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After nine novels and a handful of short fiction pieces, Hap Collins and Leonard Pine has finally busted out from cult favorites to prime time Well, I m not sure The Sundance Channel counts as prime time but it is close enough The TV series Hap and Leonard premiered to generally good responses and critical applause Of course, the media being the media, it calls for a crossover hype and that is why we have this very welcomed compilation of the Hap and Leonard novellas and short stories complete with a TV show tie in and photos.It should be noted that nothing in the book, Hap and Leonard, ties in with the plot of the first season of the TV series If you want that, you need to get the first book, Savage Season, of which the first season follows closely On a logical note, it would have made better sense to just reissue the first book with all those nice photos I m sure there is a perfectly good business reason this was not done that eludes me But if that happened, then we would not have received this nifty collection of shorts So let s put away the speculation and talk about content.A quick summary for those who don t know Hap and Leonard Hap Collins is a somewhat liberal and idealistic white straight male who spent time in prison for refusing be drafted during the Vietnam War His experiences up to the present time challenged his idealism but did not extinguish it Leonard Pine is a black conservative gay Vietnam vet with acynical he would say practical look at human nature He s not above busting the bad guy s head In fact, he rather enjoys it What they have in common is a deep bond as brothers from other mothers which pulls them out of all the deep shit they end up getting into through the nine novels plus It is this deep bond that makes Hap and Leonard so different and appealing to their fans Hap and Leonard are East Texas Everymen with very tough hides.The best way to experience the East Texas odd couple is to start with book one and go from there But even for Hap and Leonard beginners, this collection may be a great place to start too We get two novellas, Hyenas and Dead Aim of which I have already reviewed when they were in book formhere and here Then you have five shorter tales that add onto the persona and even give a little boyhood background Also included a Joe R Lansdale appreciation by Michael Koryta, an interview with Hap and Leonard and an afterword by Lansdale giving a little background on their origins Hyena and Dead Aim , the novellas I mentioned earlier, are very typical adventures for the guys They offer the meat for this dinner Veil s VIsit, a collaboration between Lansdale and Andrew Vachss, brings us a look at a minor character in the H L canon but also an important insight Bent Twig starts out as a thriller featuring Hap on his own but doesn t stay that way He and his girlfriend Brett are again saving her wayward daughter Tillie Bret refers to her as not broken but a bent twig Finally of the contemporary short works, there is Death by Chili , a lighter and delightful conceit in which Leonard does his own version of Sherlock Holmes.That leaves two other stories which for me are the icing on this literary cake Not Our Kind tells of the meeting of Hap and Leonard as teenagers It gives us an understanding of their bond at a time when their friendship was not generally accepted But the masterpiece short in this collection is the The Boy who Became Invisible When I first read I I did not realize it was Hap who was the narrator until almost the end It stands on its own as a poignant and disturbing look at childhood and the events that may form our view of life when we get older Joe R Lansdale interviews Hap Collins and Leonard Pine is cute but doesn t give the stalwart H L fans any new insight I m sure it will be helpful for the neophytes Finally, The Care and Feeding and Raising up of Hap and Leonard is a well needed look at their origins and the author s development through the years with these two endearing but unusual crime fighters.So altogether, I see this as an essential Hap and Leonard addition and one that would be helpful to those who come across the guys through the TV series But to be fair, any Hap and Leonard is good for me. Hitch up your man pants and head on down to East Texas Hang with Hap Collins and Leonard Pine as they dispense their own brand of justice They are fixin to pull out a big ol can of whup ass on various and sundry bad guys These two don t even try to steer clear of trouble, they like to fight and are good at it First up is a real bad egg name of Smoke Stack, who has muscles on muscles , and looks like he could grab a wrench and just wad it up Axe handles and vanilla wafers may be involved I ve read quite a few offerings by Lansdale, mostly horror Kept hearing about his Hap Leonard books Watched the recent made for Sundance mini series while waiting for this book to become available from the library These are short stories, several previously published They were all new to me and piqued my interest to get crackin on the Hap Leonard novels The back and forth between Hap and Leonard is sharp and spicy and guaranteed to make you smirk I reckon Lansdale can write just about anything. Complete With An Introduction By New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Koryta And An Original Afterword By Joe R Lansdale, His Ownself, HAP AND LEONARD Delivers Six Previously Uncollected Tales Of Mayhem, Violence, And Adventure Told In The Uniquely Lansdale MannerSoon To Be A Television Miniseries Starring Michael K Williams The Wire , James Purefoy Rome , And Christina Hendricks Mad MenHap And Leonard Don T Fit The Profile Any ProfileHap Collins Is Complicated He Looks Like A Good Ol Boy, But His Politics Don T Match After A Number Of Careers, Hap Has Discovered That What He S Best At Is Kicking AssVietnam Veteran Leonard Pines Is Even Complicated Black, Conservative, Gay, And An Occasional Arsonist Well, Just The One TimeAs Childhood Friends And Business Associates, Hap And Leonard Have A Gift For The Worst Kind Of Trouble East Texan Trouble And The Dixie Mafia And Small Time Crooks Alike Had Best Be Extremely NervousTABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction By Michael KortyaVeil S Visit Death By ChiliHyenasDead AimThe Boy Who Became InvisibleBent TwigJoe R Lansdale Interviews Hap Collins And Leonard PineAfterword By Joe R Lansdale .Thank you.Even if I hadn t enjoyed the Hap Leonard series that ran on the Sundance Channel recently, I d be grateful for its existence because it is almost certainly the reason this book came to be Is a publisher going to reprint an entire run of books to tie into a series that s only going to last six weeks Not likely But it is feasible to collect the odd and ends created over the years the short stories and novellas I m particularly happy because the two novellas, Hyenas and Dead Aim, are considered s nine and ten in the progression and were hard to find at reasonable prices So, thank you.Along with the above mentioned novellas, you also get five shorts in this collection One is co written with Andrew Vachss, an interesting piece called Veil s Visit, and the only entry I had previously read It features a serious subject, the hallmark of Vachss, while retaining the humor that is characteristic of the Lansdale There is also a brilliant entry called The Boy Who Became Invisible It s only about five pages but it will stay with you The lightest and weakest story is called Death by Chili, a promotional piece written for the fourth novel, Bad Chili The rest of the package is uniformly very good.Butimportantly, my Hap and Leonard collection is now complete Well, for the moment anyway Joe Lansdale is still out there, still creating work But only a complete idiot would complain about that. 4.5 stars Hap Leonard are hilarious I loved this collection of short stories which jumped all over the place from serious to sad, hilarious to depressing As someone new to Hap Leonard, I found this collection to be a great way to get to know them I was already planning to make this my year of Lansdale and this was my first book of his in 2016 After getting to know Hap and Leonard Hap being a big redneck of a white man, soon to be played by James Purefoy, previously of The Following , and Leonard being a big, black, gay man and Vietnam veteran, soon to be played by Michael Kenneth Williams, formerly Chalky White of Boardwalk Empire , I don t know how I can help myself from continuing on with this series in both book and television form If you like Lansdale s horror works, I m pretty sure you ll like this series too I ve only read this one so far, but that will be rectified shortly Year of Lansdale, here I come Highly recommended to fans of Joe Lansdale and to fans of great buddy stories, in general.Available for pre order now here Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the free ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review This is it. If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Doing the Nasty Hap and Leonard by Joe R Lansdale I went upstairs and locked the door and took off my clothes and slid under the sheets with Brett She was sitting up in bed with pillows at her back She had the shee pulled up over her She had her reading glasses on, pushed down on her nose She put the book in her lap I hope you don t think you re going to get any, she said Any what I said Don t act coy with me, she said I just got naked, I said It has nothing to do with you I m comfortable naked Some of us are quite comfortable with our bodies, our nudity Oh, she said Yep I m reading, you know How s the book Sucks So, you want to do the nasty That is far from romantic, she said But lucky for you I think a lot of that stuff is nonsense I m not as girly as I look And then again, the book sucks, so that makes your suggestion a littleinteresting She laid the book on the bed beside her She dropped the sheet She was naked as well Surprise, she said In Hap and Leonard by Joe R LansdaleThere s not much else, but read on If you feel so inclined. 4.5I loved this anthology I don t think I could write anything as good as the introduction by Michael Koryta There you ll find everything you need to know how great this selection of stories is and how special Hap and Leonard are After reading this, I can honestly say these two are at the top of my favourite duos list I can t do them justice enough Anyway, there are seven stories, one interview with the protagonists and, if you re still reluctant to leave, you have the last piece called The Care and Feeding and Raising Up of Hap and Leonard in which the author tells you all about Hap and Leonard s journey Some of the stories will break your heart in only a couple of pages The Boy Who Became Invisible Some will make you angry as hell because racism, homophobia, rape are some of the themes Lansdale doesn t avoid, but the bottom line is never ambiguous You always know where Hap and Leonard stand It is part of their appeal You can just sit back and enjoy when they start doing what they do best It is an extraordinary experience to read their banter and what usually follows after you get riled up when some jerk calls themoften Leonard names or tries to kill them The selection in this anthology Hyenas is a novella about family values Hap and Leonard style Veil s Visit with Andrew Vachssintroduces Veil who seems like an interesting combination of Hap and Leonard a scary thought Death by Chili a closed room mysterious death is keeping Leonard awake until he solves it Dead Aim is a story withtwists than you expect I loved it The Boy Who became Invisible broke my heart Not Our Kind made me angry, I saw red The title is kind of a give away However, you get to see Leonard s uncle Chester already dead in the first book and his relationship with his friend Jack It is very similar to Hap and Leonard s relationship Bent Twig is also a story about family Hap s lover s daughter is in trouble and who better to deal with the problem than these two.Overall, this is a great way to be introduced to these characters or, if you already know them, to simply have fun ARC provided by Tachyon Publications via NetGalley Whew I think it was Lawrence Block who said that short stories often are sharper than novels because they don t have to factor in length They re over when they re over If you like the Hap and Leonard novels, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to read this baby They re funnier, meaner andreckless than they ve even been This collection contains the two novellas Dead Aim and Hyenas that not that many people have read, so there s you added value right there It s also a great book to get acquainted with the crazy duo Joe Lansdale has a killer economy of language that makes him a riot to read I devoured this book in two days HIGHLY recommended. Hap and Leonard is a short story collection featuring Hap and Leonard I m going to chunk it up and review each piece separately I m pretty sure I ve read most of the stories before but my memory isn t what it once was.Introduction by Michael Kortya I m always interested in what one writer writes about another Kortya echoes my feelings on Hap and Leonard and Joe Lansdale in general He also refrains from spoiling the shit out of stories, which is growing increasingly rare in introductions.Hyenas After Leonard kicks the shit out of a trio of guys at a bar, one of them offers him a job Can Hap and Leonard get the man s kid brother away from the bad crowd he s running with I could cheat and do a cut and paste job from my review of Hyenas but I won t Hyenas is a novella length distillation of what Hap and Leonard books are normally like Much like last time, my favorite line was Brett thought it would be cute if we got matching guns with our initials on them Veil s Visit Leonard gets arrested for burning down the crack house next door again and Hap s friend Veil takes the case.In this tale Lansdale introduces Veil, a lawyer friend of Hap s that later makes an appearance in Captains Outrageous Veil s backstory and defense of Leonard make for a memorable tale.Death By Chili Hap and Leonard tackle the mystery of a dead champion chili cook Was it suicide or murder This tale is mostly conjecture, peppered with Lansdale wit, and followed by Lansdale s own chili recipe.Dead Aim When their friend Marvin Hanson offers them a job, Hap, Leonard, and an axe handle Hap named Agnes find themselves putting the fear of God into a woman s abusive ex husband Things quickly prove to be muchcomplex than they originally thought.Dead Aim was hilarious, as usual, but I thought it could have usedaction Also, the plot slithered all over the place.The Boy Who Became Invisible Hap recounts a tale of his youth, the tale of the boy everyone picked on.The Boy Who Became Invisible is a powerful tale because it s all too believable and very relatable I remembered the ending but it still hit pretty hard.Not Our Kind This tale chronicled an early encounter featuring a teenage Hap and Leonard and some bullies The guys were cracking wise but things didn t go as they usually do.Bent Twig Brett s daughter is into drugs and hooking again and Hap goes looking for her.Bent Twig is a tale of loyalty, both of Hap for Brett and Leonard toward Hap The boys get into the usual shit storm, complete with jokes, and things are very satisfying.Joe R Lansdale Interviews Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Lansdale interviews the dynamic duo It s short, funny, and has the all too true line It s the family you choose that counts Afterword by Joe R Lansdale Lansdale talks about the genesis of Hap and Leonard and writing the books, confirming that Hap is something of a stand in for Lansdale himself. I received a free copy from the publisher for review.This is a good time to be a fan of Hap Leonard with the new novel Honky Tonk Samurai being released and a TV series based on their adventures about to premiere As a fan who has been reading HL since the late 90s I have to admit to feeling a bit conflicted about all this attention I m glad to see Joe R Lansdale and his creations getting their due, but I ve also got that same kind of scornful streak that makes hipsters such a delight when they sneer at any band thatthan a dozen people have heard of Oh, really You started reading Hap Leonard Just downloaded all their books on your e reader this morning, did you How nice Of course, they were better LAST CENTURY which is when I discovered their early books in a soggy cardboard box in the basement of a used book store If you don t know about Hap Leonard already then suffice it to say that they re a couple of best friends living in east Texas who have an uncanny ability to put themselves in bad situations that usually require a whole lot of ass whippings and some gunfire to get out of They re profane and politically incorrect but don t think that they re your standard good old boys Hap is a former hippie whose bleeding heart is frequently the cause of their problems while Leonard is a Vietnam veteran who is proud to be black and gay, and his favorite hobby is burning down crack houses In the hands of Lansdale the adventures of HL are often hilarious and frequently gross, and yet there s a surprising amount of depth at times about the real cost of violence as well as a profound sense of melancholy that the narrator Hap has as he reflects on his life and other matters.Even as I look down my nose at you late comers I have to admit that this collection put together to capitalize on the TV show has a lot of stuff that I haven t read There s two novellas, four short stories, an interview with the author questioning the guys, and Lansdale also wrote a brief summary of his history writing the series as an extended afterwards Michael Koryta also provides a nice introduction.While I d previously read the novella Hyenas and the short story that came with it, The Boy Who Became Invisible, all the rest of this was new to me so even as a long time HL fan I found plenty of value here I d never read the other novella, Dead Aim, because I refused to pay the outrageous hardback price for it at the time although it s since become available at a muchreasonable cost as an e book I was particularly delighted to finally read the short story Veil s Visit which is a collaboration with Andrew Vachss who is also the inspiration for the character of Veil, a lawyer who you don t want to meet in or out of court.If you re someone who hasn t read Hap Leonard, and you re curious then this could make for a good starting point because it is a nice variety pack that gives you a taste of what they re all about For those who have read some of the series then it s a question of how much is new material to you If you ve read the novellas already then it may seem a bit thin, but it d be a good buy for HL fans who haven t.Update 2 23 16 It was just brought to my attention that there s an e version of this called Hap and Leonard Ride Again which apparently has the same material with a few additional short stories.