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Warning This sexy new page turner from New York Times bestselling author Tess Oliver may lead to a serious book hangover LEDGER Sometimes one good dose of trouble could turn your life around put you on the right path But I'd taken the opposite side of the forked road and headed off looking for even trouble like a junkie constantly searching for the next high Never would I have guessed that turn would lead me to her I couldn't stop thinking about her She was an angel a hard core bone fide angel and in her short life she'd already had a taste of hell JACY Despair Heartbreak Silence That was all I'd grown to know until he showed up next doorThe handsome tattooed stranger had the kind of eyes that were hard to look away from and he gazed at me as if we'd been friends or even lovers in a different life He looked at me as if he knew me and suddenly I had this flash of feeling as if I was right where I was supposed to be Hard Core is a full length standalone novelContains mature content Intended for readers 18

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    35 Stars I'm pretty sure I've already said this a ridiculous amount of time but let me restate If Josh Mario John is one the over I will read it That's what drew me to this book and I am so glad that it did because I've missed Tess Oliver's writing and I can't believe I haven't read one of her books in so long Hard Core was an easy story to follow and Ledger and Jacy were well written characters that I enjoyed reading about They both had a past that was woven into the story as you got further into it and it added depth to the book that I liked I liked how their pasts came together and even though it may have been a bit predictable it definitely wasn't boringOverall I enjoyed this book and it was the perfect book to read while filling in for the receptionist at my office because it had an easy and even paced flow to the story I would have liked of an ending or at least one that didn't seem so rushed but the ending we got was still really fun to see

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    Decent sweet read honestly I loved the hero Such a sweetheart I liked the heroine too it was a bit hard to read a few times but for the most part it was enjoyable the hero for me made this book I need way of an epilogue Not nearly enough I know they are it for each other and will have babies one day but no real mention of marriage and living togetherwhich I know they are but wanted confirmation I also wanted the actual ILY's safetyheroine was married beforeher ex was abusivelittle bit of OM drama towards the enddeath of a childI felt 100 percent that hero was not second bestNo real details on hero's pastjust he had lots of women never lovedcondoms used between them No mention if used prior with othersa tiny bit of separation but both were celibatehero was celibate after getting out of prisonI believe heroine hasn't been with any one since her husbandThanks Erika for giving me information on this read I'm glad I gave it a chance

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    Note to self and anyone else that hates fluffy dribble Oh me Oh my The blurb and cover looked so promising I'm a sucker for undercut hair tats and big broad unearthly shoulders Pass the gravy Please But this shit is like the discontent you feel channel surfing at 2am The home improvement channel The crumbling waterlogged beach house I'd rented The hillside in front of the house had splintered planks of wood jutting out from the plants a makeshift staircase to the sand that like the house itself had been neglected for years I glanced over toward her house It was a small house in better shape than my place but only by a few strokes of paint and pieces of wood siding She's planted a line of flowers along the back of the house and the sight of them made me smile Beach houses of every shape and size I climbed the three steps to the top of the pier It's wood planks bleached and brittle from the sun stretched hundreds of yards over dark blue water My uaint unimpressive little house The weather channel It was mid morning The fog had lifted leaving behind a blue sky I reached up pulled my hair back and tied it off so it would stay out of my eyes I looked outside the door window as I flipped over the open sign The fog was lifting and it seemed that the sun would be shinning soon It would help Sunshine was always better than gloom I reached the beach Even under a blue sky brisk cold air shrouded the shore But in a brisk late fall day like today The air around her was crystal clear as if the murky fog couldn't get near herThe damn fog the relentless transparent haze hovering in the air blotted out some of features but it didn't matter Hair care channel Glossy black hair You cut your hair But your blonde and everyone knows men Forest black lashes to go with black hair Blessed by the hair fairy Dishwater blonde or raven black swept my long bangs aside My first dollar spent was at a barber shopThe length was a symbolhelped me compromise He gave me an undercut and left the top long In the entire sample the only substantive info I got was • she's divorced badly owns a bakery doesn't date and is the most beautiful creature he's ever seen from afar • he's fresh out of jail jobless and thinks she's the most beautiful thing Even if he can't muster the courage to talk to her Bottom Line Downloaded sample Repetitive monotone fluffy dribble about mundane shit writing style isn't for me Absofuckinglutely nothing happens during the sample Moving on

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    I haven’t a clue why this book is called Hard Core because it’s not hard core at all and that’s not a terrible thing Just don’t be misled by the title thinking you’re going into some gritty taboo murder filled read You might be disappointed if that’s the caseHard Core is a sweet slightly saucy little love story Ledger has recently been released from prison for a stupid but rather harmless offense He’s covered in tattoos but he’s nothing but sweetness on the insideHe did not murder or harm anyone if you were still wonderingJacy runs a coffee shop and is recovering from an abusive relationship and a devastating secret she doesn’t share with anyone when she meets Ledger They soon fall in love but Ledger has a secret of his own A secret which will come back to bite him in his perfect butt and possibly ruin everything he’s been living for the past few yearsThis was a straight forward slightly predicable but pleasant romance with a likable if sometimes misguided hero and a heroine who didn’t get on my last nerve I’d recommend reading it in paper as I wasn’t overly thrilled with either narrator I love the idea of two narrators for this type of story but have to admit it threw me at first and took some getting used to Lauren Sweet voices Jacy and her voice was so nasally at times that it made me cringe Marcio Catalano does his best with Ledger but I felt his voice was too cultured and smooth for a man like Ledger A little roughness would’ve made it work better for me I’m not sure either narrator was the best choice for these two characters but they weren’t abominable so if audio is your only thing give it a go

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    35 Stars I loved the idea of this book but I didn’t feel the overwhelming powerful connection between Ledger Jacy that I love in my Hh’s Jacy’s picking up the pieces of her life after getting out of an abusive marriage Ledger was always in trouble growing up until one day he went a bit too far and ended up in jail Ledger and Jacy are both trying to live their lives and find comfort in one anotherbut Ledger is keeping a secret one that can destroy the fragile relationship their building and honestly I can understand why Ledger hesitated to tell Jacy the truth since Jacy was so closed off emotionally scarred and not looking for a relationship I loved Ledger he is such a sweet man He cared deeply for Jacy and you could tell he would do anything he could to make her happy With what both Ledger and Jacy endured in their past they both deserved some happiness I never wanted her to be scared of me or scared of anything again She’d already lived through the worst life had to offer She earned that right the right to never be terrified again All in all I found this read pretty predictable at times and I guessed Ledger’s secret pretty uickly and felt that it dragged out a bit too long and lastly we really really needed an epilogue

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    OkFucking HOT cover model doesn't eual good book When will I learn this? This story was pretty damn boring More of the dark past stuff heroine is pretty boring Scratch that she is extremely boring Hero seems cool but a bit tame for a dude out of prison The twist wasn't good enough and the abusive ex was so cookie cutter unrealistic it just didn't gel for meI don't know what all these high reviews are about Hard Core?? Not

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    Ledger fell in love with Jacy before he had ever seen her Being the cell mate of her abusive ex husband he had heard enough about her to know she was an amazing person After he was released from prison he decided to go and check on her and make sure she was ok Jacy had lost do much during her marriage physically and emotionally She had settled in a small seaside town and was trying to get on with her life When a man moves in the cottage next door and she befriends him she could never imaging how he actually came to be in her life I really enjoyed this story Ledger was such a sweet man His love for Jacy was evident After a tragic event in his childhood he just couldn't get away from his troubled behaviour It took falling in love with Jacy to make him determined to be the man she deserved Jacy was strong and caring Her ex had taken so much from her and she wasn't sure if she would ever trust again let alone love someone She and Ledger had such a endearing relationship They were both learning to love and trust yet each keeping parts of themselves inside no cheating no owom drama some slight pushing away and a HFN endingI will say that the ending did not do the book justice I expected a better epilogue Although it's safe to assume that they get their HEA I was disappointed that we didn't get to see any of that I feel that the nature of this story warranted something

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    Such a lovely book this one Jacy is such a likeable heroine and despite going to Hell and back she has carved out a new life for herself Rockwood Beach is a tiny all American seaside town The imagery and language Tess Oliver uses to describe it is stunning I felt like I was right there walking along the beach with the sea mist rolling in and the cool air on my face But I digressLedger has left prison and purposefully relocates himself to Rockwood Beach He knows Jacy but she does not know him Go into this book blind if you can It's worth it to lose yourself in the story and just FEEL this book and Jacy and Ledger's relationship build around youThis story made me laugh out loud brought a tear to my eye made me gasp and it also made my heart skip beats Ledger the lover is HOTTess Oliver has written another beautiful love storyHEA? Yes but I would have liked to see further aheadCheating? No Not a chance Ledger is all about Jacy and she is captivated by this beautiful man

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    I sure do love me some tattoos

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    45 stars This is a story of two broken people coming together and healing each other Jacy went through something absolutely devastating and is just trying to live her life day by day but is a shell of the woman she used to be She doesn't know how to trust any Ledger has been through so much as well a lot he brought on himself He wants to have a better life and be a better man When they meet they both recognize something in each other There are a few bumps along the way for sure that rock the foundation they're building Ledger may have made some bad choices in the past but he is truly a good caring giving man These two deserve an HEA