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When Native American Fredricka ‘Fred’ Oday is invited to become the only girl on the school’s golf team she can’t say no This is an opportunity to shine win a scholarship and go to university something no one in her family has done But Fred’s presence on the team isn’t exactly welcome — especially not to rich golden boy Ryan Berenger whose best friend was kicked off the team to make a spot for FredBut there’s no denying that things are happening between the girl with the killer swing and the boy with the killer smile

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content or language reader discretion is advised3 STARS out of 5Genre YA Romance 'But then in first period English for the very first time he looked at me Ryan Berenger The pretentious moody guy who couldn't be bothered to have dinner with his family the one who always had his arm around the bleached blonde girl from the pom suad' Inner monologue of Fred Fredrika better know as Fred is a Native American attending a public school that is off the reservation settlement where she lives She is one of the few Native Americans at her school Which is something that does not go unnoticed in the halls Yes racial judgments abound clicks form and Fred is pretty much a loner But today there is cause to be happy Today Fred starts a new journey One that may not be pleasing to manyFred O'day is the new guy on the team Let me rephrase that Fred is the new girl on an ALL male team of golfers Hand picked by the coach himself To Fred this is one of those opportunities she must take because it can lead to bigger opportunities And her main goal is to get a scholarship at a university What Fred does not expect is the blatant disrespect and instant enemies she has made by taking the spot of another guy on the teamI pulled closer full on curiousHe Kicked me Off The fucking TeamSay whatSome girl named Fred O'day got my spotA girl? I was speechless My eyes narrowed There was that odd girl name again Fred Seth and Ryan'I didn't even know this girl but I already hated her' Inner monologue of Ryan Ryan is the jock you can find at every high school he's cute popular likes to party and is dating an eually cute popular likes to party girl Though everything is not what it appears to be with the popular jock At school things appear fine yet at home his life is everything but fine UnWantedFred can't live down the fact that she is a girl Nor can she live down the fact that she is Native American Both seem to be the basis of the hate she receives from EVERYONE Except Ryan Ryan is purely pissed because she took his best friends spot on the team When the pranks and racial slurs begin to bother Ryan he decides to be nice to Fred His friends however have other plans And when Seth notices that his best friend is getting a little to close to Fred He amps up the torture dishSeth is one of those characters the writer makes you despise in every way He is mean ignorant and down right crude After a whole lot of bull crap of back and forth between Ryan and Fred tragedy strikes Fred is left to depend on the last person she wants to Ryan What Ryan does for Fred and her loved one is something she could never repayMy ThoughtsHmmmm I'm not really sure what to say I hated the whole racial discrimination story line of this book Seth calling her 'Pocahontas' was really pissing me off I know it's a real issue and I applaud the author for tackling it I just felt it was a little over done Orrrr maybe not Seth's jealousy seemed to be what fueled his rage then race Well that is strictly my opinion others may disagreeI thought the writing was fair The plot however was not what I expected At all The cover and the synopsis given lead you to believe the book is about a HOT romance with a girl who gets on an all boys golf team and a guy that falls for the girl who took his best friend's spot on the team In actuality the romance plays a small role to the racial tension Again this is my opinion Overall I thought the book was just ok If the plot sounds like something that may interest you then by all means check it outMy RatingsCharacters Some Likeable some notWriting Style FairPlotStoryline Romance buds amongst racial tensionSteam Factor LowPG 13 Romance Overall Not what I expectedNow go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to Copy kindly provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    I think the US cover for his book is awful I used the UK cover for my blog but I'm not sure either cover is a good fit for this book The US cover screams sex and there wasn't even a sex scene in the book There wasn't even much sizzle between Fred RyanI didn't have very high expectations for this book I think because I judged it by its US cover I only started reading it after I saw the UK cover Golf isn't my thing and having a girl on a boys team is not a new story line There wasn't anything that hadn't been done before rich guy poor girl prejudice etc but it was well written and I kept reading I liked Fred I was rooting for her to succeed with everything that was stacked against her I can't say the same for Ryan but by the end of the book he'd grown on me and the ending was satisfyingRating 35 Stars Good BookContent Some language including at least a half dozen F bombs No sex scenes but there is some talk of sex and some innuendo and a few crude commentsSource NetgalleyGenreAge Level Young Adult Contemporary 16Finished December 25 2012

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    This review is also featured on my blog ILoveTeenBooks25 starsThis is a story about Fred a Native American girl golfer who joins her all boy’s Varsity high school golf team She gets Seth’s place on the team and he is not happy about that His best friend Ryan accepts the fact Seth won’t be joining him again really fast But Seth can’t let it go even though he is not very good at golf So he starts to bully Fred at every chance he getsWhat I liked about this story that it’s about sports golf to be exact I don’t know anything about golf so it was refreshing to actually learn something reading YA novels I thought golf was only for white bored rich people but I couldn’t be wrong Apparently even girls can play it Crazy I know PWhen I first saw this book on GoodReads I thought Wow I gotta have this But when I started reading it it wasn’t what I thought it would be That is probably my problem for thinking Fred would stand up for herself when people called her Pocahontas and dirty Indian I just hate watching people get bullied because I used to be bullied too But the difference between Fred and me is that I fought back and eventually the scum who tormented me backed away after they saw I wouldn’t put up with their shitAlsoat times it got a lot of dramatic All sorts of bad things kept happening to the MC and it went too far IMO When it comes to the romance I was also disappointed and that disappointment is connect with the way I thought Fred would be as a character Ryan isn’t perfect either but he did man up a couple of times and I respect that It would be better if we got of Fred and Ryan scenes where they would talk and get to know each other better but those scenes kind of faded into blackIn conclusion I liked this book enough to read the second book Played when it comes out The main characters in this book will be Fred’s friend Sam and Ryan’s sister Riley

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    The Blurb “When Native American Fredericka ‘Fred’ Oday is invited to become the only girl on the school’s golf team she can’t say no This is an opportunity to shine win a scholarship and go to university something no one in her family has done But Fred’s presence on the team isn’t exactly welcome — especially not to rich golden boy Ryan Berenger whose best friend was kicked off the team to make a spot for FredBut there’s no denying that things are happening between the girl with the killer swing and the boy with the killer smileGET HOOKED ON A GIRL NAMED FRED”OverviewFred is an ordinary every day kind of girl but there’s just one thing wrong according to her “white” peers – she’s a Native AmericanSo when the coach at her high school approaches her to join the all boys' Golf team because of her fantastic golfing abilities she is somewhat sceptical about where exactly she will fit in after all these are all rich white boys And to make matters worse one of the team members is kicked off to make place for herWith her decades old plaid golf bag second hand clubs and tennis shoes she still manages to hold her head up high and be the best player she can as well as catch the eye of the most popular boy at schoolRyan Berenger is not your typical rich boy – on the outside perhaps – but on the inside he’s uite a nice guy who’s actually in a bit of emotional turmoil with the state of affairs at home a father who never has the time to watch him play any golf tournaments and a mother who’s freuently away due to work commitmentsSo rich boy aside it’s no wonder that Fred has managed to capture his attention – only problem is he has an eually rich girlfriend who’s in the way and an almost demented best friend who shows extreme hatred for Native Americans and tries to intimidate Fred every chance he gets Whilst Ryan wrestles with his growing feelings for his golf partner he can’t help but feel allegiance to a boy who’s been his best friend foreverWith not a lot of communication happening between Fred and Ryan and therefore their feelings for one another not being voiced it comes as no surprise that a multitude of misunderstandings will be createdMy ThoughtsIt’s been a while since I read a Young Adult novel and I’m so glad that this one found its way to my doorstepI love a story which touches on social issues that plague our society today and this one sure has it fair share from racial prejudice and gender euality or ineuality to bullying and alcohol abuseWith chapters told alternately from the point of view of both Fred and Ryan we are privy to the inner turmoil felt by these characters and I could uite easily relate to bothAs I’m sure you’ll recall from previous reviews I have written where alcohol abuse has been touched on it also played a role in my teenage years so I could therefore sympathise with the fact that Fred did not want anyone knowing where she lived as I like her was embarrassed to have friends around Thankfully though it was not my mother afflicted by the disease and I never had occasion to be embarrassed about the state of our living uarters with her always keeping a beautiful homeI could also empathise with Ryan’s inability to embrace individuality –it’s hard being a teenager and from this book we learn that peer pressure is all too real Even though we have our own opinions about things individuality is often times not yet mastered and it can become extremely difficult to get beyond that pressure and strike out by saying “this is what I want” for fear of being rejectedAlthough Golf has never been one of my favourite sports I found that whilst I now know what a “tee box” and “under par” means Liz Fichera has skilfully found a balance between the sport and the underlying issues at handI’ve given this book a 5 star rating and I wish to thank both the publisher Harleuin Teen an imprint of Harleuin Books as well as The Reading Room for providing a hard copy and affording me the opportunity to write a reviewA Little About the Author adapted from the Author’s websiteLiz Fichera is an American author living in the American Southwest by way of ChicagoBorn and raised in Park Ridge Illinois she moved to Phoenix Arizona after college never expecting to live than one year among cactus and people who’d never seen snow She was wrong and it certainly didn’t hurt that she met her future husband in Phoenix tooMost of Liz’s stories are set in the American Southwest because she thinks the desert is a cool place Living in Phoenix she’s surrounded by Native American culture and influences not to mention intriguing Hohokam petroglyphs and centuries old canals With 20 tribes in Arizona she’s lucky to be neighbours to the Gila River and Salt River Indian CommunitiesWhen Liz is not busy writing her next novel Played which is the seuel to Hooked and due for release in 2014 she likes to travel visit museums and support local theatre productions hike and pretend that she’s training for a triathlon

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    Hooked is one of those books that will Hook you in I have to say I started it on Thanksgiving morning at 5am while I was prepping the food and I read it till 5pm I could not not that is not true I would not put this book down I needed to finish it like I needed air to breathe Okay so I am going to tell you why I loved this book so much first First off I love the fact that the characters came from different backgrounds Fredricka Oday is an Indian girl from the Reservation and Ryan Berenger is a rich spoiled brat from the rich side of town Then their is the whole Golf thing Lord I love Golf I really can't play that good but I do love the sport But what happens when you put together two different people with two different backgrounds you get this EPIC story like HOOKEDThis is Liz Fichera's debut book coming out in January and dam it is going to be a top best seller for the YA genre This book took me on so many roller coaster rides that I was rooting for the two all the way to the end There are just some people who belong together and there are people who don't belong togetherThis is a story about two people who will have to cross cultural biases and prejudices to be together but in the end what they find and get is a beautiful story Fred is from the Reservation She lives a simple life keeping her head down and nose clear off all trouble One day while she is at the Golf Range practicing her golf while her father is working she is approached by the golf coach off the high school she attends The coach wants her to play on the high school team but she is not sure because she has never done any team sports or anything like that But she has come to love golf and needs it to escape the issues she is having at home So she asks her father and he reluctantly agreesRyan Berenger is a spoiled brat who follows his best friend Seth around He really doesn't think about anything and is angry at his parents and hates his life but he has no backbone to say anything to anyone Golf for him is an escape as well and he is than excited to be starting his Junior year playing golf with his best friend Seth But that is not what happens because Seth is kicked off the team and Fred replaces him This action has caused the whole golf team to act up and Seth has decided to take matters into his own handsWhat happens next is a story you will have to read because you will be surprised what happens Take a ride from two points of view Ryan and Fred tell their story like only they can and you will not be disappointed Learn about the Rez Reservation and learn what it is like to grow up in privileged but have no love Totally EPIC story that I loved so much when the book comes out I am buying a copy and reading it over again

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    See reviews at YA Midnight Reads25 starsThank you Cuddlebuggery for sending me this copy 'But then in first period English for the very first time he looked at me Ryan Berenger The pretentious moody guy who couldn't be bothered to have dinner with his family the one who always had his arm around the bleached blonde girl from the pom suad'One of these days I am going to read the beginning of a contemporary novel then predict how the romance builds up Chances are I'm going to get a gold star Now that I've become attentive about the contemporary genre I am starting to realise that the romance is pretty much the same While the complications may be different it's the same stereotypes and same ending While Hooked was no exception I did enjoy the plot and depth this novel expanded towards We have the world's greatest twist at the beginning Meet Fred Oday she's a girl gasps all around But it was a difficulty for me to wrap my head around it for the first few chapters eventually the name stuck with me like glue When Fred replaces a rich white boy in the school boys golf team she realises that she is in a lot of trouble From the sardonic remarks and teases Fred attempts to adjust with the unfortunate events anything to let herself play golf However it doesn't help that she's a girl or that she's a native Indian What really concerned me about Hooked were the characters They were so mediocrely typical Not that they were disastrous in terms of personality but they certainly were not agreeable Fred is a rather irritating character she's constantly second guessing herself and tends to block out conversations when she feels like it Her complexion definitely leans towards sensitive and annoying Then we have Ryan He's got ego of a trite uarter back player Except he undergoes some minor character development which was nice for a change I guess what scares me most is that the characters are insignificant therefore like some people have mentioned are forgettable and dismissing The romance was something I preferred than the characters While I couldn't connect truly and wholly towards the love interests I was fascinated by the chemistry and endurance that lingered throughout There are a few bumpy cracks along the ride that sung cliché but the bulk lay towards entertaining Another aspect that I enjoyed in fact my ultimately preferred uality of Hooked had to be it's deeper meanings and plot line It's rare to find such topics of racism and poor and rich incorporated in a seemingly light summer read Fichera's skills by not making the racism coming out forced and rude was admirable However the racism layer fell short of a but as we did not get to know a lot of Fred's heritage Nevertheless the rich and poor comparison was effective and sometimes touching The plot of this contemporary was like no other We have our wonderful golf matches which also have a hidden meaning of patronising condensation which can be linked back to racism Throughout I was adoring Fichera's plot and how the multiple morals leaked in between A sweet yet deep novel Hooked may disappoint at a first glance But can represent some important messages that should be addressed and observed Overall an absorbing novel

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    375 stars YA romance with an unusual plot and a captivating heroine but a less memorable hero This is a series but each book will have its own Hh Book 2 Played is due out in 2014 and will be about the sister and friend of this book’s HhFredricka Oday “Fred” “Daughter of the River People” 16 yearsJunior in high schoolNative Americanblack hairblack eyes has grown up on the Gila River Indian Reservation in Arizona with her father and brother and her unstable alcoholic mom She has been attending the “regular white” high school only because there is no high school on the reservation Fred is a self taught golf player with “a heck of a golf swing” Her father works as a groundskeeper at the local Country club and that’s where she captures the attention of her high school’s golf coach He begs her to join the school’s all privileged white boys’ varsity golf team In doing so she kicks one player off the team Sam Ryan Berenger 16 17 yearsstudentblond hairblue eyes is Sam’s best friend and he’s not happy about it But soon his feelings are torn between his loyalty to Sam and his growing attraction and fascination with Fred The story goes from thereThe story is alternating between Ryan’s and Fred’s POV Fred is a wonderful heroine Growing up with a volatile mom and isolated on a reservation faced with prejudice has made her timid and reserved invisible But underneath the surface of a girl hiding her face and twirling her hair lies a smart beautiful resolute enchanting and proud young lady Golf started as an escape from her momhome but soon developed into a passion No one on her reservation has ever gone further than high school The last several years she has worked hard in school and practiced her golf game with the hopes that somehow it might open the door for her to attend college I was so rooting for her dreams to come trueRyan has grown up privileged in comparison At first glance he’s a guy that parties hangs out with the in crowd maintains OK grades He kind of goes along with status uo – girlfriend by default and sitting by when his friend Sam kept on seeking revenge on Fred He is not a bad person but he has a lot of growing up to do We soon discover that he is frustrated and unhappy He has anger issues mainly directed towards his parents He is almost lethargic in his attitude towards college and his future His one passion in life is golf Fred changed the game –she was his game changer I might have wished that story spanned a longer period of time For me Ryan’s growth and development wasn’t fast and deep enough I did not connect with him the way I connected with FredThe book is well written and the story flows easily This is a YA story and overall it was an enjoyable read Hero rating 35 starsHeroine rating 45 starsStory line concept rating 4 starsStory ending rating 3 starsSex scenes rating NASex scenes freuency NAOverall rating 375 starsWould I re read this book NoWould I read future books by this author Yes

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    Ok This book Eugh I feel a little bad for what I am about to write Maybe I am unfair in judgement? You see my major critic with this book stems from the fact that I have never seen took part or am aware of anything golf related Therefore all these terms like 'par' I had to google which as you can imagine got really annoying and prevented me from getting the most out if and fully relating to this storyIll apologise in advance to all you golfers LETS BE FAIR THOUGH GOLF IS NOT THE MOST EXCITING PAST TIME IN EXISTENCE IS IT? Did any other non golfers face this issue?You see I didn't realise there was a page dedicated to describing golfing terms located within my E copy I received I mean why out it at the END? REALLY? You don't think the beginning seems like a better idea Not everyone peeks at the end you know Anyways I found this book bored me uite a lot it ALL revolved around the game of golf I mean how can your attraction stem from someone swinging a golf bat? Admiration yes love? No It all seems unrealistic to me Besides all of this when I look past the golf barrier I really did enjoy certain aspects of this book like Ryan was a really good guy He looked past his parents prejudice of people on the wrong side of the track and didn't let his friends judgement of 'Indians' stop him from noticing the very intriguing and uiet FredrickaAlso even though he hardly ever agreed with Seth his best friends behaviour he always tried to support him and be there for hi when his dads anger spiralled way past the point of control But he did let Seth manipulate him to a degree It highlighted some major teen issues such as peer pressure and stereotyping Ryan was a very neat guy He made his own judgement on people and saw them for who they were rather than what they had The writing I wouldn't say it was perfect but it was good This book didn't compel or enamour me and I didn't read it all in one sitting since sometimes it did get boring But it was an ok read and I did love the chemistry between the two leading characters I even felt sorry for Seth He was just a spoiled rich kid who thought he owned and could control whatever he had around him Plus he didn't have the best parents and therefore role models This book was a good read the ending could have been elaborated on and concluded better however

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    This book is just bad It is YA romance but with very bad characters and bad writing The twist and the cliffhangers are scatter everywhere trying to make this book to be 300 plus something pages Ryan is a whiner Fred is just weak and pathetic There is no serious character development and the plot is very very predictable Plus the gold thing is just make it very unrealistic Very bad Just a disaster

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    After reading this book I sat back scratching my head and thought about the many conflicting views running around my brain about this book On one hand I loved the idea of this book – a Native American main character given a natural talent with the game of golf and her being thrown into the white world of her town playing on an all male team HOWEVER on the flip side we are given two very weak main characters – they lie they’re immature and they make lots of mistakesHow am I supposed to like a book when I can’t even begin to like the main characters? Then it hit me This book is not a book about how a grown up would handle situations; it’s a book on how a sixteen year old girl and boy from opposite’s sides of the track in this case Pecos Road would react Naysayers hear me out I too was once like Fred naïve feeling all alone in the world playing on an all male team – and honestly I would have made some of the EXACT same decisions she did when I was her age The same can be said of Ryan and being blinded by someone’s nastiness Not all teens are the savvy and old soul’s type we read in YA literature There are plenty of kids out there making mistakes stupid mistakes and that’s okay because that is how we learn in life figure out who we are what we want to stand for – by making mistakes and coming away enlightened And that is exactly what happened with Fred and Ryanreceived this book from publisher for review