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Hilarious, Heartwarming And Inspirational, This Is The NumberSunday Times Bestselling Autobiography By Comedian Sarah Millican The Funniest Book Of The YearThe Naughtiest, Helpiest, Laughieoutloudiest And Goodest Book I Ve Ever Done Reading On Give That Girl A Banana DAWN FRENCH SARAH MILLICAN S AUTOBIOGRAPHY WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH, FEEL NORMAL AND PROBABLY SNIFF YOUR LEGGINGS Part Autobiography, Part Self Help, Part Confession, Part Celebration Of Being A Common Or Garden Woman, Part Collection Of Synonyms For Nunny, Sarah Millican S Debut Book Delves Into Her Super Normal Life With Daft Stories, Funny Tales And Proper Advice On How To Get Past Life S Blips Like Being Good At School But Not Good At Friends, The Excitement Of IBS And How To Blossom Post Divorce If You Ve Ever Worn Glasses At The Age Of Six, Worn An Off The Shoulder Gown With No Confidence, Been Contacted By An Old School Bully, Lived In Your Childhood Bedroom In Your Thirties, Been Gloriously Dumped In A Frankie And Benny S, Cried So Much You Felt Great, Been For A Romantic Walk With A Dog, Worn Leggings Two Days In A Row Even Though They Smelt Of Wee From A Distance, Then This Is YOUR BOOK If You Haven T Done Those Things But Wish You Had, THIS IS YOUR BOOK If You Just Want To Laugh On A Train Sofa Toilet Or Under Your Desk At Work, THIS IS YOUR BOOK Of Course Sarah Millican S Book Will Make You Laugh Out Loud, But There Are Moments Where She Will Touch You Deeply The Dirty Bitch KATHY BURKE

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    I got turned down for reviewing this book on NetGalley and I have to admit that at the time I was quite hurt Nevertheless I didn t cancel my pre order for it and I m really pleased that I still bought it.Sarah Millican is a national treasure she is warm, humane and wise Reading How to be Champion has the feel good factor of an excellent girls night out with your very best friends without having to suffer a nasty hangover the next morning.Ms Milligan is not just funny, she has the rare gift of being smutty without being offensive, and being candid without being hurtful she pulls no punches with her honesty and she is a great role model for women of all ages and sizes I am proud of her, and not just because it turns out she was brought up a few streets away from me in my home town of South Shields, it just adds to her overall fabulousness.Loved it A joy forever.

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    If you re offended by swearing and or crude words for genitalia, then don t read it.Everyone else go for it Its an enjoyable collection of tales from Sarah s life Some are amusing, some sad You don t have to be her biggest fan to enjoy it, but I think you ll enjoy it if you already have an appreciation of her, her work and her comedy style.Also, anyone who grew up in a nearby area at roughly the same time as her will get a few little memory trips to their own North Easterly childhood I hadn t thought of Binn s for years

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    Brilliant book by a brilliant lady Slightly disappointed kindle edition doesn t have the photos in for some reason But I still rate it at five stars and loved it.

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    If you ve ever seen Sarah Millican doing stand up, be it live on stage or on TV, you know what to expect here She s as funny, filthy and honest as she is on stage, and this is an example of an autobiography that sounds like its subject it s impossible to read it and not hear her narrating the text.Much of the book is a traditional autobiography, detailing her life from childhood to the present, but each chapter tends to have a theme, such as how to be a comedian, why she doesn t want kids, and so on It s a funny read, but I felt that it fizzled out a little towards the end, as there do seem to be some padding chapters, such as her favourite cake recipe Still funny, but I felt it was overlong.All in all, it s a quick, fun read, and if you re a fan of Sarah s you ll love it.

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    I listened to this audiobook whilst driving to work I drive a lot I apologise profusely to all of the other drivers I scared the living biscuit out of who could see me proper wetting myself laughing.Well done Sarah, your first book and it s a bloody doozy.

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    Firstly this book did not make me laugh out loud No real reason why it should when it is the story of a comedian s childhood and life is not always funny, unlike Sarah s shows What it did do was make me love Sarah even , I wanted to go back in time to attend the same schools as she did so I could be her friend Kids are awful That said some of the grown ups working in the media are not much better Lovely insight into the making of a really lovely woman Sarah you are wonderful, don t listen to detractors they re probably just jealous

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    I have just come to the end of Sarah Millican s Champion This book is very funny and very frank, made me laugh out loud in places, so I got a few odd looks.Sarah s knack of just saying it how it is , is very funny and to the point very open and sharing, that I can relate to what Sarah has said or even done.There was nothing I didn t like about this book, the chapters were short, well titled and was written as if she was in the room with you having a conversation.I would highly recommend this book if you like Sarah Millican.

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    I m a big Millican fan so this was an easy purchase for me I then decided to one up the book by downloading the audiobook and listen to Sarah tell her life story herself Hearing her read out the tales she s lived adds to the hilarity That s the only thing the written version is missing From life lessons, to the ups and downs of life, she has always been incredibly relatable and inspires you to always try and see the silver lining in these darker times, the light at the end of the tunnel Of course sometimes it s an oncoming train, but that s not the important bit Or how she finds balance in life a bit of cake of each hand is THE best explanation to find balance that I ve ever heard If you love Sarah s standup shows, DVDs, or just a fan of anyone who speaks their mind and is hilarious when doing so, then this book is for you.