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Also published in A Cup of Coffee and a Book Where to start This book was beautiful I couldn t help myself finishing it the way I did Knowing the movie, I already knew the end, but the end of the book being slightly different from the movie I love the movie version though was so overwhelmed for me I was grinning like a child at the outburst of romance that came out of the pages.Contrary to Little Women , Good Wives pace was easier to follow Despite having a few chapters that you can skip without really missing anything that important, the story develops in a way which glues you to the characters and you don t want to leave them It s like you can pat them in the back and tell them all will be alright Each sister grew in a different way, becomingmature andindependent in their own way Meg soon became a wife and a mother, learning her duties and how not to fear being herself around her husband They re romance was mature and solid in contrast to those around her such as Sally Moffat Beth was the character that made me cry the most Her death left a small hole in the story but her speech to her sister Jo about not leaving them and always being there made me realise that each character kept her within they re hearts Her presence after her death was not visible readable, that slike it , but you could sense her nevertheless.Amy s journey through Europe did her good She was the only sister I couldn t help disliking until she has left America and went abroad The trip made her grow in a way she couldn t at home Plus the fact that love also helped her see the world with different eyes.Jo is, and will always be, my favourite March sister She is strong and with a loose tongue I could relate myself with her a lot during the book and when she left home to go to New York and met Professor Bhaer, I was in heaven Their romance was slowly shaping itself throughout the novel, and we knew before Jo that she was in love not to mention the movie we already knew it through it but the book was plain about it Despite her lack of self conscious when it comes to such matters, we kept praying that she would see what s in front of her and that she deserved some happiness after losing her favourite sister and having a trifle with Laurie.The bond between sisters and mother was still strong Despite having a different point of view towards society and life itself, they kept together and fought together In the end, even Beth was present at the end with small memories and small unconscious things from each character.It was a romance I couldn t stop myself from reading Not only does it shows us love, it also shows us the depths of a sisterly and motherly relation It taught me to love my sister the way she is and to learn and see her flaws. Spoilers up ahead Though I advice you to read them so maybe they can convince you to never read good wives I m so happy this book is over, because this little book gave me so much heartaches, headaches and agony I couldn t bear to read itthan a chapter at a time and it took ages to finish.Though it wasn t my first time reading this book, It still struck me as much as the first time.I remember when I was 11 12, I loved little women with all my heart though not a favorite book It still had a especial place in my bookcase.I remember finishing it and dreaming of Joe s future as a successful writer and her happy home with Laurie, full of music and writing.Then I read this book and well you can not begin to imagine how disappointed and depressed I was.and now after about 4 5 years, I read it again this time in English and if not , i m still as disappointed as I was then.My brain can understand that a lot of concepts in this book are related to the society of the time, but my heart certainly can t It is truly hard to see sweet Meg and strong Jo give up their castles and dreams to go and be good little wives to poor , old men.The entire talks about how women should apologize first in fights, take care of children and husband and never complain is just terrible and no matter how much you tell yourself hello this book wasn t published yesterday you can t help but be angry and upset.Then as childish as it seems and probably is Jo and Laurie not ending up together is like a big bucket of cold water dumped right on your head Even worse, Laurie marrying Amy after Jo rejected him was so forced and terrible I wanted to smash my ipad These were actually Laurie s thoughtsIf you can t have one sister you should get the other and live happily Amy ls like a part of Jo, She is the nearest thing i have to her After Jo she is the only women who can make me happyYeah, that s really romantic Imagine this proposalYour sister rejected me but between all the other women in the word I chose you, because you remind me of her and I m sure you can make me happy, just not as happy so let s spend the rest of our lives together WOW isn t that just dreamy So I really really beg of you, If you loved little woman DO NOT read this because it will forever ruin the happy image of four strong sisters you probably have in mind It will be one of those dreams gone with the wind. If Little Women created my heart, Good Wives tore it apart.This book stole away a whole lot of the beautiful charm that Little Women had for me I simply couldn t bear with Jo s refusal to marry Teddy, because that s what I expected from them and a part of what I adored them for I ve always believed that love is friendship, and I hoped their heart warming story from when they were children would have the future of a beautiful love I d be happier if Teddy hadn t ever fallen in love with Jo, and if he hadn t married Amy I never really liked Amy I m trying to be happy for Jo, but I never imagined she would marry an old guy, or give up her writing I just can t forgive her, she broke my heart Little Women taught me that life is beautiful Good Wives taught me that dreams don t come true I don t care that the March sisters supposedly have a happy ending They proved something I don t want to believe in wonderful children became dull adults.I wish I hadn t read it in the first place Ho appena finito di leggere piccole donne crescono Meraviglioso A parte i due episodi di Meg moglie e mamma, che mi hanno fatto all inizio storcere il naso, ma poi fortunatamente si sono ripresi, ho adorato questo libro L ho trovato meno moralista del precedente Le sorelle che affrontano i primi tormenti amorosi e non, mi hanno tenuto incollata alle pagine Ho pianto davvero non me lo aspettavo e ho riso di gusto e sopratutto il mio cuore si riempito di a Bellissimo davvero Alcune frasi e alcuni momenti sembravano scritti per me Libro giusto al momento giusto Rimarr sempre nel mio cuore Sono davvero contenta di averlo letto Purtroppo l ho preso dalla biblioteca Credo proprio che lo comprer , anche perch ho il primo e non posso non avere questo Mi sta vendendo anche una mezza idea di leggermi gli altri Vedremo, adesso mi godo la gioia e l a che mi ha lasciato Chiss perch non l ho mai letto Forse dovevo solo aspettare il momento giusto. Well, strictly speaking this book is part of Little Women, so I should not treat this as a different book.What I would add to my review of Little Women is that as the girls are growing up, the horizon is broadening or in some of their cases, shrinking so we seeof the outside world and are offered a bigger chunk of society around them, if not by much This and also the character development makes itinteresting and while still occasionally didactic, it advocates valid, true values nevertheless that are very relatable. I love this book I mean, the fact that I ve read it five times now does say something about how I much I love it This book took all that was good about Little Women and crushed it, grinding the sharp pieces of my despair right in my face It s so bad I can t pick up Little Women without remembering this book and knowing that everything I read is a filthy lie and that all happiness shall soon cease to exist.I want to purge my memory of Good Wives, but I can t I wish I d never read it If I had a time machine I d go back in time and slap this book out of my own twelve year old hands And once that was done I d go even further back in time, just to be absolutely sure, and make sure Louisa May Alcott never even had the chance to write it in the first place. OMG How could Louisa May Alcott do this How could she ruin Jo like this Okay, so Good Wives is a lot like Little Women We find out how the girls change as they grow up unfortunately the change is not for the best Beth dies, Meg becomes a mom, Amy grows up to be the beloved of everyone and Jo, the wild, lively Jo is turned into a model of domestication and marries a freaking forty year old man This is unfair Why did the author do this to Jo I always thought Jo should marry Laurie and it would ve all worked out if the selfish, stupid, annoying Amy hadn t gotten in the way Honestly, Amy gets everthing She grows up to be pretty, charmming, and graceful She gets to go to Europe then marries sorry steals Laurie and becomes rich as well Okay so if Miss Alcott made Amy marry Laurie Fine why couldn t she let Jo remain an independent woman That would have worked pretty well The March girls are all grown up and ready to throw away all their individuality and aspirations so that they can please their penniless but Christian husbands D Isn t that exactly what all girls dream of Servitude to a man Fair warning, spoilers ahead Remember Meg She was the self satisfied smarmy brunette who all the men liked for her looks, and not much else She makes a match to a tear jerkingly boring and terrifically poor tutor, and lives with him to do his bidding and fret about how little money they have.Beth dies, thank god Had my fingers crossed for this since Little Women.Jo, the most interesting and overrated of the lot, falls in love with a man whose only attribute I can recall is Fat Then she becomes a pious saint trying to throw away everything that made her Jo, including her temper, her best friend Laurie, and her headstrong personality.Oh and there was the brat Amy She was like Meg, but with a meaner nature and sillier character She grows up to become really really hot And Laurie, who Jo rejects, gets neatly packaged off with Amy, because IDONTEVENKNOWHWY He thinks she s pretty, and she thinks he s handsome, and I think that s it They ride around in a boat one time, thinking about how hot the other person is and decide to marry.All in all THIS BOOK SUCKED.LAURIE DOESN T GET TOGETHER WITH JOMEG BECOMES STUPIDEREVERYONE BECOMES BORINGHUSBANDS MUST BE OBEYEDSTAHP LOUISA WHAT YOU DOING STAHP Louisa May Alcott S Captivating Story Opens With Joyful, Bustling Preparations For A Family WeddingThree Years On From Little Women, The Four March Girls Have Developed Into Young Adults, With Their Eyes Directed Towards The Future Meg Embarks On Wedded Life With The Carefree Optimism Of A New Bride, Yet All Is Not Plain Sailing Aided By Her Mother S Firm But Gentle Guidance And The Harsh Lessons Which Experience Brings, Meg Struggles Towards The Goals Of Blissful Marriage And Motherhood Meanwhile, Her Sister Jo Dons The Scribbling Suit And Again Tries For Success In Writing, But The Young My Lady Amy Discovers Greater Gifts Than Art In Her Travels Abroad Only Meek Little Beth Has No Ambition Beyond Her Home Comforts And, Though Her Burden Is Heaviest Of All, She Too Discovers Peace At LastPoignant And Comic In Turns, Good Wives Is The Fitting, If Unexpected, Conclusion To The Careers Of The Merry Little Women