read online books Gaslands: Refuelled: Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular MayhemAuthor Mike Hutchinson –

Great game, super fun and incredibly cheap to get in too I have 5 friends now who are getting in on this game For the book and 5 of hotwheels you have a team you can play with Chances are good if you have some hobby and wargaming history and even if your mildly interested you ll be modifying and gluing bits and guns to the toy cars and making them your own. Shoot, Ram, Skid, And Loot Your Way Through The Ruins Of Civilisation With Gaslands Refuelled, The Tabletop Miniature Wargame Of Post Apocalyptic Vehicular Mayhem With All New Material Including Expanded And Enhanced Perks, Sponsors, Vehicle Types, And Weapons Gaslands Refuelled Contains Everything A Budding Wasteland Warrior Needs To Build And Customise Their Fleet Of Vehicles In This Harsh Post Apocalyptic Future With A Host Of Options For Scenarios, Environmental Effects, And Campaigns, Players Can Create Their Own Anarchic Futures Awesome book and BEST price, my new favorite table top game, I suggest you check out James Hall on youtube for some inspiration on creating some great rides And for movement tiles and 3d printed parts I got mine from not paid 4 this Jos An s is good guy and has great prices. This game is just ok This book is pretty much only the original printing of the game plus all the free expansions I thought that they were going to include a lotcontent, but they didn t. This game is tremendously fun It s easy to learn for people of all ages and has optional hobby aspects to add lots of dimension to the gaming experience, if one wants, building terrain and modding out hot wheel scale cars Awesome Or play w cars out of the package on the kitchen table It s great The art is cool and immersive The lore is creatively and simply game enhancing Can I say it, I love Gaslands.Now, one star down for some careless lack of editing It s simply inexcusable and too prevalent in the book After the book was so highly anticipated, it s an avoidable let down Onepass through with an editor spending just a couple hours would have made a world of difference Oh well Still well worth having.