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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFamed American Actress Demi Moore At Last Tells Her Own Story In A Surprisingly Intimate And Emotionally Charged MemoirFor Decades, Demi Moore Has Been Synonymous With Celebrity From Iconic Film Roles To High Profile Relationships, Moore Has Never Been Far From The Spotlight Or The HeadlinesEven As Demi Was Becoming The Highest Paid Actress In Hollywood, However, She Was Always Outrunning Her Past, Just One Step Ahead Of The Doubts And Insecurities That Defined Her Childhood Throughout Her Rise To Fame And During Some Of The Most Pivotal Moments Of Her Life, Demi Battled Addiction, Body Image Issues, And Childhood Trauma That Would Follow Her For Years All While Juggling A Skyrocketing Career And At Times Negative Public Perception As Her Success Grew, Demi Found Herself Questioning If She Belonged In Hollywood, If She Was A Good Mother, A Good Actress And, Always, If She Was Simply Good EnoughAs Much As Her Story Is About Adversity, It Is Also About Tremendous Resilience In This Deeply Candid And Reflective Memoir, Demi Pulls Back The Curtain And Opens Up About Her Career And Personal Life Laying Bare Her Tumultuous Relationship With Her Mother, Her Marriages, Her Struggles Balancing Stardom With Raising A Family, And Her Journey Toward Open Heartedness Inside Out Is A Story Of Survival, Success, And Surrender A Wrenchingly Honest Portrayal Of One Woman S At Once Ordinary And Iconic Life This book feels like a long therapy session Its a good thing and very interesting, it is also something a lot of people can identify with I like that there wasn t this big hang up about all the celebrity stories Demi Moore exposes her full journey and I appreciate the conclusions she made For anyone expecting to read about the juice stuff , don t bother. the piece about A Kutcher and the topic of the threesome was described in two sentences and was directly related to her insecurities I finished the book in 8 hours without skipping sections and the only reason i don t rate this a 5 is that I feel there is something missing as she talked about her daughters and their decision to not talk to her for three years Everything else is analysed and you get to understand why from her perspective of course people did what they did towards her and her understanding of it, but we don t get that as her daughters at least I didn t get it and Bruce Willis decided to ignore her for the years she was in therapy It feels like its missing about two chapters and I was a bit disappointed as she had not spared in any of the other descriptions. I have been wanting to read Demi Moore s memoirs for a long time I grew up in her era and loved the appeal she had I really enjoyed her films and loved Bruce Willis They both had a magical appeal and it was fascinating When I heard that she had had a rough life, I am not a nosy person but have always loved to read what made people tick, I wanted to see what made Demi special She truly had a very rough life filled with such turmoil and extreme havoc I don t feel sorry for her as she survived and it made her who she is today Life is full of misadventures and mislaid plans I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and in order to get where you are at this moment in life, especially my life you have to go through the bad in order to get to the good part of your life To appreciate and learn from those tough times I appreciate life now and try not to take advantage of what is with me now or what the future holds for me From the sounds of it Demi Moore is at that same place in life now where she appreciates and loves what is right in front of her I take my hat off to Demi Moore and her strength to not allow life to best her, nor to allow herself to wither and die I salute your strength and love for your three daughters they truly gave you that strength but remember Demi, you had that strength within yourself from day one, and you believed. I ve always liked Demi Moore and have always enjoyed her movies so thought I would have a read A really interesting book, well written, and with plenty of detail She has done a lot of excruciating soul searching and this really comes across in the book Definitely recommend. I grew up watching films that Demi Moore starred in, and thought she had it all I really enjoyed the honest account of her life, which although seemed golden on the outside was not all it seemed We tend to forget that Hollywood stars are also people who have to endure heartache as well as joy, and this book covered both of these in equal measure Well written, it to me captured the emotions of the trauma and shows her strength of character as well as providing some insight into her life. Really enjoyed reading this When you think someone has it all, think again life isn t easy for anyone and I could identify with some of her experiences and found it inspiring how she now views them I hate when people do autobiographies and don t really open up, and just do it for the money, but I feel Demi shared a lot,than she needed to and I feel this book is closure on some painful times in her life so she can move on I do feel there wasto her kids not speaking to her for three years, but like I said she sharedthan she had to and it s enough for a great read. This was a good read, I ve always liked her work so it was good to learnabout her personal life which was really interesting She s been through a lot it s good to see her doing so well. This book could have been very interesting given the life of the author but unfortunately, it is a tedious, woe is me tale where the author tries to justify her behaviour, blaming it on everything and everyone else Every one of us encounters difficult challenges and people in our lives but our response, reaction and moving forward from them is always our choice The responsibility for our actions, and consequences resulting from them, are ours Normally I pass on my books to other people but the best place for this book was the recycling bin.