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To want what you’re not supposed to haveShe is only nineteenShe is his new stepfather’s daughterShe is still naïve and innocent due to spending the last three years taking care of her sick motherBut for twenty four year old Rush Finlay she is the only thing that has ever been off limits His famous father’s guilt money his mother’s desperation to win his love and his charm are the three reasons he has never been told noBlaire Wynn left her small farmhouse in Alabama after her mother passed away to move in with her father and his new wife in their sprawling beach house along the Florida gulf coast She isn’t prepared for the lifestyle change and she knows she’ll never fit into this world Then there is her sexy stepbrother who her father leaves her with for the summer while he runs off to Paris with his wife Rush is as spoiled as he is gorgeous He is also getting under her skin She knows he is anything but good for her and that he’ll never be faithful to anyone He is jaded and has secrets Blaire knows she may never uncover but even knowing all of thatBlaire just may have fallen too far

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    I am conducting what I'm shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I'm going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here's hopingThis book has been disualified from my NA experiment because it turns out that I'm not actually enough of a masochist for this shit

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    I think I should just give up trying with New Adult literature So far the genre has offered none of the maturity or complexities of the liminal period between teen years and full on adulthood instead preferring what merely amount to college age erotic romances with a hefty side dish of misogyny Indeed the freuency with which sexist portrayals of women and relationships appear throughout works labelled New Adult suggests that the pair go hand in hand While “Fallen Too Far” didn’t reach the despicable lows of “Thoughtless” it did come pretty close thanks to its incredibly unsettling portrayals of women and relationshipsLet’s start with one issue this book presents that I think represents a real disconnect from the contemporary world it claims to depict Blaire moves from Alabama to Florida to live with her father after the death of her mother with nothing but 20 in her pocket and a rusty old vehicle She needs a job to make enough money to get a place for herself The book is set in 2012 America We currently live in a world of falling living standards rising unemployment and a widening gap between the working and middle classes This applies not only to USA but to most of what is known as the developed world Blaire is a 19 year old high school dropout with a GED and some brief experience in a couple of after school jobs Within one day of moving to a completely strange place she has a well paying job at a country club where she is freuently given 50 and 100 tips She literally walks into this place says she wants a job and is given one with barely any uestions asked This bugged me for a number of reasons the main one being that it was insultingly unrealistic The defenders of New Adult keep talking about how this burgeoning genre has such amazing potential to depict real life situations that modern young people face every day from the personal to the political Glines took the cheapest route possible with what could have been an interesting twist on the contemporary drama Unemployment and money troubles are huge issues for my generation and those stories are dying to be told so seeing the heroine have it all handed to her so easily and really? 100 tips? felt like a real slap in the face I’ve talked before about how YA and romance tend to fetishise wealth and “Fallen Too Far” does this to some degree While it’s made explicit to us that the country club regulars are all lecherous old men or “jealous sluts” the designated love interest Rush is conveniently very wealthy and will never have to worry about money Once again we have another New Adult book where Those Other Women fall into one camp of characterisation – bitches and sluts If they’re not unreasonably jealous of the beautiful and perfect gun toting virgin Blaire they’re throwing themselves over Rush or begging for sex constantly Even side characters such as country club worker Darla seem to have nothing but sex on the brain as she tells Blaire to essentially sex herself up for tips The virginwhore complex is rampant throughout Every single woman in this book who isn’t the heroine is shamed in some manner be it by the heroine herself or the men around them It’s the laziest characterisation imaginable and it’s also horrifyingly sexist particularly when coupled with the male characters of the story who seem to be nothing but walking erections Every man in this book except for Blaire’s father leers at her openly proposition her and make it very clear what they want to do to her Not only are women seen as objects throughout this novel every woman aside from Blaire is portrayed as one Unfortunately not even the sainted heroine makes it out of this damaging double standard unscathed Yet again we have another NA romance where the heroine is simultaneously infantilised and sexualised by the designated love interest Rush is very controlling of course getting angry when Blaire turns down his offer of food and of course we have another romantic hero who is obsessed with getting the woman to eat although shudder to think any of these authors would ever portray the heroine as anything other than the stereotypical skinny size and talking about Blaire as if she’s an object He’s obsessed with other men touching her or wanting to touch her because apparently they don’t deserve to touch her The book also includes the delightful line “Your pussy is mine” to paraphrase it I didn’t write it down for obvious reasons The sex scenes are as awful as you imagine them to be chock full of cringe worthy dialogue about how hot tight and deep the sexual experience is You’re not drilling for oil Rush you’re having sex and being “so in the moment” that you forgot to put a condom on makes you a fuckwit not a romantic The “romance” is lust based than anything else of course with no discernible reason given for why they’re so dramatically in love other than they’re both gorgeous of course It seems to come from nowhere in the beginning – Rush goes from being cold and showing absolutely no interest in his step sister to telling her to stay away to throwing her against a wall in lust to getting angry when others flirt with her at her place of work It was exhausting but not as exhausting as the pathetically weak attempts at plotting characterisation and grammar I don’t care if your book if self published If you let it out into the real world and charge money for it there is no excuse for sloppy grammar and spelling There weren’t just one or two slips There were countless examples of this sloppiness I don’t know who is editing Glines’s work if anyone is but it needs to be sorted out If you want to call yourself a professional author you need to act professionalThe dialogue is sloppy and predictable ticking off all the expected boxes of New Adult angst and all consuming lust because I refuse to call what these books portray love The attempts at ambiguity and tension fail miserably because everything is so obvious There is absolutely no reason for any of the supposed deep dark secrets of Rush and his “bitchy” “spoiled brat” sister Nan to be kept secret They’re kept secret solely to push forward the bare threads of a plot The deliberate withholding of information for no reason other than it needs to be withheld for there to be a story is incredibly sloppy writing When the “cliff hanger” ending is revealed we’re left with nothing but a weak excuse for a cash in seuel It’s not just that this so called contemporary romance is unrealistic and chooses the easy way out over tackling the real world issues of our generation It’s not just that it’s badly written and terribly edited It’s not just that there are spelling errors and misplaced punctuation and pacing issues It’s not just that it’s incredibly sexist romanticised yet another controlling and unhealthy relationship all the while shaming women in a way that made my skin crawl It’s not just that the sex scenes were a mixture of laughable dialogue irresponsibility and sheer boredom It’s not just all those things It’s that “Fallen Too Far” for all its genre in its sexism laziness internalised misogyny and sloppiness is what we’ve now come to expect from New Adult literature It exemplifies exactly why this genre has failed to meet its most basic potential All these books from “Fallen Too Far” to “Beautiful Disaster” to “Thoughtless” make me feel a little bit dirty There is something seriously wrong with normalising stuff like this as romantic and sexy “Fallen Too Far” was detestable Avoid

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    5 ☆sAhmazing bookAuthor I loved this book to bits DYes It pissed the HELL out of me but I still loved it the story the characters and the writings Can't wait for the next book I'll probably die waitingFUCK ME This book is HOTHe had a tongue piercing AND silver eyes AND a ripped bod Holy hell He totally looked like SIN fans herselfI hated and loved this book I swear I want to burn it to ashes but I love it too too muchRush HOT HOT HOT sinfully hot and just ah mazing Love you boyBlaire Hot sweet innocent and cluelessNan I wish you burn in the lowest degree of hell BITCHWoods I love youuuuuuu I hope to see of you in the next bookCan't wait to see what happens in the next book after reading this book I kind of hope what I think happens P then the madness will begin ; Read the below section only after you've read this book view spoilerI so wanted to bust Rush's balls for not telling her in the first place I mean WHAT A FUCKING CUNTHow the hell is it the bloody children's fault if the parents do shit man?And it wasn't even Blaire's mother fault It was all Abe's fault for falling in love with someone else Like agrh Poor kids But Nan bitchTHEN Rush's fault again for being selfish and going and getting Abe Like c'mon ruining someone else's family for someone else's happiness? LOWI think in the next book she will turn out to be pregnant Can't wait to see what happens then ;PBtw totally loved this book hide spoiler

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    “Blaire I’m not a romantic guy I don’t kiss and cuddle It’s all about the sex for me You deserve someone who kisses and cuddles Not me I just fuck baby“ Aaaaaaaahhh amazing book but holy cliffhangerI need book #2Right Freaking N O W But OMG I loved it This was my first Abbi Glines book Ever How I’ve managed to read this long and NOT read one of her book is a still a complete mystery too me Her books feel almost like some sort of rite of passage as a reader Everyone is always talking about them and now I know why I absolutely loved it cliffhanger and all A deliciously angsty bad boy meets innocent girl forbidden romanceIt was one of those books that I pretty much inhaled in one sitting and made me get all growly whenever someone tried to interrupt meHalf a page in and I was grinning from ear to ear and yup everything I’ve heard about Abbi Glines’ writing is true Its addictive and catchy making the pages just fly right by Its funny at times but will also pull the rug out from under you in a heart beat with its twist And its got this really easy to read and yet delightfully angsty feel to itAfter Blaire’s twin sister was killed in a car crash her father left their home not even returning when Blaire’s mother died of cancer Now with no money no home and no where else to turn Blaire is sent to live with him and his new wife But when she shows up he's run off to Paris and instead is her new step brother Rush FinlayRush was just absolutely delicious With silver eyes tattoos and a tongue piercing he pretty much just oozed sex appeal Add that to his cocky yet charming hotcold mysterious man whoring bad boy attitude and how protective he got of Blaire the he fell for her and you’ve really got uite the recipe for yum I just love that kind of character Makes my heart flutter every time “You don’t want to know me You may think you do but you dont I promise” But holy introduction Literally the first few times we see him he’s having sex Each time with a different girl He goes through girls like water but yet he won’t touch Blaire He wants her with every fiber of his being but doesn’t feel worthy of her And he’s holding a big secret that could tear them apart if Blaire finds out “I can’t touch you I want to so damn bad it hurts like a motherfucker but I can’t I won’t mess you up” The whole set up just gave the book that wonderful angsty feeling that makes you desperate for answers Are they? Will they? Wont they? AND WHAT WAS THE BIG SECRET??? ohhhhhhhh I just needed to knowBlaire was such a likeable heroine No matter what life threw at her she was the type of girl who would find the silver lining and work through it I loved her can do attitude to everything On one hand she was this sweet yet naive oh so innocent country girl and on the other she was this tough as nails chick who’d really been put through the ringer by life but didn’t let it get her down Oh and she actually pulled a gun on someone Twice Yeah pretty hard not to like her I loved watching them fall for each other It wasn’t smooth – no insta love here But the time they spent around each other the harder it was to deny the pull they both felt And when they finally gave in oooooh I felt it I loved it I loved them together And holyyyy can Ms Glines ever write a kiss Yeah I’m totally addicted “Don’t go getting shy on me now ‘Cause baby before the night is over you will be naked in my bed” I enjoyed this book right from the start – it probably was sitting at a very happy 4 star rating but somewhere around 70% suddenly my heart was just POUNDING and I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough Definitely a 5 star feeling if you know what I meanI mean OHHH MYYY GODDDThe bedroomThe party Gah and she wasn’t but he was and then just ohhh the angstAnd then the snail tray thing and his reactionOoooo then the “test me” thing SHIVERSThen “Mine This is mine” The big reveal Gah My heart just brokeAnd then the CLIFFHANGER I kept flipping the last page over and over again as if somehow it would magically make words appearI NEED THE NEXT BOOK Now now NOWWWWWW But ooohhh I loved this one I really did So much “His eyes never left mine I held his gaze I could see the storm in his eyes I knew he was confused I could even see the fear Then there was the love I saw it The fierceness in his eyes I believed it I could see it clearly But it was too late now The love wasn’t enough Everyone always said that love was enough It wasn’t Not when your soul was shattered” I really think fans of Beautiful Disaster will love this bookAbbi Glines once my heart recovers you have yourself a new fanNow I know a lot of you want to know about the cliffhanger Yes I’ll be honest its brutal No it has nothing to do with cheating But I’ll live Ok I may be biting my nails until the seuel “Never Too Far” come out on March 12th but I’m really happy I read this book It was a uick read and definitely became a fav I can’t wait to read the rest of Blair and Rush’s story45 – 5 starsFor of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    4 Stars Fallen Too Far was an addictive read The story picked up momentum immediately and never once faltered in its intensity  Abbi has done an amazing job in taking a commonly used but highly sought after plot— sexy bad boy meets innocent virgin good girl—and transforming it into something uniue and genuine After having lost everything important to her Blaire reluctantly heads to her estranged father's house in search of shelter while she gets her life back on track  What she encounters there instead is a sexy arrogant step brother and a  buried secret that will rock the foundation of her very world once revealed Blaire and Rush have a smoldering connection that becomes evident instantly Once again this author proves that she can create and sustain sexual tension like no other—and the steam factor is off the damn charts incredible With many romance novels I find that the numerous love scenes tend to become over played and monotonous—doing nothing to enhance the actual story The opposite is true for this author; her scenes are fun and fresh wonderfully descriptive and uncontrollably toe curling The plot twist was an interesting and surprising addition I always love when a story can throw a curve ball that I didn't see coming and I appreciated how this bend in the plot was tackled; believable and not over the top  Everyone always said that love was enough It wasn't Not when your soul was shattered A lot of readers are worried about this story's cliffhanger and I can only speak for myself when I say that it's an understandable one and doable for the most part That said I'm very happy that wait for book two will soon be over Very sweet and sexy read Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory RomanceNew Adult▪ Steam Caliber Extremely steamy▪ Romance Initial tension sexy bickering passionate connection▪ Characters Brooding arrogant alpha Sweet but strong heroine ▪ Plot uick paced addictive story with a twist ▪ Writing Engaging and fun ▪ POV First person Heroine▪ Cliffhanger Moderate but doable ▪ Next Installment Follow up continuing books in series

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW Mature content reader discretion is advised4 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult Romance SERIOUSLY PEOPLE Who ends a book like that???? Screaming in outrageWell obviously this book got the best of me The author managed to leave me in an emotional strong hold once I finished reading and now I am in desperate need for book 2FULL REVIEW POSTED 2913 “I’m from Alabama I own boots tight jeans and a gun” Blaire Blaire has experienced lost on every level and with her mothers recent death she finds herself in need of her fathers help The one person she has come to not be able to rely on in her life Her dad walked out on her and her mother years ago But you know the old adage desperate times call for desperate measures And right now Blaire is desperate After her mothers death she had to sale everything of value including her grandmothers home in which she lived in Alabama Her father has since remarried and moved to Florida Once Blaire arrives at his new home she is surprised by what she finds; and by who she finds Rush Blaire had no clue that she had a stepbrother She also had no clue that her dad was living it up in a swanky beach house with his new wife and stepson But that's not the kicker The kicker that leaves her even bewildered is when she finds out that her dad is out of the country with his wife When he knew damn well she was on her way to see himRush is not at all very welcoming to Blaire He puts her in a room under the stairs that is used by the maid He makes her feel as if she is of no importance and that he must deal with her until he hears from her dad But Blaire has her own plan Get a job then get the hell out of the beach house as soon as humanly possibleRush is a playboy The son of a rock star and he lives out his role to the fullest Though Rush may play cool he is not however as immune to the sweet and innocent Blaire as he led her believe In fact she get's completely under his skin “You aren’t what I expected I wish you were It’d be so much easier” Rush The innocence in your eyes screams at me I want to peel every inch of your clothing off and bury myself inside you but I can’t RushAnd although her tries to fight ithe can't “I don’t want you under those damn stairs I hate it But I can’t move you up here I’ll never be able to stay away from you I need you safely tucked away” RushAnd as much as Blaire tries to fight her attraction to Rush she finds it damn near impossible to not want him In Every Way 'I needed to find someone else to focus on Someone that wasn’t Rush Someone that was available It was the only way I was going to keep from falling too far' Inner monologue of BlaireRush holds back and Blaire starts to get the feeling that he has secrets Soon Lines are crossed as they give in to temptation I don’t know what this is that is going on between us but from the moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were going to change my world I was terrified The I watched you the you drew me in I couldn’t get close enough” RushWhen the truth finally surfaces from the secrets Rush has kept ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSEMy ThoughtsThis book left me emotionally spent I loved Blaire she was so sweet and kickass at the same time She was beautiful inside and out and I think that is one of the reasons why Rush could not help but fall in love with herThe writing was good The story had a great build to the final scene The pacing was natural and the romance was SO TASTY The story also had great secondary characters I found Woods Grant and Bethy very entertainingDear Readers I gave this book 4 stars because it held my attention gave me lot's of angst a sexy romance great secondary characters and a finale that will leave you STUNNED If you enjoy mature YA andor NA then this book is for you so READ ITMy RatingsCharacters Lovable and SexyWriting Style Good with nice pacing and witty phrases PlotStoryline It will pull you in and not let go til the last pageSteam Factor HighVery SteamyOverall I loved it Read itNow go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to

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    25 stars I didn't love it but I certainly didn't hate it eitherOne of my main gripes about this book was the horribly bad editing It was distracting and took away from the story And the writing style certainly didn’t help It was a little pedestrian if I’m being honest There were missing commas run ons and sentences that read awkwardly enough to give me pause Don’t even get me started on the difference between action tags and dialogue tags and how to properly punctuate them You can’t speak an action A period is needed as a separator between the action and the dialogue not a commaMoving onI felt like there was far too much telling and not enough showing Show me don’t tell me as the saying goes I could’ve done without all the internal musings especially when Blaire would just repeat something in her mind that had already been said aloud by someone else as if further explanation was needed That kind of redundancy is exasperating It’s like yeah I’m not stupid I got it the first time thanksRushSeriously I can’t with him He was an asshole a liar and a manwhore none of which helped to endear him to me I just didn’t see the appeal He went out of his way to make sure that Blaire understood that she was unwanted that he was merely tolerating her presence He made false assumptions about her and used those same assumptions to excuse away his atrocious behavior He had no business pursuing anything with Blaire not with all the secrets he was keeping And as much as he claimed to want to stay away from her he didn’t try very hardBlaireFor a smart girl she sure was dumb In the beginning I thought she was strong independent and kind of feisty but all of that changed rather uickly She became too much of a martyr She had no backbone and was a doormat for most of the book although she redeemed herself somewhat at the end I just didn’t understand her attraction to Rush and her constant fawning over his good looks was an irritant I could’ve done without I mean this man child publicly kicked her out of his house on the first night she met him but all she could focus on was how beautiful he was Blaire fell too hard too fast Their love was rushed for lack of a better word and felt superficial to me It didn't make sense

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    She is a beautiful damsel in distressBut is he her knight in shining armour ?? He might behe might not It does not matter because she is falling for his charms falling for his caring sideFalling for the rush only he can give herShe is falling for this intriguing and very bad boyAnd she might just haveFALLEN TOO FAR Nowfirst of allallow me to vent my anger and frustration Nan Can't you get rid of all the venom and see that she is innocent? Abe I hate youYou are a pathetic excuse for a loverhusband and father Rush You idiotWhy the hell didn't you tell her all that sooner? Damndon't worryI still love you Blaire Damn girldon't do thissigh I'm doneSorryI usually rant in the endbut by now nearly everyone has already read this bookSo I figured it won't hurt I liked this oneAnd now I know why everyone raves about thisThis is goodI like that Blair is strongindependent and does not whineThough she is a bit naive tooI can say that I admire her loyaltyBut I hope she will listen to others once she calms downNow RushI am a sucker for guys like thisI mean who isn'tHotbad boys with an even badder attitudeSoRush Crush ClubThe story was fast paced and easy to readThough I would have appreciated a little insight on the characters and a greater bonding with them The Story Blaire is nineteenShe had devoted her life to taking care of her sick motherHer father had left them years agoSo after her mother passes awayshe is left with nothingWith no money or familyshe calls her father and asks for a place to stay till she can get a jobShe arrives at Rosemary BeachFloridaAnd instead of her fathermeets withher stepbrotherRushAnd then Readers Eyes meet oh my sparks fly heat level booms As I said it's goodvery good And yesI have to say that I'm luckyNever Too Far is outSo I'm going to rush to get RushThat's all for nowReadersTa Ta

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    First of all let me just get this out of my system FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUWHAT IN THE WORLD? Okay now that I've let it all out off to my review Fallen Too Far Hmmm The book is as beautiful as it's cover The story is about Blaire who after the demise of her mother seeked help from the person who hasn't been there for her her whole life her father When she came to the address he sent guess what? Her father's not there The one who welcomed her or not? is Rush Finlay her father's stepson and the owner of the house But living with him isn't going to be easy And thus their story beginReading this has been an emotional one I've fallen too far and too deepin love with this book I admit at the first chapter I was like Team Grant Haha He was the one who first met Blaire and I really thought there's gonna be a love triangle He was just so sweet the complete opposite of Rush I don't like Rush at first but when the story progressed he turned out to be a great person He's a rockstar's son he's sexy and possessiveprotective of Blaire so what's not to love right? Of course there's a villain in the story who goes by the name of Nan who is such a BITCH I just wanna slap her and her posse for giving Blaire such a hard time view spoiler She has her reasons though which will be revealed at the last chapter of the book and that's when I understood her hide spoiler

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    45 ENTERTAINING BUT HIGHLY EMOTIONAL STARSFallen Too Far was my very first book by Abbi Glines and I already know it won't be my lastBlaire Rush She's a young unexperienced girl who's been hurt than once by the people she lovedHe's a typical bad boytattooed pierced and a different girl every nightThey are each others stepbrother and stepsister and therefore a recipe for disaster or not When I first started reading Fallen Too Far I expected it to be an easy fun story without too much drama and at first it was just that But then there was suddenly a highly emotional turn of events that managed to keep me hooked until the very last page Needless to say I was unable to put it down and ended up finishing the book in one sittingFallen Too Far is the story of the nineteen year old girl named Blaire Wynn For the past three years of her life she's been taking care of her sick mother without the help of anyone but herself Her father left their family after Blaire's twin sister died in a car accident and he hasn't returned ever since Now that her mother passed away and Blaire has no money left because of all the medical bills she has no one to turn but her father He allows her to stay at his house in Florida but when Blaire arrives there her father has run off to Paris with his new wife Instead Blaire is faced with her new stepbrotherRush Finlay It's immediately obvious that Rush and Blaire are from two completely different worlds; he's spoiled a little condescending and he's used to always getting what he wants Now all he wants is Blaire but he also knows he might not be the right kind of guy for her Blaire I'm not a romantic guy I don't kiss and cuddle It's all about the sex for me You deserve someone who kisses and cuddles Not me I just fuck baby You aren't meant for someone like me I've never denied myself something I want But you're too sweet This time I have to tell myself no Rush They try to stay away from each other as much as possible but they both know the attraction between them isn't easy to resist And as much as Rush tries to play it cool Blaire slowly but surely manages to get under his skin The problem was that you fascinated me I'll admit I was immediately drawn to you because you're gorgeous It was breathtaking Thenthen I got to know you I was hypnotized by your laugh It was the most amazing sound I'd ever heard You were so honest and determined You didn't whine or complain You took what life handed to you and worked with it I wasn't used to that Every time I watched you every time I was near you I fell a little Rush After a while they do fall for each other Hard But just when things seems to be going in the right directionHoly revelations Secrets and lies are revealed that might shatter their entire lives apart His eyes never left mine I held his gaze I could even see the fear Then there was the love I saw it The fierceness in his eyes I believed it I could see it clearly But it was too late now The love wasn't enough Everyone always said that love was enough It wasn't Not when your soul was shattered Blaire It was fun reading how the tough guy Rush started falling and for the sweet and innocent Blaire At first I honestly didn't like his character all that much He was just a typical bad boy who thought he was better than Blaire just because he had money But after a while we got to see a whole other side of him and I started to like him and plus the guy was HOT no getting around that fact Blaire on the other hand I loved her from the start At times she was insecure and a little naïve other times she has no problem with going to a honky tonk or with pulling a gun on someone Overall they were both very refreshing and interesting characters that made reading the story even betterAs for the ending of the story I have to warn you it's kind of dramatic and it will leave you desperate to find out what happens next After the book endedI just felt like This is it?? Reallythis is how it's going to end??First there was disbelief Then there was despair And after that there was nothing Although I have to admit it was also a good thing the story ended that way because now I'm even anxious to read the next part of this very entertaining seriesI can't wait to find out how the story of Rush and Blaire continuesbecause we already know their story isn't over yetview spoilerFor now they haven't gotten their HEA yet but hopefully they will in the next part of the series hide spoiler