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Home Work A Memoir Of My Hollywood Years, the second memoir by the great Dame Julie Andrews, is an insightful, entertaining and utterly fabulous look into the life of one of Hollywood s true greats Worth not only reading once, but again and again In Home, Julie Andrews Recounted Her Difficult Childhood And Her Emergence As An Acclaimed Singer And Performer On The Stage In Her New Memoir, Julie Picks Up The Story With Her Arrival In Hollywood And Her Astonishing Rise To Fame As Two Of Her Early Films Mary Poppins And The Sound Of Musicbrought Her Instant And Enormous Success, Including An Oscar It Was The Beginning Of A Career That Would Make Julie Andrews An Icon To Millions The World Over In Home Work, Julie Describes Her Years In Hollywood From The Incredible Highs To The Challenging Lows Not Only Does She Detail Her Work In Now Classic Films And Her Collaborations With Giants Of Cinema And Television She Also Unveils Her Personal Story Of Adjusting To A New And Often Daunting World, Dealing With The Demands Of Unimaginable Success, Being A New Mother, Moving On From Her First Marriage, Embracing Two Stepchildren, Adopting Two Children And Falling In Love With The Brilliant And Mercurial Blake Edwards The Pair Worked Together In Numerous Films, Culminating In Victor Victoria, The Gender Bending Comedy That Garnered Multiple Oscar Nominations Told With Her Trademark Charm And Candour, Julie Andrews Takes Us On A Rare And Intimate Journey Into An Astonishing Life That Is Funny, Heartbreaking And Inspiring PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio On Our Desktop Site This is an extremely well written memoir, coauthored by Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton The writing style is intimate and revealing, whilst at the same time slightly reserved you are trusted with a lot, but there is the sense that not everything has been revealed, which is as it should be.Julie comes across as a thoroughly lovely lady and became close friends with many of her costars, rarely finding anyone difficult to work with or herself losing her temper I grew up watching her films on TV, so it was particularly interesting to read her accounts of my favourites The Tamarind Seed, Hawaii and the favourite of many a Christmas viewing, The Sound of Music Of course, it all starts with Mary Poppins, which was where everything started to take off A small number of photographs are included for illustration.This is pleasant, easy reading about a charming actress I couldn t put it down once I had started and it offers an insight into Hollywood by a thoroughly nice lady. There s very little Hollywood in this supposed Hollywood Years memoire Instead you get endless repetitions of how arduous and exhausting supporting seemingly endless family members and in laws is and moving between LA, London, Switzerland and Malibu is.Of the movies hereself and the stars she worked with, there s just an odd sentence or two Paul Newman in Torn Curtain Julie loved his blue eyes that s it Really That s it , Dick Van Dyke a nice man again, that s it etc etc We get the same two tired stories about The Sound of Music the I almost got flattened by the downdraft from the helicopter in the opening shot and They told me the little girl couldn t swim so I had to save her in the boat sequence that we ve heard a million times before and nothing else It s as if Andrews has no recollection whatsoever of the movies she worked on, but endless details of the exhausting household chores she had to perform in spite of having a seemingly never ending changing staff of nannies to look after the kids.The only waspishness or negativity is statements of the bleeding obvious Rex Harrison was difficult, James Aubrey was known as the smiling cobra , Peter Sellars became a drunken depressive who caused problems on film sets aside from endless sniping about not having been chosen to play the lead in the film version of My Fair Lady which soon gets tiresome. Absolutely amazing Very well written, even better than the first instalment Love it Great Stuff Good reading. Julie is my heroine, so I was bound to enjoy the second part of her memoir which dealt with her Hollywood years, and her marriage to the talented director, the late Blake Edwards Interestingly she does not mention the tragic loss of her unique singing voice, probably just too pain full Unputdownable if you are a Julie fan, with great photos For such a reserved person she opens her heart quite a bit.I pre ordered this fromand it was sent very quickly after the publication date., I have always enjoyed watching Julie Andrews, at least five times in Mary Poppins, three times Sound of Music, three times Victor Victoria and most of her other movies too Reading her autobiography was an eye opener as she had to juggle her living in the USA, find apartments every time she filmed in the UK, which was often and amidst her career juggle being a wife and mother She did all admirably and added to the ingredients for an enjoyable read.