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DNF Just couldn t get into the characters or story I ll try to pick it up again I the future. Most of you know how big of a Taylor Dean fan I am and this book was no exception and it s totally not because I have a quote on the back of the printed copy I loved this book, but not quite as much as Lancaster House This is one of those books that I can t really talk about too much for fear of spoiling so I am going to keep this review brief.At the beginning of the book I had a little trouble with how Holly spoke to everyone I felt like she came across as really artificial, but as the story unfolds you realize that there is a reason why she is acting this way Holly is so naive in the beginning, but she grows tremendously during the course of the story There were times that I was so frustrated with her for the choices that she was making, but her situation is so real and as you are reading it you can t help but hurt for her.This was a hard book to read because of the subject matter, but Ms Dean does a wonderful job handling these scenes Readers should be aware that this book does deal with domestic abuse This isn t an issue that I have dealt with on a personal level, but I believe that the issue is handled well in this story You feel for Holly deeply and you will root for her to make better choices At it s heart this is a love story and has a great element of hope It s wonderful to see that moment when Holly realizes that even though she started out alone she really does have people.I can never say enough about how great a storyteller Taylor Dean is She writes stories that tug at your heart and make you feel no matter what genre I highly recommend all of her books if you like wonderful, heartfelt stories with great characters and clean romance. Missing Any Memories Holly Sinclair Is Happily Married To The Love Of Her Life, Gabriel Young And In Love, Holly Hopes To Have Their First Child Soon Of Course, Gabriel Wants To Wait Till Holly S Health Is Restored, Much To Holly S Dismay She Feels Perfectly Fine So What If She Just Woke Up From An Eight Month Coma So What If Some Of Her Memories Are Missing She Remembers Gabe And That S All That Matters, Right That Is, Until HE Enters Her Life Again She Forgot About HIM I received this book free from the author in a giveaway I loved this book It s really hard to explain anything about the book without giving crucial elements away I know that this book hit extremely close to home for me, which made it all the poignant I laughed and cried along with Holly with every turn of the page I understood her fear, and remember making the same internal rationalizations that she did This is truly a fairy tale told in modern context Holly awakens from an eight month coma only to find out that she is missing memories for her life Her husband lovingly recreates memories for her and gives her back her life or so she thought Things aren t always what they seem When she finally does remember what her mind shut out, earth shattering revelations complicate everything.I highly recommend this book Holly is a very strong and wonderful lead character, and the people in her life are detailed beautifully These characters became very real to me very quickly, both the good ones and the bad This was a book that brought out every emotion in me, sometimes all at once My first by the author but definitely not my last.No one really likes to hear about abuse but this book did it well Holly may have suffered abuse but she just didn t take it, she eventually fought back and left.The way Gabriel and Angela acting when Holly came out of the come, I thought the abuser was Gabriel He wasn t, he truly is a Boy Scout He may have decided Holly but it was really for good reasons.It was a sweet and different story, difficult at times. I Have People is an emotional journey of a young woman named Holly Sinclair She was in foster care all her life because her mother couldn t stay clean long enough to take care of her and she never knew her father As soon as she turned 18 she was released from foster care with no family or friends to go to Because she doesn t have anyone, she becomes the perfect target for domestic abuse I don t really want to say too much about this wonderful story because I don t want to give anything away What I will say is that I totally admire Holly s character While I have personally never dealt with the types of situations she went through, I can completely see how and why she does the things she does I recommend this book to any woman I think it might even help some who find themselves in a dangerous relationship with someone I smiled and cried and I will defiantly re read this book one day What a pleasantly surprising read I really enjoyed this book even though at times it was a bit hard to read The life Holly lived was heartbreaking Being able to see Holly grow, trust, love, let go and live was wonderful Great book and highly recommend. Had me gripped from the very first page This was my first Taylor Dean read However, it won t be my last I usually steer clear of romance novels, and read suspense, mystery, etc This book was WONDERFUL It has romance , suspense mystery Kept me awake for two nights From the synopsis and the prologue you get what this book is about, or do you Yes, it s about domestic abuse, about spousal abuse A tough subject to write about Taylor does it as gently as she can You read about the abuse Holly suffers at her husband s beefy fists The physical and emotional terror he inflicts You also read about Holly s courage, her spirit that rises up when she s had enough She awakens from a coma 8 months later and the first thing she says is Gabriel Where is her angel, her husband This is where you discover you don t quite know where the story is going There is a mystery to be delved into One that Holly s husband , Gabriel, and her best friend, Angela are keeping hidden from her On several occasions, Holly catches them whispering when she enters the room I was waiting for her to get mad, to finally yell at them to tell her what they were hiding from her She knows they won t tell her Insisting she must remember on her own, when her mind is ready At first I thought she gave in too easily But the I thought about, I could see where she was probably terrified to remember She knew it would be painful One scene I really liked was where Holly was explaining about her imagination and how it worked Well it goes something like this I m in the elevator, staring at the back of a woman s red coat, and I begin to think that maybe I should paint my living room wall red which leads to thinking that I really need to vacuum the living room, which leads to wondering what I ll do this weekend I m just like that My mother always told me, I think too much I adore Gabriel He really is the boy scout Angela accuses him of being And who wouldn t want a friend like Angela She s sweet and funny and a loyal friend I d like to read her story And I d like to get to know her pack of brothers too, especially Dimitri Maybe we ll here from these characters again Until then, I urge you to read i have people You ll cry, you ll laugh, you ll want to kick someone, but most importantly, you ll want to hug someone You ll want to hug your people 5 Stars for i have people While I received this book to review, I went ahead and bought it so I could read it on my kindle I have most of Taylor Dean s books as paperbacks and will soon be adding this one to my bookshelf Her covers are beautiful and when I love a book I have to be able to hold it I ll be adding of Taylor s books to my shelves as she releases them Each and every one I think I m going to start a Taylor Dean fan club and become President because she has seriously become one of my favorite authors of all time I inhaled I Have People like there was no tomorrow Once again, Taylor did not disappoint me at all.I don t like to give spoilers BUT this book does deal with an extremely sensitive issue of physical abuse in a relationship It hurt to read certain scenes, I won t sugarcoat it Taylor delivered a very raw and painful story in I Have People She did it with class though, and she kept the main character Holly a little naive in the beginning but matured her into an intelligent woman who does the SMART thing in the end.I just kept thinking how I would feel if I didn t have my people in my life How lonely and cold that must be for people who aren t lucky to have families like most of us I felt so sympathetic towards Holly and rooted for her and Mr Sinclair the entire time during the flashback.This is a beautiful love story but it s also a LIFE story about what is important to an individual, what means the most to them I was so happy that Holly finally found her people , because she truly deserved it.This is a beautiful story and deserves to be read immediately by all You will not regret it Bravo Taylor, great job