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Ten Year Old Comfort Snowberger Has AttendedFunerals But That S Not Surprising, Considering That Her Family Runs The Town Funeral Home And Even Though Great Uncle Edisto Keeled Over With A Heart Attack And Great Great Aunt Florentine Dropped Dead Just Like That Six Months Later, Comfort Knows How To Deal With Loss, Or So She Thinks She S Concerned With Avoiding Her Crazy Cousin Peach And Trying To Figure Out Why Her Best Friend, Declaration, Suddenly Won T Talk To Her Life Is Full Of Surprises And The Biggest One Of All Is Learning What It Takes To Handle Them Deborah Wiles Has Created A Unique, Funny, And Utterly Real Cast Of Characters In This Heartfelt, And Quintessentially Southern Coming Of Age Novel Comfort Will Charm Young Readers With Her Wit, Her Warmth, And Her Struggles As She Learns About Life, Loss, And Ultimately, Triumph I loved this book If you like Because of Winn Dixie , you will probably love this book, too I read it on the way back from our phenomenal trip to the mountains It is sad in nature but light hearted too And at one point in the novel, the tears flooded and I pretty much cried all the way home I stopped thirty pages short of finishing because it was just too intensebut I have to say, if you plan to read the book, give yourself a good three hours to read it non stop because it really does build up and provide that overall feeling of the nature of the story.It is a wonderful story Sweet, sweet, sweet as can be The characters are so heartwarmingly adorable The story is richly fresh and pure I don t know quite how to describe how enjoyable this book is to read to live in it s 259 page world was a great pleasure.The protagonist of this beautiful novel is 10 year old Comfort Snowberger Comfort lives with her family, who run the town of Snapfinger, Mississippi s funeral home And death, while constant in this family business, is not a way to be sad always but to live lifeand liver to serve.We meet Comfort s family friends Declaration her BFF, Dismay Funeral Dog extraordinaire, Peach her annoying cousin, Great Uncle Edisto a favorite uncle, Tidings her big brother, and Great Great Aunt Florentineamong many many other wonderful people.I don t want to tell too much of the story as I believe, the element of its spell would be broken if I breathed one word of it I had no idea what this book was truly before reading it and thus I became enraptured with Comfort and her story I laughed I got mad I got very mad I laughed I hurt And then I cried And criedand cried.This year is a year for me to read multiple books by one author Stephanie Meyers, Anita Diamant and now, Deborah Wilesfor there is no way I can not NOT readof her books. Oh how I love this tale Told from the perspective of ten year old Comfort Snowberger whose family owns the small town funeral home, this is such a delightful book that each page is filled with humor, poignancy and wisdom.No stranger to the grief of others, Comfort witnessed 247 funerals When funeral 248 is that of her beloved Great, Great Aunt Florence, quickly followed by funeral 248 of loving, kind Uncle Edisto, Comfort realizes that Life is full of surprises, not all of them good When her childhood friend betrays her and her cousin Peach gets on her every last nerve, she has her wonderful dog Dismay to get her through.spoiler When Dismay tragically is lost, Comfort s grief is severe Realizing that we grieve in equal measure to the love we received and give, Comfort incredibly shines through.This is a book of hope, of sunshine through the rain, of images that melt your heart and then make you laugh right out loud.With characters named Tidings, Comfort, Dismay, Baby Merry, Declaration and Peach, the creativity leaps from the pages.Highly Recommended It is an awsome book when I finished it I was wating to read her next book Their are death s but it a great book Kate, age 9 Favorite Quotes A real friend sees past the trouble and into your heart It takes courage to look life in the eye and say yes to the messy glory Open your arms to life Let it strut into your heart in all its messy glory It s not how you die that makes the important impression, it s how you live Everything had a grand purpose, and there was nothing amiss in the universe it was our job to adjust to whatever came our way Think of disappointment as a happy little surprise There s always something good to come out of disappointment Death doesn t respect plans or the weather Death is hard Death is sad But death is part of life When someone you know dies, it s your job to keep on living We live to serve. The Snowberger family owns and operates a funeral home in Snapfinger, Mississippi The three children named Tidings, Comfort and Merry the last presumably because the mom s name is already Joy have grown up around death, and they understand it in a healthy and respectful kind of way Toddler Merry naps in an empty casket while her parents work and has a little bit of trouble distinguishing between people who are sleeping and those who are actually dead Thirteen year old Tidings who must be based on the same person in Deborah Wiles life that inspired Uncle Otts in her later book Countdown keeps the grounds shipshape and directs parking for large funerals And because the kids attend every funeral hosted by the business, 10 year old Comfort has been to 247 of them She also submits hilarious obituaries to the local newspaper, Life Notices by Comfort Snowberger Explorer, Recipe Tester, and Funeral Reporter This is a difficult time in Comfort s life as she deals with the deaths of beloved older family members as well as a bad break up with her best friend, and she has been put in charge of her annoying, whining, nervous little cousin Peach And nothing in her experience, where death is just a usual part of life, prepares her for true loss I can t remember the last time I cried so hard at the end of a book The story is beautifully warm, funny, honest, heartbreaking, and heartening It s probably my favorite book this year. Yes, this is a book written for children and I adored this sweet story I m off to buy my own copy to add to my read again shelf. Can I just say how much I lovedlovedloved this book Incredible characterization Quirky, unique names Heart wrenching speeches Wow.Deborah Wiles has such talent I was in Snapfinger, Mississippi I could see the inside of Snowberger s Funeral Home I was terrified on the rock with Comfort and Dismay And annoying Peach I wanted to slap Declaration s snooty face And I was most definitely inside Comfort s closet with her as she sat with her mayonnaise jar of freshly sharpened pencils I cannot say enough great things about this one I cried for the entire last two discs Not such a great way to start the work day sob