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I Remember Seeing The Lion Looking Yellow And Heavy Headed And Enormous Against A Scrubby Looking Tree In A Patch Of Orchard Bush And P O M Kneeling To Shoot Him Then There Was The Short Barrelled Explosion Of The Mannlicher And The Lion Was Going To The Left On A Run, A Strange, Heavy Shouldered, Foot Swinging Cat Run I Hit Him With The Springfield And He Went Down Returning To His Love Of The African Continent And Its Wildlife, Hemingway Captures Brilliantly The Thrill And Excitement Of The Hunt For Big Game In Some Of The Most Vivid, Intense And Evocative Travel Writing, And Memoir Of His Career, He Describes The Vastness Of Africa And The Brutality Of Its Sports , Showing Even In This Slim Volume Why He Was One Of The Great American Writers Of The Twentieth Century

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    Great writer, wonderful travel and hunting book wonderful ,descriptions of people , landscapes and dialogues Hunters always indulge in exagerating and praising their shooters skill , but we can forgive such a writer.

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    I enjoy Hemingway and the reader s voice is perfect One major complaint is the volume I listen to it in the car when I drive to work The reader does numerous voices When he speaks as Hemingway, his voice is normal When he changes to another character it s very loud, I guess to emphasize that the character speaking has changed So I am constantly turning the volume up and down and I miss a lot of what Hemingway is saying It s a shame, because if not for that I d give it 5 stars If listening at home without background sounds, this might not be a problem.

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    It gets three stars just for being Hemingway He was trying to write a safari book to rival Selous, Ruark, Stigand, Wells, Roosevelt and others who described big game hunting in Africa When he is simply describing a hunt it is good but he constantly includes text that is just writing about how good or bad of a hunter he is He agonizes over not drying the oil out of the barrel of his rifle that caused it to shoot high and miss his animal which is only there to show how smart he was for realizing that that is what caused him to miss rather than that he simply had bad aim It gets old But I still enjoy reading it along with the other authors mentioned At least here his self reflective navel gazing isn t as atrocious as in the posthumously published True at First Light that was finished by his last wife, Mary, who was simply a Hemingway parasite in many ways Read that one and judge for yourself.

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    I wanted to like Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway but I found it boring than exciting I have read Death in the Afternoon by him and it was a brilliant book in the whole sense of the word This one lacks the entertainment value I was hoping to find reading about safari life in Africa Surely has its moments but mostly they are all sitting by the fireside and long blocks of dialogue with Papa , back and forth, forth and back, and less and less describing the wild life of the immense region that is Africa I do not contest the fact that Hemingway has been in exotic places than most of us can ever hope to be, for he strikes me as even royalty in some cases the way he thinks and acts I am glad I bought this book used together with another book on the subject of safaris The other one was heads and tails so much full of life and situations compared to this one I guess he earned a living even while on vacation and documenting his itineraries was profitable enough When he was on Africa he wrote of the place, when in Spain he wrote some masterpieces about that place as well He gets started with dialogue that seem to me self aggrandizing, too full of himself and that is when is time to tune in to animal planet Average reading for an obviously talented writer, a powerhouse of world wide recognition I thought this book was going to be quite a book but I found myself skipping and pages Don t have time to admire the name of a famous writer if the the story does not merit it 3 Stars.

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    First time since 1978 in Boise Just read the book, not the scholarly apparatus It s a chapbook of technique for how to tell a story when much of the time there s no story going on The casual racism is hard to take and will bother modern readers, as will the casual slaughter of wildlife for the sake of collecting a trophy for your wall Hemingway is dating badly and was a creature of his time than his fans like to admit, and his mind is often juvenile All that said, there is something great about this book, and Hemingway s great artistry rescues the enterprise.

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    This new expanded edition brings one of Ernest Hemingway s least read works to the public using the original jacket art and fine illustrations of the first edition While the writing is masterful, and the hunting tale enduring, of special interest are the appendices For me, the most delightful surprise was Pauline Hemingway s safari journal, her day to day observations provide a perfect complement to her husband s novelistic account.