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Had all the ingredients of a smash Lansdale hit A traveling freak show, with a bearded lady, pin heads, co joined Siamese twins who are always quarreling and beating the shit out of each other, lust, star crossed lovers, a man with a hand growing out of his chest an absorbed twin and an iced man supposedly a frozen Neanderthal it s all there Hypothetically potentially But for me and a rarity for Lansdale, he just doesn t seem to be able to pull it off A big yawn A disappointment. The writing in this book is stand out good Simply awesome writing In some ways it could be the story of any of us, although different circumstances for each of us I kept thinking of Psalm 19 hold back your servant from willful sins, let them not prevail over me then I will be unblemished and keep myself clean of gross transgression And from the Catholic prayer Our Father, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil Bill is somewhat stupid and incompetent, very lax moral code, looking out for 1 but he does it poorly He makes a plan to commit a crime with two friends, the plan goes badly awry and Bill needs to run He runs into a traveling freak show He has a chance to be a good man Temptation draws him into darkness What is a freak, my friends What is a freak The question resonates throughout the book A dark tale of choices and consequences.I want to read the rest of Joe R Lansdale s books. If Jim Thompson were to pass his psychobilly noir crown to anyone the heir apparent hands down would be Joe Lansdale, period Rotting corpses, fireworks stands, swamps, Buckwheat clone siamese twins, Walmart goddesses, water moccasins, corn dogs, freak shows, Freezer Burn is the greasiest, creepiest Creedence Clearwater Revival song set to fiction. This is copy 264 of 400 signed numbered copies. Freezer Burn is a literary mixture of Freaks and Double Indemnity Author Joe R Lansdale has filled this bookl with his usual array of grossness, political incorrectness, and dark humor However it doesn t gel as well as his other novels Main character Bill is just a little too idiotic to care about and the femme fatale Bridget is not all that believable in the femme fatale department About the only character that comes alive is the dog faced Conrad aka Rex, The Wonder Dog Yet, it is typical Lansdale which means you are bound to be enthralled with the twists and turns of this fun novel. Bill is a loser in the classic mold, a shiftless fella without much brains or ambition He s been living off his mother s social security checks, but when she dies and her corpse starts stinking the place up the pipeline dries up and Bill comes up with a scheme to rob a fireworks stand across the street from his house The heist goes south in a hurry, and Bill has to take it on the lam through a dangerous swamp He winds up joining a travelling freak show, making friends with a dog boy, and falling hard for the freak show owner s sexy young wife and of course, the wife has a plan to do away with her husbandIf you ve read any old Gold Medal paperback originals from guys like Charles Williams or Day Keene or Robert Edmund Alter, or even if you ve read James M Cain, you already know this story backwards and forwards But Lansdale does the Lansdale thing with it, making it hysterically funny at times, dark, profane, a little vile on occasion, but compellingly readable There are lots of surprises along the way, some truly memorable characters and scenes, and seeing the way Bill changes in some ways he becomes a better person, and in other ways, well not so much is fascinating.Also, I should note, the whole opening segment involving the botched robbery and Bill s escape through the swamp is one of the funniest things I ve ever read in my life It was disturbing too, but I couldn t help but laugh out loud a few times. I have heard this is not Lansdale s best work which excites me because this was the first book I read by him and I thought it was great I read most of Joe R Lansdale s books and have enjoyed them all This one is probably my favorite I m a sucker for sideshows, carnivals, bad women and noir This one has them all. 4 1 2 stars A thoroughly engrossing thriller packed with all you would hope to expect from Lansdale some perfectly wild, offbeat humor, centered around the most oddball cast of misfits you ll find or hopefully not find anywhere else on the fat side of this planet Really worth 5 stars as far as entertainment goes but I have to notch it down a bit so as to differentiate my favorites by him in comparison to his other very fine and worthy reads. Bill Has No Job, No Money And No Mother His Mother Was Dead And Kind Of Freeze Dried In Her Bedroom She Doesn T Smell As Bad As She Used To, But Her Welfare Checks Are Piling Up And Bill Doesn T Feel Smart Enough To Forge Her Signature So He Decides To Rob A Firecracker Stand Across The Highway From His House, For Cash And May Be A Few Loud Bangs Into The Bargain The Heist Goes Horribly Wrong And Bill Winds Up On The Run With A Freak Show Could It Be That Bill S Loser Days Are Over Nope