wishes you could i actually read this story at the beginning of a lansdale reader electric gumbo which included several short stories by the author as well let s just say his stuff is fucked up no matter how you slice it. Loved the beginning Great writing, great characters and quite a few laugh out loud moments But, lost me at the King of Popcorn