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Playwright Thorne And Director Tiffany Who Previously Collaborated On Hope And Let The Right One In Worked With JK Rowling To Extend The Harry Potter Universe With An Eighth Installment In The Form Of The Script From The New West End Production The Book Starts Where The Last Chapter Of Deathly Hallows Left Off Years After The Main Events Of The Serieswith Harry, Ginny, Ron, And Hermione All Saying Goodbye To Their Children As They Leave For Hogwarts As Albus, Harry And Ginny S Youngest Son, Attends Hogwarts, He Is Plagued By The Potter Legacysomething He Never Wantedand, As He S Sorted Into Slytherin, Is Terrible At Quidditch, And Constantly Compared To His Famous Father, He Becomes Reclusive And Angsty His Sole Friend Is Scorpius Malfoy, The Only Son Of Draco Malfoyprompting Further Separation From His Father When Albus Hatches A Plot To Go Back In Time To Save The Life Of Cedric Diggorywhat Albus Views As The Biggest Mistake His Father Madetime Becomes Distorted And Harry Is Left To Examine His Own Life, His Relationship With His Son, And How Love Can Sometimes Be Muchcomplicated Than It Seems This Is An Interesting Extension Of The Harry Potter Universe, But Readers Should Go Into It Knowing That It S Its Own Beast Rowling Didn T Write It Much To The Fury And Vitriol Of Many Fans , And It Is In Script Form, So It Loses Some Of The Magic That Won Over Millions Of Readers Back When It All Began However, Many Of The Themes That Made The Original Series Great Are Still In Abundancelove And Friendship Conquering All, Facing Your Flaws And Accepting Themso That It Simultaneously Still Feels Like A Harry Potter Tale While Remaining Its Own Story VERDICT It Is Unlikely That The Script Will Create New Potter Followers, Owing To Its Format Reading A Script Vs Reading A Novel Is A Whole Other Ballgame , But It S A Well Crafted And Enjoyable ReadTyler Hixson, School Library JournalPraise For The Playscript Of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Parts One And TwoA Compelling, Stay Up All Night Read The Suspense Here Is Electric And Nonstop The New York TimesFans Can Breathe Easy Knowing This Play Has Been Respectfully And Lovingly Wrought Tensions Thrum, Spells Fly But At Center Stage, As Always In The Potterverse, Is The Overriding Importance Of Love And Friendship, Especially In The Face Of Danger Booklist, Starred ReviewWhether Encountered On Stage Or On The Page, This Trip Back Into The Magical World Of Hogwarts Is Thrilling Telegraph