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On the surface high school is a building for education where young minds go to continue their growth but in actuality it is a social wasteland not everyone will surviveFollow Sevag Hopefulian as he steps out of middle school Special Education and into a tumultuous start to high school where he uickly establishes himself as class rebel His darkly witty narration of the gritty day to day reality of high school is like a descent into Hell illuminates as he struggles with the kids who have bullied him for years but stumbles into a sideways acceptance by the Cool Kids His comedy of errors escapades as he sleeps through cuts and disrespects his classes intensify as he not only dates the Cool Kids’ “Virgin” Mary but manages to fall into an after school job as an apprentice drug dealer and a college aged girlfriend in New York City Sevag’s own drug experiments take him into dangerous territory with some serious side effects Welcome to the jungle

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    Sevag is a freshman in high school This is his story as he navigates his first year as he experiments with a variety of drugs and forms relationships with girls all while trying to pass his classesClearly I am not the target demographic for this book In fact I am terrified reading some of the other reviews claiming that this is a good representation of high school life TERRIFIED I'm too old for this shit And evidently too conservative about drug use I just can't wrap my head around Sev's character He has a reputation for being dumb and certainly makes bad choices but it is clear that when he applies himself he can be intelligent He can also read people well so he has a brain But why then is he so stupid that he doesn't realize that view spoiler anyone that plunges a needle into 3 people in the span of a couple of minutes did NOT sterilize it? or that maybe those addictionrehab blogs he read were trying to warn people off of drugs not teach them how to use them? OR maybe be scared enough with the idea of a blood test to check for AIDS to change one's ways? Or be pissed enough about missing his first sexual experience to IDK want to stay slightly sober for future ones? Or hey how about dodging a bullet getting arrested for drug possession and stop being a mule for a drug dealer? Nope He just blissfully ignored all these warning signs hide spoiler

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    Bloody Brilliant is all I can sayI read this book thinking it would be a different perspective on how schooling is in the United States It was different seeing everything from the perspective of a student who can't be bothered to work for tests and gradesThis book invoked a lot of feelings and thoughts in me which I am going to try to pen down in this review I've been conditioned to not slack because there are so many people to compete with at every stage that it is always 'Compete or Perish' here It made me wonder whether having fewer students was actually advantageous when a student was prompted to lay education to wasteIt also made me wonder on how easy it was for students to stray off into teenage sex drugs peddling and the like It really made me think about the sort of society which pushed these as being COOL when obviously there were so many other things which teenagers can be doing with their time It made me wonder why we gave attention to people who would try stuff like drugs and still call them cool or work with them as if it didn't make a difference Then again it made me wonder whether I was a bit of a stiff for thinking like this It's just where I come from education is valued celebrated even And I have seen careless people But still not a blatant disrespect for schoolingI tell you I found the book very very interesting How different life is in a different country The author has very brilliantly captured all of this in an easy comical and carefree manner through the character Seveg The irony comes in his surname Hopefullian Hopeful about discovering the world and making a change Hopeful about not going through another day of school and going through bullyingYes the author deserves a huge huge round of applause for tackling bullying without sounding preachy The book automatically makes you look at bullying from the perspective of the sufferer But without the accompanying drama and sob story It makes you want to crack the whip on those unforgiving teenagers who simply wag their tongues because they canI really enjoyed the sarcastic way the book was written You can make out the changes in Sev as he goes through Drug addiction and goes through dating and drug peddling It really makes you wonder how vulnerable teenagers really are and eually about how misguided they areThis is a bloody brilliant book

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    Our main character Sevag is not looking forward to his first year of high school as he’s spent years in special ed He has something of a chip on his shoulder and spends most of the book irritating people who try to act friendly with himPerhaps things are different in this scenario for a reason but I find it hard to picture the lives of many 15 year olds going like this The day to day school details just made me glad to be an adult and the side story of his drug takingdeliveries and relationship with an older woman just had me very worried How did nobody have an inkling of the messed up stuff going on in his life?I can’t say I disliked this but it felt a little like someone trying to create a much bigger character than they could manage It didn’t really capture a mood for me and some of the incidents were frustrating

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    The author has done a simply outstanding job of capturing the essence of the high school experience As a high school teacher I am very familiar with this world and I don't think that I could have done a better job capturing it myself I read all summer looking for books that my students will enjoy I know I've found a winner here because I enjoyed it so much myself High school is hard it's an emotional rollercoaster it's a time of discovery and no one comes through it unscathed Though it is only four years of your life it is likely the four years that you remember most vividly the remainder of your life The author has managed to authentically capture the essence of a Freshman year in high school no small featMiddle school can easily be likened to living in a pit of vipers and Sevag is than happy to put that segment of his life behind him and move on to high school where he can be himself make new friends and fit in Well the idea is great in theory but unfortunately many of the same vipers from middle school are also at the high school now and not all have matured as much as SevSevag manages to find his niche and while doing so we are taken along for the ride with him You will love some of the characters and you will hate some of the characters remind you of anything? You will cheer for Sevag you will want to scream at Sevag when he doesn't always make the best choice but overall you will like his storyThe story and characters are very authentic and very well created The writing is wonderful and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep you highly engaged in the book Just when you're sure you have it all figured out the author shifts focus and you have to figure it out all over againI highly recommend

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    As a high school teacher I live in this world from August to June every year I see what kids go through and sometimes it feels as though you are beating your head against the wall when you tell kids this part of their lives only lasts for a minute or it won't be like this for long When you're going through it it feels like an eternity and that is what this author has managed to capture The eternity of Freshman year of high school Its ups and downs its challenges and frustrations and its joys and discovery of oneselfThe characters are very well created and very authentic and real You will fall in love with some and you will absolutely not like some others just like when you were in high school The difference here is you are the proverbial fly on the wall the author allows you to experience this roller coaster ride as an observer though at times it certainly feels like you are right there with the charactersThe author has done a fantastic job with the story lines in this book just when you think you have it figured out the plot shifts and you are left wondering where it is going next and there are simply things you didn't see coming in the book and I love thatThe author has done a stellar job of making high school scenarios fresh and new and the book is so entertaining it will keep you turning page after page completely immersed in the story It is a definite must read and I for one can not wait to read from this authorI highly recommend

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    Throughout this emotional coming of age novel the reader is presented with protagonist Sevag—an apathetic self sabotaging drug using character who is lonely and overall depressed making him a relatable to anyone who had a typical high school experience Haha Despite his flaws Sevag has a charming darkly comedic voice that keeps the reader entertained as he experiences some of his first’s romances gets sucked into other people’s drama Through the up’s and down’s Sevag grows as a character and the fact that the author brings you straight into the pages makes it that much enjoyable Overall a great read

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    This is a refreshing book which chronicles the struggles of the high school experience I was hooked right from the start and many of the things inside reminded me of my very own experiences I'm sure every one of us could relate I liked the way characters were developed and the story flows nicely and has kept me interested the entire time This is the real deal I'm glad I stumbled on this book Well worth the read

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    High school angst at its finestI liked everything about this novel from the set up to the premise to the way it felt as if you were in on every thought that the young Mr Hopefulian had This novel shows the immediacy that teens feel and how deeply they feel each experience at this time in their lives Adults can tell them that it is just high school and it only lasts four years but to them that is a lifetime As an adolescent therapist I recommend this to parents and teens alike It helps the adults remember the trials and tribulations of one of the hardest parts of life and will make teens feel as if they are not alone in their struggles This book made me laugh cry and pulled at my heartstrings Highly recommended