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This is FAB I always buy my eldest a toy advent calendar but couldn t find anything I deemed as suitable for my youngest without buying absolute tat Until I came upon this I was a little put off after reading the reviews concerned about the size of the books but come on, do you really expect a full size Disney reading library for under 20 I was very surprised to see the size of the item when it arrived Done in the style of an oversized book, this advent calendar opens to reveal 24 sleeved miniature books titles of which are listed on the back of the calendar I ve had a cheeky look at some of the books themselves and they re good length stories, even if they are condensed down versions of the films we love And I love the fact that there s a good mix of titles making it suitable for girls and boys My boy won t even entertain stories about princesses, but with stories like Bambi, The Jungle Book, Toy Story and Cars, we can sit down and enjoy them together as a family And the Princess stories I look forward to sharing them with my daughter. Join All Your Disney Friends This Christmas With This Magical Collection OfTimeless Tales Unwrap A Special Storybook Every Day In The Build Up To Christmas And Have A Magical Start To Your Festive Season I ve taken photos whilst holding the books to give an idea of the size.The outer book is hard back and ties with a little ribbon on the size Inside are 24 wallets, each containing a different Disney story book.Each book is wrapped in Christmas themed paper As you will see from my pictures the story books are very detailed I estimate it would take 12 15 minutes to read a story to your child.The collection and variety of books makes it suitable for both boys and girls The last photo I took shows all books that are included. Books are very tiny I honestly didnt expected that This is a lovely set of books yes they are on the small side but they are perfect for an advent calendar..If you are expecting hardback large books then buy them individually you won t get it all for 20It doesn t have the classics it snewer books films Pixar as well but it srelatable to kids who have seen all the films.I would buy again if needed Well, what can I say about this advent calendar It s simply amazing The entire parcel was extremely bigger than I expected when it arrived When you open it up it contains 24 mini books which all come individually wrap The wrapping paper is only over two sides which allows you to easily slide out the book inside and then reuse the wrapping paper to put the book back in for next year.The books themselves are small but it s an ideal size for reading at night.I can t wait until December to start the Christmas countdown then reuse this for many years to come, simply by just switching the books around so it s not the same each year.It s definitely a great alternative to the traditional chocolate advent calendar and a great keepsake. Bought this for my 4 year old daughter as an alternative to the plastic toy lego advents I have bought her in the past.An absolute steal at only 19.99 Nice mixture of classic and newer Disney stories, and a good size too My daughter is going to be absolutely thrilled, and I can t wait to start this on the evening of 1st December This will be brought out every year Already recommend to other friends for their children Pictures shown with my hand to show the amazing size of this book I m really pleased with this item Yes the books are paperback, very thin and small but it is Disney, there are a lot of books and the main book that holds them all is hard back and sturdy Each book is in a wrapped sort of slip so that you can t see the book they are all shown on the back though which is a shame If you want to reuse and mix them up for next year you can if you carefully slide out each book Mine is intended to be reused and will be used at bedtime each day during advent for a short bedtime story to be shared with my children 8 4 years For the price and fact that they are Disney, I m not quite sure what people expected I certainly didn t expect large durable hardback books.