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There Are Many Tales Of The Frozen City, And Not All Of Them Tell Of Battles Between Rival Wizards Often, The Greatest Adventures Are Those That Pit A Wizard And His Trusty Warband Against The Myriad Perils Found Amidst The Ruins Of FelstadThis New Supplement For Frostgrave Presents Rules For Playing Solo And Cooperative Games In Which The Focus Shifts From The Feuds Of Wizards To Exploring The City, Unlocking Its Mysteries And Surviving What Is Discovered With Guidelines For Scaling Game Difficulty, Dungeon Crawls, Monster Generation, And , As Well As Ten Scenarios Demonstrating These Options, This Volume Offers Players Everything They Need To Venture Alone Or With Allies Into Frostgrave Why Should Wizards Fight Amongst Themselves There Is Plenty Of Treasure For All And The Frozen City Is Enemy Enough

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    I started looking at Frostgrave a couple of months ago looking for a solo play engine I started with The Missions Scenario 1 The Deserted Village and really enjoyed building out the table and playing After some research, I heard that this book, Perilous Dark, would be released in a month or so and that it will focus on dungeon crawls and solo play I was excited and placed it on pre order I was not disappointed Quickly, I pulled up one of the 2 level dungeons I ve created see photos , created a custom quest adventure table, clue marker, rooms, hallways, traps, treasure, and 6 encounter tables gnoll, undead, animal, miscellaneous, large, and horde After creating a wizard and his Soldiers archer, barbarian, knight, 2 war hounds, and an apprentice , I decided to load up my FOG OF WAR on my digital table top and give it a try I rolled on my quest adventure table and was informed that my adventure involved saving a local Kings 3 children age 17, 15, and 12 who were taken by beasts There would also be treasures to be discovered, but the 3 children were my primary goal At the entrance to the dungeon, I rolled an immediate encounter for 2 Gnoll Barbarians and 2 Gnoll Man at Arms YIKES I tried my best rolls and lost a few guys before even getting started UGH I started thinking that the encounter tables I created were too tough for a level one wizard and his crew, so I dialed them back just a little but and started over Starting over, I was attacked by a Snake Man Hunter 1 with a bow It took a couple of rounds but we killed him, finding nothing else in the entrance room We started down a short hallway and hit another room this room had 6 giant spiders It was an interesting battle, losing one of my war hounds, but we gained ground at the end, clearing the room In the room we found treasure A Grimoire Control Undead Next, we started looking down a hallway upon which we noticed a Gnoll Thug and his Hyena see image this is as far as we got so far sorry.As I move forward, the plan is have 3 objective rooms, one with each child being held hostage I am going to keep the 2 levels moving along by most likely placing 1 objective room on level 1 and the other 2 on level 2 Although I created these dungeon layouts, with fog of war, I don t recall what is going to be around the next turn this helped with the randomness of the dungeon You ll also notice I am taking a pack mule in with me to help carry out treasure and possibly the children as the only way out is to go back to the main entrance I used horse stats for the pack mule and added a check that if the pack mule gets within 3 from active combat, a Will Roll TN12 or is required or the pack mule will run in the opposite direction stopping 10 50ft away Also, the pack mule does not move or take actions unless a character pulls him along I m thinking of setting a weight limit on the pack mule to 400 500 lbs since real pack mules can carry about 1 3rd of their wight This will restrict what treasure they can capture for reward If pack mule is left behind or runs from combat, a character must go after the pack mule I also gave the children stats as the team has to drag them around while collecting all 3, and then has to get them out alive.It may take a while, but I m excited about running through these 2 dungeon levels and getting out alive with all 3 children Wish me luck

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    I expected this expansion to be a little than just another series of scenarios for solo or cooperative play There are no new dynamics here that make either of the above any different than what was already presented in Dark Alchemy and The Breeding Pits And I have no idea what the other reviewer is talking about with some App I m supposed to buy use to make this book worth anything This is not an add on to an app it is supposed to be self contained, or at least I thought.As the author states in the introduction, One thing this book is not is exhaustive There are numerous solo and cooperative techniques that I haven t even covered This is an understatement there are basically no techniques discussed for creating random encounters that do not already exist in either of the two expansions mentioned above The author pretty much leaves all random encounter tables, designs and outcomes out of the book and tells the reader to go and create there own.This is not what a book costing 25 at time of purchase should declare It would have been worth the cost if the author had bothered to include tables and charts for themed encounters not just scenario specific , in an appendix for easy reference another aggravating design of all the books monster stats scattered across many books with no single source of consolidated material desperately needed Yes, there are some random generation tables in the book and all of them are for that specific encounter and in no way can be argued as something you could easily use for other scenarios outside these ones Would it have been so difficult to include an Appendix at the back of the book with tables that I do not have to now design myself Old school gamers will remember the original AD it doesn t actually include anything remotely useful It tells you that you might want to create some giving you the most obvious advice without anything else This was a facepalm moment for me.I do not recommend this book unless you get it for half the cost or are just desperate for 10 scenarios and some vague advice on how to write a better book than this one Call this book what it is 10 scenarios for solo and cooperative Nothing .

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    Veteran gamer I read this like a novel.Just wonderful.

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    Very solid product