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This Collection Of Joe R Lansdale Stories Represents The Best Of The Lansdale Genre A Strange Mixture Of Dark Crime, Even Darker Humor, And Adventure Tales The Stories Are Varied In Setting And Theme, But They Are All Pure Lansdale Eerie, Amusing, And Occasionally Horrific In The Pit, Modern Gladiators Square Off Against One Another Using Roman Methods An Alternate History Tale Called Trains Not Taken Shows Buffalo Bill As An Ambassador And Wild Bill Hickok As A Clerk Lansdale S Love Of Large Lizards And Humor Are Evident In The Stories Godzilla S Twelve Step Program And Bob The Dinosaur Goes To Disneyland

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    This is just another fantastic collection of short stories from Lansdale Highly recommended.

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    This collection features several of my favorite shorts by Lansdale, including Tight Little Stitches In A Dead Man s Back and Night They Missed The Horror Show, to name a couple.My only caveat would be that if you are easily offended, then steer well clear of this one If you like gritty, fearless, gory and often times hilatious horror writing, then you can t go wrong.

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    I m speechless Seriously After the story about the guy carrying his dead friend half eaten hanging out of the alligator I just sat there with my mouth hung open Most of the stories will have that effect on you.

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    The book reminded of me of pulling into a small town down south where everyone has a shot gun behind the door, drinks like a fish and has their own set of rules Watch out if you are different High Cotton is filled with disturbing imagery than my worst nightmare It s a sick sick world, fighting pits, heads on sticks, dead bodies in action poses, drive in movie dates pulled from the trunk I felt claustrophobic but I liked it.Looking forward to reading from this author Bring on the sickness

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    Damn It s been close to 20 years since I first read most of these stories in Lansdale s earlier collections and it s amazing how much they have stuck in my brain through all that time Oh, sure, I didn t remember every word or phrase, but rereading these stories was like experiencing a muscle memory the past was still in there Truthfully, I am much less tolerant of the extreme violence contained in some of these tales than I was 15 or 18 or 20 years ago I don t know that I ll revisit many of these stories a third time But to a one these are fantastic stories and I m glad to have experienced them again here.

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    Lansdale is a competent writer, and he has some terrific ideas I ve seen two film interpretations of his work, Incident on and Off a Mountain Road, and Bubba Ho Tep, and I did enjoy them That said, he is so misogynistic that it s quite off putting Of course, you could make a good argument that he doesn t make men look so hot, either

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    Brutal, unflinching, and unapologetically disturbing, not a book for the easily offended Mr Lansdale shines in this brilliant collection of Southern decadence Each story packs a wallop and stays with you long after you ve read it, with intense imagery and macabre humor Kids, don t try this at home.

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    As a longtime Lansdale fan, I am happy this collection is back in print as a kindle ebook Golden Gryphon Press published two retrospective collections of Lansdale short stories, HIGH COTTON 2000 and BUMPER CROP 2004 High Cotton is the better one, a best of volume that showcases the author s most well known short stories but none of his award winning novellas from the early 1980 s through the mid 90 s I had already read all except one story, but that was years ago so I was glad to re experience them again 1 The Pit A dark, funny, violent story of a small redneck town that captures strangers and pits them against each other in gladiator style death matches 2 Not From Detroit Adapted from a minor scene in The Nightrunners A surprisingly deft, touching story about an older couple one rainy night when Death pulls up to their door in a black Cadillac to claim one of their souls 3 Booty and the Beast The only short story not included in any other Lansdale collection A nasty little noir crime tale that unfortunately jumps the shark in the last two pages.4 Steppin Out, Summer, 68 One of my favorite Lansdale stories Funny, brutal Southern gothic at its best5 Incident On and Off a Mountain Road A woman vs psychopath killer jaunt In addition to the suspense, what makes this story hold up so well is the crisp clarity of the action scenes and the evocative images of the child corpses in the moonlight on the side of that mountain 6 My Dead Dog, Bobby Years ago, this was the funniest short story I had ever read, but I found it does not hold up as well on repeat readings 7 Trains Not Taken An alternate universe story in which Japan colonized the West Coast European and Asiatic cultures are clashing along the Rocky Mountains, and Native American uprisings seek to take advantage of the chaos A great milieu, although the story itself does not take much advantage of it, concerning itself only with variants of Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill who failed to achieve glory without a Wild West I would love to see Lansdale explore this world in detail 8 Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man s Back A visceral post apocalyptic romp that combines several campy B movie tropes with a heartfelt story of embittered parents grieving the loss of a child This is the kind of fictional stew only Lansdale can pull off Nominated for a World Fantasy Award.9 Dog, Cat, and Baby Another nasty short short with a surprise bloody ending10 Mister Weed Eater A bizarre but masterful tale of good deeds gone awry The hardest part is believing the first five pages really happened 11 By Bizarre Hands Disturbing but predictable Improves on subsequent readings There is a play version, as well, that I wish had been included in this volume12 The Fat Man and the Elephant A skewering of religious zealots and racists Funny but a little on the nose.13 The Phone Woman Another memorable story that begins as a comedy, then takes a dark turn into the macabre and disturbing Based partially on true events 14 Letter from the South, Two Moons West of Nacogdoches Another alternate universe story this time Native Americans are systematically exterminating both white and black populations, the Japanese are still settled on the West Coast, and John the Baptist has usurped Jesus as the Christian Messiah Again, I would like to see Lansdale flesh out this new world at greater length.15 By the Hair of the Head An old fashioned, eerie, atmospheric ghost story effectively told16 The Job A short short that underwhelmed me when I first encountered it but showcases emotional depth on second and third readings.17 Godzilla s Twelve Step Program Funny satire on AA and monster movies Had me laughing out loud on several occasions.18 Drive In Date Another quintessential Lansdale story Horrible and funny at the same time.19 Bob the Dinosaur Does to Disneyland Lansdale claims this is one of his most popular stories, but I ve read it a few times and it still just seems like a throwaway short short to me.20 The Steel Valentine One of my favorites A tight hard boiled crime tale of a man fighting to save his life from a vicious dog and a madman.21 Night They Missed the Horror Show Won a Bram Stoker award The horror derives not from the supernatural but from the realistic twin demons of racism and perversion run amuck.

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    As a fledgling horror writer, I m trying to digest some bits and pieces from masters of the genre Consider this review of a discussion of what I liked in the book Like I said, I m a fledgling writer myself, and once you start creating something, you realize how much easier it is to criticize than create so I m trying to keep it on the positive I enjoyed much of High Cotton Personal highlights include Mister Weed Eater , The Night They Missed the Horror Show , Incident on and Off a Mountain Road , and my favorite, Steppin Out, Summer, 68 Each of these tales forced my hand, made me keep turning those pages to see what bizzare sight waited around the corner Each contained just the right mix of black humor for my taste In this mix of 21 tales, the reader really gains a respect for Lansdale s style of storytelling He is from East Texas, and you hear the voice throughout, even when the story might be a bit wide of the darkly humorous horror for which he s known A warning to the squeamish this book will offend your senses and offers enough racial ephitats to make political correctness roll around in it s grave Lansdale knows how to entertain, and when he s on his game, he s among the best.

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    I got into Joe R Lansdale because there s an incredibly brilliant cult film called BUBBA HOTEP, about Elvis Presley slaying evil Egyptian mummies in an East Texas nursing home That movie is based one on of Joer R Lansdale s stories, but it s not included in this collection Nevertheless, there are some great stories here The mood ranges from fall down laughing funny and relatively innocent, such as Godzilla s Twelve Step Program, to unbelievably terrifying and disturbing, such as The Night They Missed The Drive In Not all of these stories worked for me, but that s only because I m not a hard core horror junkie I don t mind a chill or two, but I prefer my horror to have happy endings and a certain amount of warmth Obviously that s not what great horror is about Joe R Lansdale is a genuine talent, a true successor to short story horror masters like Richard Matheson.