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I bought this book as I had enrolled in Johanna s online Inky Art School I have had a fabulous two weeks learning to draw, the first time I ve drawn anything since I left school forty years ago The book is easy to follow and you can colour it all in too Thanks Johanna for the inspiration. I love all Johanna s colouring books but do get bored of just colouring However I love doodling but can never get them to look very good I saw an advert for this book and immediately pre ordered it I wasn t disappointed once it finally arrived on the day of release This book not only gives you step by step instructions on each element but also how to put them together to create your own masterpieces I love that the book is split into sections themes so you can decide what to draw e.g seascape and turn to that section which is full of both instructions and examples If you aren t confident enough to start your own then you can complete examples that she has started for you till you gain confidence.This is the book I didn t know I was yearning for and makes a change from zentangling which take a lot of concentration This can be done while watching tv or doodling in a meeting once you have learnt the basics which doesn t take long If you want a straight colouring book then this isn t the book for you however if you want to try and draw your own designs then this book is perfect Definitely worth the money.I took it to a craft session and others liked it too Even with minimal drawing skills they soon got the hang of it and were pleased with the results I have been trying to draw flowers for nearly a year with no great success I did not want to copy others work This book, no this brilliant book has given me the basics and I am already drawing some fantastic cards and gift tags with my own twist to them If you love to doodle get this book it is a great source of ideas thank you Johanna for sharing. I absolutely adore this book I should say straight away that I am not a colourer I have never been interested in colouring books I do, however, want to learn to draw and in particular I want to learn to draw ocean themed and forest themed pictures I want to escape into magical wonderlands after a stressful day Johnna Basford has given me that opportunity and I am so grateful Her simple step by step guides have been an absolute godsend for a beginner like me I spent my entire childhood and much of my adult life thinking I just didn t have the natural ability to draw, so I lacked the confidence to try Johanna s refreshing approach is that you don t need masses of talent to get pleasure out of art, just a childlike enthusiasm and a willingness to practice I really hope she brings upHow to draw books. I was a bit dubious about this being a drawing book rather than a colouring book but I thought I would try it and..WOW, I can draw Johanna takes you right back to the basics and builds each design, line by line Watching her Facebook tutorials is a real bonus and I have been really surprised what I have been able to draw She goes through everything you will need for the next lesson so you are prepared I can now draw AND colour my own designs, I would never have thought I would be able to do that I have added designs to birthday cards and roll on Christmas. I don t know why, but I wasn t expecting this book to be of the same high quality as Johanna s colouring books I couldn t have beenwrong It s a gorgeous book, the same excellent standard of quality as any of the others, full sized and printed on good quality thick paper This book is filled with everything you need to know to create satisfying art of your own, and is suitable for anyone, even those who ve never drawn a thing before Well worth the wait I wasn t going to buy this book as I don t think I m very good at drawing and didn t think I could actually do it However, I saw some flip throughs on YouTube and thought it looked fun and then I signed up for the Inky Art School on Facebook and got stuck in.It s a lot of fun learning to draw and I have surprised myself by how simple it is to draw your own flowers, etc I even plucked up the courage to draw in the book after a couple days practice.In the book there are some areas to colour, some pages to add to existing drawings whether it s by addingflowers or fish or by simply adding the inky details And of course you can colour the whole lot in.We go through a good part of the world of Johanna, the garden, the forest and we learn how to draw things like the symmetrical crest which you might recognise as the name page from the colouring books.I am really enjoying this book and the videos and am glad I came on this inky adventure. Unleash Your Inner Artist And Learn To Draw With Queen Of Colouring Johanna BasfordIn This Beautiful, Accessible Guide Johanna Shares The Fun, Simple, No Skills Needed Secrets To Creating Your Own Flora, Fauna And Fantasies Inspired By Her Bestselling And Beloved Colouring BooksWith Step By Step Exercises, Inspiring Prompts And Plenty Of Pages To Colour, Let Your Creativity Run Wild How To Draw Inky Wonderlands Invites You To Develop Your Personal Drawing Style And Master Creating Marvellous Creatures And Landscapes Using Only The Pen Or Pencil In Your Hand And The Wildest Reaches Of Your Imagination